Electrical Safety Related Work Practices Series  
Here are six videotape training modules designed to become an integral part of your overall electrical safety training program.

Produced as a result of a training requirement by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding work performed on or near energized and de-energized parts of electrical equipment, use of electrical protective equipment, and the safe use of electrical equipment.

$1495.00 (6 video series)  
Electrical Safety Related Work Practices Video Series
$1495.00 each 
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These videos can also be purchased separately as shown:  
Effects of Electric Shock. This module describes the effect of electric shock. It explains the relationship between voltage, current, resistance, and the time of exposure to an electric shock. It also covers recommended safety procedures for avoiding electric shock. 11 minutes. $295.00   Add to Cart
Electrical Protective Equipment. This module discusses the most common types of electrical protective equipment in use today. It also covers inspection, use, application, and safety. 11 minutes. $295.00   Add to Cart
Safe Testing of Electrical Equipment. This module explains the hazards associated with testing electrical equipment. It demonstrates recommended techniques and procedures for minimizing these hazards. 10 minutes. 
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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems. This module illustrates how to work safely around UPS systems, the danger of electrical shock and arc, and the special safety concerns posed by the battery banks in the systems. 10 minutes. $295.00   Add to Cart
Electrical Switching Procedures. This module discusses safe electrical switching procedures. It describes the importance of safety one-line diagrams, proving cleared zones for protection, obtaining written work orders, and more. 10 minutes. $295.00   Add to Cart
Rotating Equipment. This module discusses the mechanical and electrical hazards associated with rotating equipment. It describes the importance of lock-out/tag-out procedures when working on this type of equipment. 9 minutes. $295.00   Add to Cart
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