Benefits Include:
increased problem solving skills
strengthened skills on proper use of your data collector
an ideal environment for getting practice on common problems in a controlled setting.
The system is compatible with most data collectors including:
CSI 2110/2115/2120
EntekIRD Datapac/Dataline
SKF CMVA 10/40/55
Diagnostic Instruments PL302
System Requirements:
Pentium processor
6 MB hard disk space
SVGA monitor
CD ROM drive
16 bit sound board
Windows 95/98/NT
Best viewed with 16 million colors
For Virtual Machines (VM), the end user will need specific cables to connect their data collector to the "VM System":
1. One (1) 6ft. (1.8m) Audio Cable, Cat. No. 42-2444
2. One (1) Phono-to-BNC Adapter, #278-254
3. One (1) Stereo Y-Adapter Headphone Cable, Cat. No. 42-2463A
You may purchase this optional set for $20.00
Virtual Machines
     This interactive CD ROM training and performance support product, developed by Universal Technologies, provides new and experienced vibration analysts the opportunity to practice their skills in a controlled environment using their own instrumentation.
     Each case starts out by reviewing machine history and machine details.
This is the machine history screen.

Add to Cart  Virtual Machines CD-ROM - $395.00 each

Add to Cart   Optional Cable Set  - $20.00 each

     Volume 1  includes five (5) Virtual MachinesTM to analyze, a multistage pump, a boiler feed pump, a fan, a vertical agitator, and a centrifugal pump.
This is the main menu screen where the user selects from one of 5 different case histories. Each case has both 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions for international markets.
This is the main machine interface screen.

     The user selects bearing locations and chooses data collection options. Then, they "click" a measurement location button to feed a 30 second data stream into their own vibration instrument.

     Sample vibration spectral data is provided in the software to compare to your own readings in the horizontal, vertical and axial directions.
This is the spectral review screen.

To Download a demo of "Virtual Machines"
Click Here

Virtual Machines CD-ROM - $395.00 each         Add to Cart

Optional Cable Set (as described above left) - $20.00 each     Add to Cart

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