Your Bearings are Trying to Tell You Something...... Are You Ready to Listen???

Proper lubrication of bearings is a difficult problem to tackle. Unless the lubrication technician is able to hear the sound of the bearing during actual lubrication, it's a guessing game. Now the guesswork is over. 

The Ultra-Lube allows you to hear the voice of the bearing as it is being lubricated.  It easily attaches to a grease gun, turning it into a sensitive listening device.

The Ultra-Lube provides the user with feedback about the current lubrication status of components about to be lubricated.

The Ultra-Lube is attached to and becomes an integral part of the grease-gun.

Upon connecting the gun to the grease zerk nipple the operator is able to listen to the electronically amplified noise through the headset and is able to discern problems associated with lack of lubricant or too much lubricant.

No additional procedure is necessary other than to continue to grease components in the normal manner.


UVLM97-2 Ultra-Lube Acoustic Lubrication Device (complete kit)

This is the complete kit used for proactive acoustic lubrication and comes complete with David Clark headset w/23dB ambient noise reduction rating, electronics enclosure w/adjustable volume control and Probe Tip Sensor (transducer).

UVLM97-2 Ultra-Lube Acoustic Lubrication Device (complete kit)  $2,687.00

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GP-001A Probe Tip Sensor - $941.69

Purchased in addition to the sensor that comes with the Ultra-Lube kit. Commonly used for situations where different grease types are used. Also, fits on Pro-Reach Series extension poles.



GP-001A Probe Tip Sensor - $941.69

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DCH-001A Headset Headset with 23dB ambient noise reduction rating. $337.84


DCH-001A Headset
Headset with 23dB ambient noise reduction rating

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YC-001A "Y" Cable - $111.49 (for recording to data collector)

This Y-Cable adapter is used for recording the Ultra-Lube signal into your existing data collector, vibration analyzer or mini disk recorder. The Y-Cable comes with one end with raw wire leads so that adaptation can be made to whichever plug or jack mates to your equipment. A .wav file or other recording may then be taken into existing analysis software and analyzed.

YC-001A "Y" Cable - $111.49

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YC-002B "Y" Cable -  $120.27 (for splicing two headsets together)

This Y-Cable adapter is designed to be used with two headsets. For comparison of sound or equipment, by two individuals, at the same time. Also, helpful for training situations.

YC-002B "Y" Cable -  $120.27

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LEP-001A Pro-Reach Diagnostic Extension Pole - $250.57
4' to 8' extendable (w/out extra sensor)

This item provides an excellent way to quickly inspect and diagnose potential problems on bearings, gear boxes, steam traps, etc. Vibration analysts and Lubrication Technicians can both take advantage of having this important tool. The pole can be extended 4+ feet for hard to reach equipment. Requires purchase of an Ultra-Lube kit (P/N UVLM97-2) and can utilize the existing Probe Tip Sensor (P/N GP-001A). Also comes with a 3" steel stinger probe tip.

LEP-001A Pro-Reach Diagnostic Extension Pole - $250.57

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DEP-001A Pro-Reach Diagnostic Extension Pole, 2 1/2' to 4' extendable (w/out extra sensor) Same as P/N LEP-001A except comes in a 2 1/2' to 4' extension. $220.27


DEP-001A Pro-Reach Diagnostic Extension Pole

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MEP-001A Mini-Reach Diagnostic Extension Pole - $180.34

18 inches (w/out extra sensor) This item is similar in style as its larger brothers. Designed specifically for Vibration Analysts and Lubrication Technicians, at only 18 inches in length, it also provides an excellent way to quickly inspect and diagnose potential problems on bearings, gear boxes, steam traps and valves.

MEP-001A Mini-Reach Diagnostic Extension Pole

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PRS-001A ProReach Stinger - $53.85

Stainless steel stinger, designed to enhance transmission of sound through Probe Tip Sensor (transducer)

PRS-001A ProReach Stinger - $53.85

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CC-001A Comfort Covers - $20.95 pair (black cloth ear seal protector)

These cloth covers fit over each ear pad on the headset. They help keep dust, dirt and grease out of the inner components of the headset. Also handy for issues of hygiene where more than one person may be using equipment.


CC-001A Comfort Covers - $20.95

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ES-001A Ear Seals -  $21.95 (foam padded), pair Replacement ear seals/pads, if needed. Designed with soft foam.

ES-001A Ear Seals -  $21.95

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ES-002B Ear Seals - $44.95, (gel filled pads), pair Upgrade from standard ear seals/pads. These are designed with gel filled padding and are extremely comfortable.

ES-002B Ear Seals - $44.95

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Click here for a partial list of some of the users of the Ultra-Lube.

     A bearing needing lubrication is louder than one that is properly lubricated. The ability to hear the bearing noise quiet during lubrication, reduces the chance of over or undergreasing bearings, thus extending their life. The Ultra-Lube also provides the operator with the necessary tools to establish and/or contribute to a Plant Condition Monitoring Program as well as to maximize the operational life of lubricated components.

Proactive Maintenance....

     The Ultra-Lube is not only an effective tool for lubricating bearings, but also able to detect other bearing related problems. If prior to greasing, the bearing is noisy, this first of all, establishes that the current lubrication schedule and/or volume of lubrication is inadequate. The operator can then utilize the Ultra-Lube to apply the correct quantity of lubricant and by simply re-visiting the component at pre-defined intervals can establish an appropriate interval for 're-lubrication'.

     If lubricant is applied to a noisy bearing and the noise abates for a short period or noise does not reduce at all, this confirms a bearing problem. In either case, being alerted to the problem allows a maintenance plan to be put into place to replace the damaged component. Until the actual replacement of component takes place, more intensive greasing and customization of the lube type can help to prolong the life of the component.

Entry Level Condition Monitoring....

     Many small to medium sized companies find the set up and on-going cost of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) prohibitive. The Ultra-Lube will provide you a low cost alternative to other forms of condition monitoring, although it must be stressed, that many of the other forms of Condition Monitoring such as Vibration Analysis, Data Collection, Oil Analysis and Thermography are highly recommended to be used (in a targeted manner) following detection of a problem with the Ultra-Lube.

     Companies in the early development stages of a CBM program should adopt a program utilizing the Ultra-Lube as a screening tool and early warning device on grease-lubricated components. Components that are identified as being a problem would then be targeted for further diagnostic Vibration and/or Oil/Grease Condition Monitoring to define exact origin of the defect.

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Greasers and Oilers become 'Lube Technicians'....

How often does the "Greaser" or "Oiler" visit a part of the plant? Whatever the answer, it's possible he/she is more familiar with the plant and equipment than its owners.

Greasers and Oilers are a valuable resource due to this knowledge and they are often overlooked as an additional resource in the battle to reduce maintenance costs, run leaner and become more productive & competitive. Equipping these personnel with an Ultra-Lube allows this group of important individuals to contribute directly to the bottom line in a role which is often considered to be the lowest of functions in an organization.

This improves self-esteem and job satisfaction as the "Greaser" or "Oiler" becomes a "Lubrication Technician" and is able to help diagnose bearing conditions and make recommendations. No longer reserved to a "hunch", the Lubrication Technician can now definitively contribute to the maintenance collective.

Many companies have either moved or in the process of moving to Total Plant Management (TPM). This involves Plant Operators/Attendants (POA's) taking on a more proactive role in the day to day maintenance of their plant. Equipping the POA's with the Ultra-Lube allows them to also report on problems and correctly lubricate the machinery in their control.

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