Technical Issues
Year 2000 Compliance
All TrapBase97 products are Year 2000 compliant in that 4-digit dates are used in all applications. Furthermore, TrapBase97 uses Microsoft Access 97 as its underlying structure which is certified Year 2000 compliant by Microsoft.
TrapBase97 is available in client/server versions or, the more popular, module versions where 1-2 additional users may be added very economically.
Data Transfer
Data from existing software, Excel or other spreadsheets, dbf files, etc. can be easily transferred into TrapBase97 with no problems. For example, one facility had three old surveys for their 10,000 traps in Excel spreadsheets. We were able to import not only the trap data but the survey data as well!

Are FDSI products Year 2000 Compliant?
All FDSI products are Year 2000 compliant as four digit dates are used in all applications.
In addition, all products  use Access97 as their basic structure. Access97 is also Year 2000 compliant by Microsoft?s standards.
What are the signs or symptoms of steam system problems? 
Tracing leaks
Packing leaks
Reduced life of turbine nozzle block, carbon, and shaft. (Due to cutting from wet steam)
Manual adjustment of steam supply/discharge on or around heat exchangers. 
Sub-optimal Heat Exchanger performance.
Poor Energy Rating (EII).
What steps should my company take to initiate a steam system management program?
  1. If your facility personnel are not trained in survey techniques and/or steam trap maintenance and repair, training in these areas would be the first step. 
  2. The next step would be to purchase a database to maintain all data collected. 
  3. Purchase proper testing equipment (see question pertaining to this). Ultrasonic tester and Laser sight thermometer. 
  4. You may want to consider having an experienced steam system management contractor come in to perform your initial survey and input this data into your database as an initial starting point. 
  5. If you decide to use your own personnel for the initial testing, carefully choose and train the personnel and if possible, dedicate them solely to steam system management. 
  6. Set up a routine for testing traps on a yearly basis at the least, more often if possible. 
  7. Carefully document all steam system management data and provide monthly reporting on your progress. Remember all programs must be justified to management!
  8. If possible, network your software so that Engineers, Control Rooms, and other personnel will have access to trap maintenance and survey history, performance (reliability) data, etc.
Which is better ultrasonic testing or temperature testing?
Both! We strongly recommend that both instruments be used for steam trap testing as well as visual inspection by trained personnel. Temperature alone cannot always determine trap status, however, it is useful for providing estimation of pressure, over or under heating, etc. However, ultrasonic testing can achieve accuracy in trap testing of 98% and above.
What questions should I ask before purchasing a steam system management software?
  1. Does the software maintain ALL old survey data, maintenance data, and repair data?
Trapbase does indeed maintain all old surveys as well as maintenance and repair history. At any time you may view or print the survey history or maintenance history for any individual trap. Trapbase is able to do this because it is a relational database. Some of the competing products are flat file databases and thus can only maintain one survey at a time. With these products the user must print out and maintain "hard" copies of all old survey data and most flat file databases cannot track maintenance or survey data.
  1. Does the software allow the trap number to be changed without affecting the trap history?
Trapbase does allow the trap number to be changed and all survey and maintenance history will remain with that particular trap. This is called cascade update/cascade delete.
  1. Does the software use industry standards for steam loss calculations?
Trapbase uses a modified Napier formula and calculates steam losses for each individual trap based on pressure, orifice size and percent failed open. 
  1. Does the software track leaks associated with the steam trap station?
Trapbase tracks and calculates losses for packing or tracing leaks associated with the steam trap station. The user can customize the leak table for their facility by orifice size, plume size, etc. Trapbase also calculates make up water losses for those traps which are failed open to the atmosphere or to the pad.
  1. Does the software give RELIABILITY or PERFORMANCE reports by trap manufacturer? (Which manufacturer has more failed open or failed closed traps) 
Trapbase's Performance Graph shows a bar graph comparing the reliability of trap manufacturers.
  1. Does the software generate maintenance work orders and/or print a list of traps to be repaired? 
Trapbase has both of these features.
  1. Does the hand held computer allow new traps to be entered "in the field"? 
The TrapTech handhelds do allow new traps to be entered as they are located in the field. You do not have to look up special numbers or codes to enter a trap and perform the survey
  1. Can the software be networked to allow control rooms, engineers, management, and other personnel access to reliability information, trap history, etc.?
Trapbase can be easily networked using our versatile network module, TrapVM or with our client/server version.
  1. Can the software be customized by the user for the facility?
Trapbase has many areas of customization. The user can customize the facility name on reports, most drop down lists including manufacturers, models, pressure, outlet, leak table, maintenance, etc. The user may also customize steam loss calculation data including cost of steam per 1000 lbs BY PRESSURE, trap orifice and pressure data, make up water costs, etc.
The TrapBase97? System
f o r   S t e a m   T r a p   M a n a g e m e n t
TrapBase97© for Windows® is a steam trap tracking relational database system designed to assist industrial and commercial facilities in developing and maintaining a systematic steam system survey program.

This time-saving software will guide personnel in effective steam trap survey, maintenance and repair.

     TrapBase97's drop down menus, auto-fill, and point-and-click action make data entry and retrieval easy!
     TrapBase97 can also print survey sheets, reports, work orders, and graphs to give the user detailed information needed to gain control of steam systems.
     With proper use, TrapBase97 can provide a detailed history of steam trap performance and associated costs.
TrapBase97 Report Generator provides financial analysis as well as comprehensive summaries, and detailed reports of steam system survey, maintenance and repair activity. 
This includes potential and actual savings in lost steam, leaks related to the steam trap station, as well as make-up water costs.
     Use standard reports or custom queries in TrapBase97 Report Generator for a true picture of net profit through enhanced steam system management.
The TrapBase97? System Features . . . .
TrapBase97© for Windows®
  • User Friendly Steam Trap Management Database
  • Accelerated data entry with drop down picklists/autofill
  • User may customize picklists, steam costs, make-up water costs, etc.
  • All survey and maintenance data (history) is maintained in the database and can be accessed quickly and easily
  • Multiple reports/graphs
  • Tracks other leaks and make-up water costs in addition to steam trap problems
The TrapBase97? System Price List
TrapBase97© for Windows® with Report Generator (software only)- single user
    TrapBase97© is available in multiple trap capacity levels depending on the number of traps in the facility. Determine the number of traps in your facility for pricing.
Trap Base Level 1 - 0-200 Traps (Item# TB-200) $1510.00
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Trap Base Level 2 - up to 1000 Traps (Item# TB-1000) $2425.00
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Trap Base Level 3 - up to 2500 Traps (Item# TB-2500) $3375.00
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Trap Base Level 4 - up to 5000 Traps (Item# TB-5000) $4990.00
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Trap Base Level 5 - up to 7500 Traps (Item# TB-7500) $6790.00
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Trap Base Level 6 - up to 10,000 Traps (Item# TB-10000) $7540.00
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Trap Base Level 7 - up to 15,000 Traps (Item# TB-15000) $8920.00
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Trap Base Level 8 - up to 25,000 Traps (Item# TB-25000) $10,290.00
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Trap Base Level 9 - up to 35,000 Traps (Item# TB-35000) $11,670.00
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Trap Base Level 10 - up to 45,000 Traps (Item# TB-45000) $12,995.00
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TrapVM Network Module (Includes Report Gen) 
- each additional user $1400.00
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Client/Server Version - Unlimited Users 
(add to appropriate level above) $2,999.00
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