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There has never been a shaft alignment system so intuitive to use, so flexible in choice of alignment technique, so powerful in its application that it almost walks you through the entire process and helps you select the easiest solution for your specific alignment problem.
     You probably do not perform alignment jobs every day, or even every month, right? That's why the Shaft Alignment software was designed to help walk you through the step-by-step process of aligning rotating machinery. Each 'window' in the data entry section tells you what to do next, and if you make a mistake, there are background routines to point out your errors. You just enter : the machinery names, axial dimensions, side to side orientation, data on how the machinery moved from off-line to running conditions, the dial indicator readings or even data from 'Stationary-Movable' shaft alignment equipment like laser, LVDT, or optical encoder systems.
     After the data is entered, you can visually see the position of both machinery shaft centerlines and the numerical solutions at the machinery feet in both the side and top views to properly realign the machines. And if you don't particularly like the solutions shown, the 'pull down menus' allow you an infinite number of options to solve the alignment problem at hand. You can also : save the program for future reference, open an old program, start a new alignment problem, re-name the machinery, change the side to side orientation, alter the drive train dimensions, enter new dial indicator readings, edit the off-line to running machinery movement data, see the side and top views, check the current alignment dial indicator readings, and select an alignment tolerance guide to tell you how accurate your alignment is currently.
     Quite simply, there is no other alignment system that offers all of these features and it operates on computers found just about everywhere! System includes a copy of the Basic Shaft Alignment Workbook, a copy of the Shaft Alignment Handbook, and a software manual.
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Basic Shaft Alignment Workbook 4th Edition
     Provides valuable information on the basic knowledge needed to begin understanding shaft alignment of rotating machinery. Reviews the importance of alignment, preliminary steps, how to measure shaft positions, and basic graphing techniques. A good place to start and great for reference in the field. (64 pages)
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Shaft Alignment Software program & library
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