Types of Failure Conditions Covered:

Normal Load Zones

Abnormal Load Zones

Fretting Corrosion

Defective Bearing Seat on Shaft

Defective Bearing Seat in Housing

Electric Arcing


Ineffective Lubrication


Excessive Thrust Load


Ineffective Seals

Manufacturing Defects


Improper Mounting

False Brinelling









Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide on CD-ROM 

 The Ultimate Technical Resource on Bearings - The Convenience of CD-ROM
Dear Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter,
     Do you find yourself replacing the same bearing again and again? It seems like you just got that machine back on-line and now you're tearing it down again to replace that same bearing for the umpteenth time. What aggravation!
     It's not only aggravating - it's expensive. Not to mention the boss is standing over you, chewing you out, and wanting to know when "his" line will be back up again.
     Bearing failures occur regularly in every plant; and thousands of dollars in lost production time and unnecessary bearing purchases can occur as a result. That's why it's critical - no imperative - to identify the root cause of a premature bearing failure and implement a solution to prevent a reoccurrence.
     Sound familiar? Well fortunately, there's a better way. Maintenance Resources is pleased to announce the availability of a resource tool to help you avoid some of the aggravation described above.

The Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide

     The Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide consists of two tools that can help save you time, money, and your sanity. And you get both on the same CD-ROM.
  • Bearing Failure Analysis System
  • Bearings Reference Guide

  Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide on CD-ROM - $199.95  Add to Cart

What Does the Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide Consist Of?

     The Bearing Failure Analysis System TM is the quickest and easiest way for anyone to determine what caused a bearing failure. Adapted from the print version of the acclaimed handbook by bearing "guru" Ray Guyer, the most important aspect of the Bearing Failure Analysis System TM is it will explain?.. 


Encyclopedia of Bearings

You'll Learn:
  • How a rolling bearing works.
  • What types of materials are used in the manufacture of bearings.
  • How rolling bearings are made.
  • The specific purpose and application of various types of bearings.
  • How important it is to use various types of seals in bearings. Also, what types of seals can be used external to bearings.
  • How to determine proper sizes of shaft and housings.
  • How to measure straight and tapered shafts. Proper lubrication of rolling bearings. When to use oil and what type of oil. When to use grease and what type of grease.
  • How to monitor rolling bearings to prevent catastrophic failure.
  • How to identify bearing failures and what is required to prevent future failures.
     The Bearing Failure Analysis System TM is really easy to use. To solve a bearing problem you simply perform the following steps.  First, refer to the procedures shown in the "Bearing Disassembly" section of the Bearing Failure Analysis System TM.


1. Find the failure condition in the pictorial index.

2. Once the small photograph has been identified, go to the large failure photograph by clicking on the small photograph. This larger photo will more clearly show you the bearing failure details. You'll find listed below the photograph and accessible via "hot buttons" a failure description, mechanism of action, cause, and the solution to prevent future failures. 

The Bearings Reference Guide TM alone is worth hundreds of dollars. In fact, Ray Guyer charges $10,000 for an on-site presentation of his three day course (and it’s worth every penny). You’ve probably seen other industrial CD-ROM training products priced at $695, $895, or more! But you can get all the same technical information students receive in his comprehensive course manual as a FREE bonus with your investment in the Bearing Failure Analysis System TM.

Bonus on the same CD-ROM!

     Along with the Bearing Failure Analysis System TM you'll receive the complete Bearings Reference Guide TM . This book on CD contains the complete contents of the materials students receive in Ray Guyer's popular bearing workshop (for more information on this workshop contact our sister company, Learn Maintenance at 800-777-0753).
Act now you get both the Bearing Failure Analysis System TM and the Bearings Reference Guide TM on CD-ROM for only $199.95

Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide on CD-ROM - $199.95

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Rolling Bearings Handbook and Troubleshooting
Guide (Hardbound Book) - $319.95
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Rolling Bearings Handbook and CD-ROM Set -  $479.95


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