Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Windows 3.11 or Windows 95
  • IBM compatible PC 486 DX 33 (Pentium Recommended)
  • 8 MB  RAM (16 MB recommended)
  • Hard disk drive with 10 MB Free
  • 1.44 MB 3.5"  diskette drive
  • VGA color display
  • What is the P-SIM 2000?  
    PSIM 2000 Graphic
         The P-SIM 2000 is a computer software package which allows an IBM compatible computer to act as a process simulator when demonstrating or teaching PLCs. This program comes complete with an exercise manual, containing over 200 electrical schematics and a windows program to view th corresponding Ladder Logic Diagram. To view example of the Exercise Manual Click Here.  
         A BUILT-IN LADDER/LOGIC PROGRAM EDITOR allows students to create, test and debug industry standard LADDER-LOGIC programs to control these animated processes. All that is required to master the art of generic PLC operations and programming is a computer and the P-SIM 2000 training package. Below is a view of the fully functional Ladder Editor.  
    io_scr.jpg (18647 bytes)
        For complete specifications on the P-SIM 2000 please view the
    P-SIM 2000 Specifications page.
         Realistic Industrial Simulations. To see how the P-SIM 2000 Industrial Applications work, view the linked page. It will show you simulations on how it works.  
         Typical industrial processes such as material transfer operations using a conveyor or batch mixing tanks complete with pumps and metering are graphically displayed on the screen.  
         The displayed processes are fully animated and will respond to the signals of a PLC in the same manner that actual process equipment and sensors would respond. For example, a properly addressed PLC output can be used to start a pump on a mixing tank. Once started, visual indication of the pump's rotation and fluid flow will appear on the computer screen. In addition, a digital signal representative of fluid flow would be transferred back as an input to the PLC program.  
         P-SIM demonstrates the programming and operation of an actual PLC. The functionality of P-SIM is representative of current trends employed by PLC manufacturers. Upon completion of the P-SIM 2000 course, the student will understand and will be able to program basic relay inputs, output instructions, counter, timer circuits, compare functions and debugging procedures.  
         In order to proceed with P-SIM 2000, the student must demonstrate an understanding of basic relay logic control. Topics included in this course include the five basic input and output instructions, counters, timers and compare function blocks. In addition to these basic instructions the concept of branching will be introduced. This feature enables the student to incorporate logical "AND" and "OR" operations in their programs.  
         Activities included to reinforce the theories taught consist of a series of laboratory exercises. These exercises are designed around the processes simulated in the P-SIM software package.   

    PSIM 2000 - 1 Station includes 1 Student Disk and Study Guide - $495.00  
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    PSIM 2000 - 5 Station includes 5 Student Disks and Study Guides - $1,295.00  
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    PSIM 2000 - 10 Station includes 10 Student Disks and Study Guides -  $1,695.00  
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    PSIM 2000 - 15 Station includes 15 Student Disks and Study Guides -  $2,195.00  
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    PSIM 2000 - 20 Station includes 20 Student Disks and Study Guides -  $2,695.00  
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    PSIM 2000 - 30 Station includes 30 Student Disks and Study Guides -  $3,495.00  
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    P-SIM 2000 Student Version  
         A new student version of the P-SIM 2000 program is available. The program will perform many of the exercises within the new Exercise Manual (approximately 180 of the 200 plus exercises). The new student program will sell in lots of five @ 95.00 each in US funds. The student programs will be available to those customers who purchase a 5 station version (or above) of the P-SIM 2000 program. It is intended for use by the Instructor for student exercises in the classroom or for home study.   
         To order the student version, first place your order for a 5 or more station version and also verify the quantity of sets of 5 of the student programs you need below.
    PSIM 2000 - Student Version - sold in lots of 5 @ 95.00 each  
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    P-SIM I/O Interface  
    Complete with Simulator Program  
         The P-SIM I/O board is for product specific PLC training, such as using a Gould Modicon, Allen Bradley, Omron, or Siemans PLC and is provided with a Simulation Program. The simulations are comparable to those in the P-SIM 2000 program. The detail that makes the new simulator program software so versatile is the incorporation of the ladder logic address systems that can be selected to match those of Gould Modicon, Allen Bradley, Omron, or Siemans PLC's, or the use of True Decimal, or User Defined addressing.   
         The P-SIM I/O board combined with the simulator program is an inexpensive method of teaching PLC ladder logic programming, and is an alternative to the more expensive PLC training systems. Rather than using mechanical devices to prove the development of ladder logic, the P-SIM Simulator program uses industrial simulations that incorporate all of the address systems that would be found in most all real-world industrial applications. The display processes are fully animated and will respond to the signals of the PLC in the same manner that actual process equipment and sensors would respond. The PLC is programmed to control the simulations within the simulator program.  
         The P-SIM I/O Board comes complete with, a Simulation Program, Manual, a protective cover and the necessary connecting cables and installation instructions.  
         With the P-SIM I/O interface, any make of PLC using industry standard 24volt D.C. I/O, can be easily connected.   
    P-SIM I/O Board c/w Software interface program and cables -  $1495.00  
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