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Total Productive Maintenance Resources 

     The following is a complete alphabetical list of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) resources available sorted by format. For more information, please click on the title in which you are interested.
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Autonomous Maintenance for Operators - When your operators are positively and energetically involved in the maintenance of their own equipment, when they are thoroughly familiar with it and treat it as their own, then TPM leads to soaring productivity.  This newest operator book teaches specific autonomous maintenance activities.
Eliminating Minor Stoppages on Automated Lines - When your equipment starts having problems, it becomes extremely difficult for you to maintain steady output.  Learn a systematic approach that isolates the slight defects in equipment that can cause stoppages.
Methods, Standards, and Work Design - The 11th edition of Methods, Standards, and Work Design provides practical, up-to-date descriptions of engineering methods to measure, analyze, and design manual work.
OEE for Operators - Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE is a crucial measure in TPM that tells you how well your equipment is running.  It links three elements in one percentage: the time the machine is actually running, the quantity of products the machine is turning out, and the quantity of good output  OEE for Operators makes basic OEE concepts accessible to shopfloor workers - the employees who have the most to gain from tracking and improving the effectiveness of the operating equipment.
Overall Equipment Maintenance: A Powerful Production/Maintenance Tool - Written primarily for those responsible for the reliability of equipment and the production operation, this innovative book centers on developing and measuring true Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
P-M Analysis: An Advanced Step in TPM Implementation - Your chronic losses are those equipment problems that have been neglected or unresolved in the past.  This book first helps you isolate and understand the root causes of defects and failures in your equipment, then provides you with a system for effectively controlling these root causes.
Total Productive Maintenance - Identify and prevent costly equipment breakdowns before they occur with TPM
Total Productive Maintenance - A Route to World Class Performance - TPM is still pushing back the boundaries of what was thought possible.  Driven by the proven principles of TPM, this book emphasizes the need to build on existing good practices and to win commitment by delivering the results.
Total Productive Maintenance - An American Approach -The author explains how TPM is becoming an essential element of world-class manufacturing by providing optimum maintenance policies and practices, and shows how TPM can be implemented by modifying many of the standard techniques and programs currently used in the United States.
TPM for Every Operator - This book focuses on explaining TPM activities carried out by equipment operators themselves: autonomous maintenance, focused improvement and safety initiatives.
TPM for Supervisors - A brief but complete introduction to TPM offering an easy-to-follow overview of basic TPM features and implementation.  It will give your frontline supervisors a quick, practical understanding of the benefits of TPM and their role in making it successful.
TPM for Workshop Leaders - Support your equipment operators in the care of their equipment.  A top TPM consultant describes the problems TPM group leaders are likely to experience and the improvements in quality and vast cost savings you can expect to achieve.
TPM in Process Industries - In this book, top consultants document approaches to implementing TPM in process industries.  Any manager facing low operator / machine ratios, managing large equipment, or coordinating extensive improvement activities will want to read this book.
TPM Team Guide - Emphasizes integration of TPM with production management and reviews team-based improvement from goal setting to standardization.  Discusses team problem solving and steps for preparing good presentations of results.  Perfect for frontline supervisors, operators, facilitators, and trainers.
TPM: Total Productive Maintenance Video - This video analyzes and demonstrates how predictive an preventive maintenance techniques keeps equipment operating at design specs. Delco Remy increases productivity through teamwork, training, and sophisticated Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Loran Cassettes and Audio Products shows how a small manufacturer/Q-1 certified supplier successfully executes TPM techniques. Since implementing its TPM program, daily downtime fell by 29%, daily defects decreased by 22%, and production increased by 20%.
Setup Reduction for Just-In-Time Video - See how Ford Motor implemented an automatic die change system, reducing setup from eight hours to 15 minutes. Next, Delta Faucet combines training, teamwork and in-house tooling to drastically lower their setup times in their brazing, buffing assembly operations. At Motor City Stamping, standardization and hydraulic clamping created a streamlined production system. At Lightolier, see how combining progressive dies with automatic die change can significantly reduce setup times.


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