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Test Equipment

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Electrical/Electronics Test Equipment: Multimeters CD-ROM - This lesson demonstrates and explains how to use both a digital and an analog multimeter.  During this lesson, voltage, resistance, current, capacitance, and frequency are measured. 
Electrical/Electronics Test Equipment: Oscilloscopes CD-ROM - This lesson explains and demonstrates the use of both analog and digital oscilloscopes.  Participants will learn the controls on each type of oscilloscope, how to use a probe with an oscilloscope, how to set up an oscilloscope, and how to determine various measurements taken with an oscilloscope.
Electrical/Electronics Test Equipment: Ammeters, Meggers and Wheatstone Bridges CD-ROM - This lesson describes Wheatstone bridges, megohmmeters, and clamp-on ammeters.  This lesson provides examples of the use of these instruments, identifies their components, and defines their functions. 
Test Instruments and Devices: Pneumatic and Hydraulic Test Devices CD-ROM - This lesson presents operating principles and procedures for using a variety of test devices including manometers, test gauges, portable pneumatic and hydraulic calibrators, and pneumatic and hydraulic deadweight testers.
Test Instruments and Devices: Electronic Test Devices CD-ROM - This lesson describes the operation of electronic test devices as well as the measurement units used with typical test procedures.  The lesson also presents the operation of multimeters and multifunction electronic calibrators in electronic test procedures.
Test Instruments and Devices: Frequency and Temperature Test Devices CD-ROM - This lesson presents the basic operating principles and procedures for using multifunction temperature calibrators and sweep/function generators.  Emphasis is placed on equipment selection and set up for various types of sensors.
Test Instruments and Devices: Analog and Digital Oscilloscopes CD-ROM - This lesson presents the operating principles and procedures for using analog and digital oscilloscopes.  The lesson also provides an understanding of how these test devices work, the functions performed, and how they are utilized. 
Solid-State Devices: Oscilloscopes - This video, from the Electrical Maintenance Fundamentals Video Series, covers the basics of using an oscilloscope to troubleshoot circuits.
Test Equipment
Electrician's Super Set - This new set is available only from  It includes the ElectriCalc Pro Electrical Code Calculator, the 2002 Electronic NEC CD-ROM, and the ExTech MT310 Digital Multimeter with case. is pleased to offer the Extech line of multimeters and clamp-on meters, including the MultiMaster™ Series Precision MultiMeters, the MultiPro™ Series Precision MultiMeters, the MultiTech™ Series Digital MultiMeters, the MultiView™ Series Digital MultiMeters, AC/DC Clamp-on Meters, and the MiniAmp™ Series Clamp-on Meters.
Phase Rotation Indicator - Checks phase sequence and phase status.

Mini IR Thermometer - Non-contact InfraRed Thermometers with laser pointer measures to 600 degrees Farenheit.


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