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Mechanical Maintenance Resources 

     The following is a complete alphabetical list of the mechanical maintenance products available sorted by format.  For more information, please click on the title in which you are interested.
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CD-ROMs and Software
All About Pumps Software - This program illustrates over 60 different pumps, with historical background and real-world examples of pump technology in action.
Basic Mechanical - Enhance your employees' knowledge base with the most sophisticated mechanical training available to the industry.  Save thousands of dollars on classroom training and seminars.  Create a true learning experience with 10-16 hours of instruction with this self-paced, high retention, computer based training program.
2000 International Plumbing and Mechanical Code - Establishes minimum regulations for mechanical systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. It is founded on broad-based principles that make possible the use of new materials and new mechanical designs. 
Industrial Lubrication: Fundamentals CD-ROM - This CD-ROM explains the concepts of lubrication, friction, and viscosity and demonstrates the benefits of a proper lubrication program.  Additionally, the properties of common solid, semi-solid, and liquid lubricants are described, as well as the benefits associated with synthetic lubricants and the functions of additives and inhibitors.  Common types and causes of lubricant contamination are described and proper methods of lubricant storage are demonstrated.
Industrial Lubrication: Lubrication Maintenance CD-ROM - This CD-ROM explains and demonstrates how various types of lubrication systems operate, including ring, bath, splash, constant level and forced feed lubrication systems. Participants learn pertinent maintenance checks to make for each type of system.  Manual devices used to apply lubricant are covered as well as the purpose of filters and the importance of filter maintenance in lubrication systems. Additionally, the lesson indicates the benefits of oil sampling and analysis and identifies several factors which can cause lubrication failure.
Machinery's Handbook CD-ROM 28th Edition - The 28th Edition CD continues to combine the complete contents of the Handbook with the power, versatility, and convenience of Adobe PDF. These compact files can be viewed, navigated, and printed exactly as they appear by anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is included free on this disk.
Marks' Electronic Handbook for Mechanical Engineers - This unique, interactive version of the industry standard, Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, gives you immediate access to hundreds of live formulas, for quick on-screen problem solving in either metric or standard units.
Measurement Methods Training CD-ROM - This practical training tool emphasizes the types of measurements commonly required for day to day maintenance. The quality of the work you perform can be improved with the use of proper measurement tools. This material is enhanced with fully interactive tools.
Mechanical Engineer's Solutions Suite CD-ROM - This incredible new CD-ROM puts 132 essential mechanical engineering calculation procedures - and scores of related sub-procedures - right at your fingertips.  Just plug your data in the formulas, and let the software do the work for you.
Mechanical Seals CD-ROM - This comprehensive multimedia training program consists of one lesson that trains participants to work effectively with mechanical seals. The functions, operation, and repair of common mechanical seals are demonstrated.  This lesson covers the features, operation, and applications associated with three common types of mechanical seals: single, double, and cartridge.  The lesson presents specific procedures for failure analysis and identification, seal removal, disassembly, reassembly, and installation.
Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide - If premature bearing failures are a problem, then this CD-ROM might be just what you're looking for.  Over 80 different bearing failures are pictured, with accompanying causes and solutions to prevent the same failure from occurring again.  Also included is an extensive Bearings Reference Guide on the same CD-ROM.
Shaft Alignment Software Program & Library - There has never been a shaft alignment system so intuitive to use, so flexible in choice of alignment technique, so powerful in its application that it almost walks you through the entire process and helps you select the easiest solution for your specific alignment problem.
IBT Installation & Maintenance Video Series - Set of 6 videos with companion workbooks covering "Installation and Maintenance" of mechanical components.  Available tapes include Bushings, Mounted Bearings, Unmounted Bearings,  Shaft Couplings, Roller Chain and V-Belts.  Tapes can be purchased individually or as a set. Also available on DVD!
Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair Series  - Extensive 12 tape series covering many aspects of mechanical maintenance including Machinery Foundations and Grouting; Machinery Piping Considerations; Machinery Alignment Methods; Balancing Machinery Components; Ball Bearing Maintenance and Replacement; Mechanical Seal Installation, Repair and Maintenance; Welded Shaft Repair Methods; Casting Salvaging Methods and Compressor Rotor Design Overview, Disassembly and Cleaning; Compressor Rotor Repair, Reassembly and Verification; Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Hubs/Selection and Application of O-rings; and Protecting Machinery Parts Against Loss of Surface.
Mechanical Drive Maintenance Video Set - 6 video set covers gear boxes, mechanical drives, coupling, alignment, and vibration analysis.
Mechanical Equipment Operation Video Set - This comprehensive thirteen video set trains students in the principles of normal operation, and in basic operational procedures for common equipment.
Mechanical Maintenance Equipment Video Set - This 12 part video covers boilers and boiler equipment, auxiliary steam turbines, coal and ash handling equipment, diesel engines, and hydraulic equipment. 
Mechanical Maintenance Fundamentals Video Set - This fifteen tape set covers hands tools, measuring instruments, mechanical print reading, bolting and fastening, rigging and lifting, and bearings.
Mechanical Troubleshooting Video Set - This four video set provides training in basic troubleshooting procedures for a variety of common equipment.
PTDA Video Series  - The Power Transmission Distributors Association's Power Transmission Handbook is still today perhaps the most comprehensive and insightful publication known to the marketplace.  PTDA now expands the learning experience by introducing the supporting video series, developed specifically to complement the latest edition of the handbook and workbook.  Tapes can be purchased individually or as a set and topics include: Fundamentals, Bearings, Belt Drives, Chain Drives, Clutches and Brakes, Controls & Sensors, Conveyors and Components, Couplings and U-Joints,  Gears, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Linear Motion, Motors, and PT Accessories.
Training Hardware and Testing
Belt Drive Trainer - This heavy-duty, multi-functional training fixture manufactured by DAC allows for convenient training in the identification, installation, tensioning and alignment of common belt drive types found in industry.
Bearing Maintenance Trainer - This realistic, heavy-duty device from DAC allows for convenient and consistent training in the identification, installation and removal of a variety of industrial quality rolling element bearings.  Available in a basic or extended unit.
Coupling / Shaft Alignment Trainer - This lightweight, yet stable, fully functional fixture from DAC allows for convenient classroom training in precision shaft alignment.
Gear Maintenance Trainer - This versatile assembly from DAC allows for hands-on training in gear identification, installation, alignment and troubleshooting.
Shaft Alignment Self Study Guide System - The Shaft Alignment Self Study Guide System is the most effective way to teach yourself how to align industrial rotating machinery and invaluable in preparing for Level 1 and Level 2 shaft alignment certification exams.  Available with or without pre and post tests.
An Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids - This text is concerned with the mechanics of rigid and deformable solids in equilibrium.
Crane & Rigging Handbook and Training Manual - IPT's Crane Rigging Handbook is commonly referred to as the "best" crane and rigging book available in North America. It is used for reference and training programs offered by technical colleges, companies, trade unions, and various government institutions and departments.
Electromechanical Devices - Master the key elements of electromechanical components
Electro-Mechanical Design Handbook, Third Edition - A-Z guide to electrical/electronic and mechanical engineering design data.
Design Of Machinery - Robert L. Norton's DESIGN OF MACHINERY, fourth edition, continues the tradition of this best-selling book through its balanced coverage of analysis and design and outstanding use of realistic engineering examples.
Gear Noise and Vibration - Focuses on problems of design, metrology, development, and troubleshooting when noise and vibration occur.
2000 and 2003 International Mechanical Code - Establishes minimum regulations for mechanical systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. It is founded on broad-based principles that make possible the use of new materials and new mechanical designs. 
Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations - Fast, accurate solutions to day-to-day mechanical engineering problems.  Solve virtually any routine or unusual mechanical engineering problem encountered in your everyday practice - quickly and easily with the help of this comprehensive compendium of calculation methods.
Handbook of Turbomachinery - This up-to-date, single-source reference provides easy access to the latest information on the analysis, design, operation, and testing of turbomachinery - detailing the performance of gas, hydraulic, and steam turbines.
Illustrated Sourcebook of Mechanical Components - Designed to stimulate new ideas, this unique, lavishly illustrated and conveniently indexed reference shows you many designs and unique contributions hidden from technical literature for decades.
Industrial Fasteners Handbook and Training Manual - IPT's Industrial Fasteners Handbook is an excellent reference for engineers, draftsmen, supervisors, journeymen and apprentices of all steel related industries, including: aerospace, refining and chemical, pulp and paper, mining, shipyard, construction, fabrication, maintenance and repair.
Industrial Trades Handbook and Training Manual -  IPT's Industrial Trades Handbook is an excellent troubleshooting guide for millwrights and industrial mechanics.
Lubrication for Industry - Written for maintenance managers and practitioners, this book provides a fundamental understanding of how and why effective lubrication practices are an essential aspect of industrial equipment maintenance.
Machine Design Databook - Utilizing the latest standards and codes, Machine Design Databook, Second Edition is the power tool engineers need to tackle the full range of machine design problems.
Machine Devices and Components Illustrated Sourcebook - The book features hundreds upon hundreds of components commonly used in home appliances, office machines, vehicles, aircraft, ships, construction, factory equipment, machine tools. No working engineer or technician will want to be without this amazing book.
Machine Tools Handbook - Explains in detail how to carry out basic and advanced machine tool operations and functions, providing a wealth of machine tool exercises to test and improve the performance of machinists.
Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Toolbox - Celebrating nearly 100 years as "The Bible of the Mechanical Industries", the 28th edition brings together volumes of knowledge, information and data gathered, revised and improved upon from experts throughout the mechanical industries.
Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Toolbox Combo
Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Large Print
Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Large Print Combo
Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Guide
Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Pocket Companion
Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Collector's Edition - 1914 Replica
Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Guide With CD Activation
Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers - The eleventh edition of this classic work for mechanical engineers.  Includes chapters on mechanisms, heat, strength of materials, gearing, engines, turbines, pumps, compression, and more.
Materials Selection and Applications in Mechanical Engineering - contains complete and in-depth coverage on materials of use, their principles, processing and handling details; along with illustrative examples and sample projects.
Mechanical Design Handbook - Everything needed to build, measure, and analyze dynamic mechanical systems.
Mechanical Design: An Integrated Approach - provides a comprehensive, integrated view of machine element design for Mechanical Engineering students and practicing engineers.
Mechanical Engineering Design - The eighth edition of Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design maintains the basic approaches that have made this book the standard in machine design for over 40 years.
Mechanical Wear Prediction and Prevention - Providing an overview of tribological phenomena, this comprehensive reference details a practical methodology to determine the design parameters and materials necessary to obtain desired wear performances - stressing the idea of mechanical wear as a system property, and not merely a material property, throughout.
Mechanisms & Mechanical Devices Sourcebook - 4th Edition - Over 2000 drawings make this sourcebook a gold mine of information for learning and innovating in mechanical design.
Metal Trades Handbook and Training Manual - IPT's Metal Trades Handbook has become one of the most widely accepted industrial books across North America. It is used by journeymen and apprentices in all types industrial and resource based industries, including fabrication, construction, and in-plant maintenance. 
Modular Design For Machine Tools - Harness the latest modular design methods to increase productivity, save time, and reduce costs in manufacturing.
Newnes Mechanical Engineer's Pocket Book - This new edition of what is a very successful pocket book has been substantially revised to take account of the most recently introduced standards and the newest technology.
Oil Mist Lubrication: Practical Applications - This comprehensive guide book provides plant managers and maintenance engineers with a ready resource to understand the design parameters, application and economics of this important lubrication technology.
Power Transmission Handbook - THE PTDA Power Transmission Handbook is still today perhaps the most comprehensive and insightful publication known to the marketplace.  Long considered the "bible" of the PT/mC industry, the PT Handbook has been completely updated and revised with new chapters, new technologies, and new illustrations.
Rotating Equipment Handbook and Training Manual - IPT's Rotating Equipment Handbook and Training Manual: Machinery Reliability and Condition Monitoring emphasizes the use of proven diagnostic, and corrective methods and procedures for determining machinery condition and predicting mechanical problems for millwrights, industrial mechanics, heavy duty mechanics, machinists, and rotating equipment technicians.
Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers - This book assembles hundreds of shortcuts, calculations, practical "how-to" methods, and concise background reviews into one convenient volume.  Whether you're concerned with design, selection, or performance of equipment, you'll find fast, accurate answers here.
Shaft Alignment Handbook - The Handbook is the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of aligning rotating machinery.  This single source reference offers a comprehensive analysis of coupled rotating machinery systems, providing practical guidelines for solving complex alignment tasks fast and accurately.
Technical Shop Mathematics - Suitable for home study, classroom use, or as a superior reference guide for the shop professional, this practical text presents a review and introduction to basic shop mathematics in a straightforward manner.
Tribology Handbook - The renowned reference work is a practical guide to the selection and design of the components of machines and to their lubrication.  It has been completely revised for this second edition by leading experts in the area.
Turbomachinery Basic Theory and Applications - This entirely updated and enlarged Second Edition broadens the scope of the previous edition while maintaining its concise, easy-to-read style in presenting the basic principles of turbomachine theory and its application to specific devices - providing immediately useful step-by-step procedures that show how the essentials of turbomachinery are applied in design and to predict performance.
Instructor-led Training
Bearing Life Improvement - Maintenance can now bring you high-quality instructor-led training that will show your maintenance staff how to extend the life of your bearings.


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