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Maintenance Management Resources

     The following is a complete alphabetical list of the maintenance management resources available sorted by format.  For more information, please click on the title in which you are interested.  

CD-ROMs and Software
EZ Maintenance CMMS For Windows or Web - Complete Maintenance Management for All Equipment, and Fleet Maintenance for Any Amount of Vehicles!
Facilities Management Library on CD-ROM - Comprehensive 10-volume library with 10 complete books including Intelligent Buildings, Interiors Management, Lighting Upgrades, Safety Management, Water Quality &  Systems, Indoor Air Quality, Environmental Management, Disaster &  Recovery Planning, Fire Protection, and Electrical Systems.
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Interactive CD-ROM - . Developed by New Standard Institute, this CD provides the basics of maintenance planning and scheduling training without leaving the facility.
Maintenance Storerooms Interactive CD-ROM - The Maintenance Storerooms computer based training (CBT) is taken from New Standard Institute's two-day seminar for Storeroom and Parts Managers and provides a comprehensive approach to the mechanics and mathematics of a well-run storeroom. CBT has full narrated text. Program also includes the Reorder Point Calculator.
New Standard Institute Interactive CD-ROM Library - Purchase all seven 
titles available from New Standard Institute in a special set and save over versus purchasing the titles separately.
Reliability Centered Maintenance Seminar On DVD - A comprehensive discussion on successful application of classical RCM.
RCM-1 Reliability Resources CD-ROM - Now you can bring iPresentation Tutorials right to your desktop, corporate network or maintenance training library with the purchase of the new 2003 RCM-1 Reliability Resources CD ROM.  This CD features 66 of the best iPresentation Tutorials narrated by industry experts and no longer available online.
Reliability Toolbox - The Reliability Toolbox™ has four key areas that 
contain multimedia training, reliability knowledge assessment evaluations 
and maintenance procedures and forms: Maintenance Management, 
Condition Monitoring, Maintenance Practices, and Precision Alignment.
Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages Interactive CD - A shutdown, turnaround, or outage can be the biggest and most complicated demand on maintenance resources. Modern project management methods can enable a maintenance professional to identify, plan, staff and coordinate the effort of 
hundreds of workers and their support equipment while minimizing downtime 
and costs. 
Audio Tapes - Audio/Text Sets
20 Steps to World Class Maintenance - This tape traces the road from reactive to proactive maintenance strategy.  It is designed for maintenance managers, supervisors and support staff.
Advanced Topics for Maintenance - This audiotape and text-based course is designed to complement the popular Supervisor Course #1.  It covers some of the same topics in greater depth (morale, time management), continues the discussion on important topics (communications) and introduces some new topics (quality, analysis of CMMS reports).
Maintenance Management - This course is designed for managers, 
supervisors, and support staff charged with the responsibility for establishing 
and maintaining an efficient maintenance program for asset preservation that 
lowers costs and increases the level of maintenance service to the user.
Maintenance Management for Small Rental Buildings - This course is for maintenance managers, supervisors and landlords of smaller buildings.  The emphasis is on controlling maintenance where there are few resources.
Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors and Managers - This 
course is for people who supervise or manage maintenance work.  Its focus 
is on the necessary management and people skills needed to foster 
maximum productivity, high quality and good morale.
Managing Factory Maintenance - This course is for people involved with 
factory and process industry maintenance.  People new to management or 
new to maintenance, as well as management veterans will get useful insights into improving the delivery of maintenance and lowering its costs.
100 Years Of Maintenance Reliability - This unique and practical book describes 42 real-life events and/or situations in the careers of the three authors from which they gained insights into the applicable best practices in maintenance and reliability.
Achieving Quality Super Series - With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs.
After Atlantis: Working, Managing, and Leading in Turbulent Times - After Atlantis identifies a broad range of approaches that will better equip individuals and organizations not only to react in time to change but to become pro-active in creating a positive future for themselves and their organizations.
Asset Maintenance Management - Provides companies with the methods, strategies, and practices that will help efficiently and effectively direct and 
shape their asset management operations.
Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management - As the only reference that provides vital information in a concise and easy-to-use format, Terry Wireman's new book will provide users with all the necessary tools to be successful in benchmarking maintenance management.
Breakthrough It Change Management - Readers will develop a change management strategy that starts by diagnosing the current culture and organization, then prepares for change carefully, addresses resistance to change, develops the change strategy, measures results, builds momentum for further change, and prevents deterioration and reversion.
Chemical Process Management - Comprehensive and practical guide to the selection and design of a wide range of chemical process equipment.
Chemical Process Safety - Gives insight into eliminating specific classes of hazards, while providing real case histories with valuable messages.
CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process - Daryl Mather's new book presents a comprehensive template process that can be used in order to 
implement and maintain CMMS in any business, industry, or facility, thus dramatically reducing the amount of time and the cost needed to implement 
the process.
Commercial & Institutional Maintenance Management - Whether you 
are an experienced maintenance manager, or just getting off the ground in 
the profession, this important new handbook will provide you with a 
compendium of valuable tools and practical advice that will help you do 
your job better.
Complete Guide to Predictive and Preventive Maintenance - Unlike 
other books that only focus on the engineering issues (task lists) or 
management issues (CMMS) associated with predictive and preventive 
maintenance, this in-depth resource is the first to give true emphasis to the 
four aspects of success in preventive maintenance systems - engineering, management, economic, and psychological.
Computer-Managed Maintenance Systems in Process Plants - The key 
to maximizing your CMMS investment is to follow the rights steps.  This 
book covers determining the need and selling the program, definition of a 
CMMS, CMMS justification, CMMS vendor selection, project implementation, integrating a CMMS with other systems, CMMS and client server, why a CMMS fails, and how to assure success.
Condition-Based Maintenance and Machine Diagnostics
This text attempts to present the fundamental justification for condition-based maintenance together with enough analytic and practical guidance for its implementation.
Condition Monitoring Standards - The CMS (Condition Monitoring 
Standards) Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are a colorful and unique collection of 
inspection instructions. The instructions are organized by component types 
such as AC motors, couplings, pumps, valves, belts, chains, gears and 
much more.
Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance - This 
book presents a unique, detailed, and much-needed "road map" on how to 
measure and then improve one of the most important functions in today's 
modern organization: equipment and asset maintenance management.
Effective Maintenance Management: Risk and Reliability Strategies for Optimizing Performance - Examines the role of maintenance in minimizing the risk of safety or environmental incidents, adverse publicity, and loss of profitability. In addition to discussing risk reduction tools, it explains their applicability to specific situations, thereby enabling you to select the tool that best fits your requirements.
Energy Efficient Building Systems - This expert resource takes readers step by step through procedures for getting optimal performance from every building 
Energy Reduction Through Improved Maintenance - This book focuses 
on the use of various predictive or condition-based maintenance tools and 
methods intended to highlight the loss of electrical energy in industry.
Engineering Maintainability - To create a well-built product, engineers and designers must focus on maintainability. The goal is design for reliable and cost-effective operation and straightforward maintenance. 
Engineering Maintenance Management - Covering the fundamental 
theories, principles, and proven techniques of successful quality engineering 
maintenance management programs, this reference furnishes all levels of 
engineering management with the material necessary to provide cost-effective maintenance.
Facility Manager's Guide To Security: Protecting Your Assets - This book was written specifically to provide the facility manager with virtually all information needed to build and manage an effective security system for any type of facility.
Facility Manager's Handbook - Written in a plain-language, reader-friendly style, it provides a panoramic view of the process by isolating the key areas the facility manager must address, including real estate, space and change management, indoor air quality, emergency preparedness and response planning, communications systems, regulatory mandates and more.
Facility Manager's Operation and Maintenance Handbook - The best 
way to minimize unexpected repairs, equipment breakdowns and occupant complaints?  Apply the experience-based know-how packed into this 
Glossary of Reliability & Maintenance Terms - Ineffective communication 
is often a key stumbling block to identifying and solving problems in the 
process industry - problems that can cause downtime and equipment failure.  This book provides over 1,000 terms and definitions, providing a common ground for effective communication.
Handbook of Facility Assessment - This practical guide is designed for facility and maintenance managers who are facing "repair or replace" decisions for their buildings.
Handbook of Maintenance Management - The field of maintenance is 
hard to approach because the language is strange.  This book introduces the fundamentals of maintenance and will allow the outsider to understand the jargon  The book offers a complete survey of the field, an introduction to maintenance, a review of maintenance management, a manual for cost reduction, a primer for the stockroom, and a training regimen for new supervisors, managers, and planners.
Idcon Maintenance Management and Condition Monitoring Library
Order all seven Idcon manuals in a special set and save yourself some serious change.
Improving Maintenance & Reliability Through Cultural Change - This unique and innovative book explains how to improve your maintenance and reliability performance at the plant level by changing the organization's culture.
Improving Reliability and Maintenance From Within - This unique book is perfect for those who are internal consultants…and may not know it… recognize the value of their efforts and help them learn the skills required to optimize their performance.
Industrial Machinery Repair - A practical reference for practicing plant
engineers, maintenance supervisors, physical plant supervisors and mechanical maintenance technicians.
Industrial Maintenance - Designed for the "jack of all trades" technician, this unique book covers all five major areas of industrial maintenance knowledge -general, mechanical, electrical, welding, and preventive maintenance- in one complete volume!
Inspection and Gaging - This highly acclaimed training manual and reference provides the many phases of inspection work and their application to today's manufacturing operations through a practical down-to-earth presentation.
An Introduction to Reliability and Maintainability Engineering - This 
practical and modern approach to reliability deals with core concepts, major models, and proven techniques.  The computer software packaged in the 
Instructor's Manual allows students to focus on concepts and analysis 
instead of tedious numerical calculations.
Joel Levitt Maintenance Management Library - Purchase this library of 
Joel Levitt's Maintenance Management related titles and save $22.80. 
Set includes Handbook of Maintenance Management;
Complete Guide to Preventive & Predictive Maintenance; Lean Maintenance, and Managing Maintenance Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages.

Lean Manufacturing: A Plant Floor Guide - This book takes readers on a comprehensive, 'street-level' journey through the entire lean implementation process.
Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop - 2nd Edition - Revised and expanded, the Second Edition describes not only what to do, but includes many tools useful to the reader describing how to do it.
Lean Manufacturing Systems And Cell Design - explains how members of the lean implementation team, managers, and engineers can design and implement lean cellular systems.
Lean Maintenance - by Joel Levitt will take the reader on a journey from uncovering waste, designing projects to address the waste, selling the projects to management and delivering the projects.
Loop Checking: A Technician's Guide - This technician’s guide defines loop checking in the broader scope of control loop performance in addition to the more traditional terms of the plant startup.
Loss Prevention in the Process Industries - Covers traditional areas of 
personal safety as well as the more  technological aspects and thus provides balanced and in-depth coverage of the whole field of safety and loss prevention.
Maintenance Benchmarking And Best Practices - Developed by a maintenance/manufacturing/facilities manager with almost four decades of direct profit/loss responsibilities, this guide provides benchmarking tools for the successful design, implementation, and validation of a profit- and customer-centered strategy for maintenance.
Maintenance Engineering Handbook - Generations of engineers and 
managers have turned to this popular handbook for expert guidance on maintenance for all types of facilities, including industrial plants, power 
generating stations, refineries, schools, hospitals, and office buildings.
Maintenance Fundamentals -This 2nd Edition includes modules that provide the practical knowledge required to effectively select, install, maintain, and troubleshoot 
critical plant machinery, equipment, and systems.
Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance Strategies - Written by a recognized expert in the industry, Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance Strategies is a unique reference designed to create an awareness as to how important an effective maintenance management strategy is to supporting the regulatory requirements faced by each company today.
Maintenance Management Auditing - Using the ideas and procedures in this book, industrial managers will be better able to audit their own maintenance departments themselves, or better interface and direct audits by external consultants.
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling - The only book that takes a direct
look at streamlining planning and scheduling for a Lean Manufacturing
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling - Maintenance planning and 
scheduling is the hub for a high performance maintenance organization.  The book from Idcon covers key processes within planning and scheduling in detail.
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook - With Doc Palmer's Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook by your side, you can start to build a superior maintenance program right now - a program that helps you leverage the labor and equipment assets of your company for stellar plant productivity and profitability!
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Library - Need to look at the 
whole spectrum of materials available on Maintenance Planning and 
Scheduling?  Order this four book and one CD-ROM set and get the best information on the subject from experts like "Doc" Palmer, Idcon and New Standard Institute.  You'll save $49.90 over purchasing the items separately.  
The Maintenance Scorecard: Creating Strategic Advantage- . Through a unique adaptation of the balanced scorecard approach to asset management, this innovative book provides a structured approach for both the development of strategy and its implementation. Additionally, you will find a catalog of indicators along with their uses and weaknesses, a definitive guide to measuring the success of RCM programs, and a logical format that leads them from start to finish with information and hints on each phase of the maintenance scorecard approach. If you or your company needs to manage physical assets, you need this book!
Maintenance Strategy - This book explains the various organization 
structures that are needed, the information systems with which those 
structures will need to be resourced, and the steps that will have to be 
taken in order to bring those structures and systems into being.
Maintenance Strategy Series - For over three decades, Terry Wireman has specialized in the improvement of maintenance and reliability. Through a new Maintenance Strategy series, the author makes his expertise in the field accessible to industrial and facility organizations everywhere. Buy this five book series and save.
Maintenance Time Management - This practical handbook presents a systematic approach to utilizing maintenance time more efficiently and cost effectively.  From maintenance and scheduling to timely completion of job
orders to improved record keeping, the author addresses every key 
component of streamlining the time element of a physical plant maintenance program.
Maintenance Work Management Processes - This book by Terry Wireman, focuses on developing a work management process that will support the maintenance strategy components.
Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Manufacturing Excellence - This book clearly describes how you can turn common sense 
into common practice to achieve superior manufacturing performance and 
low-cost production.
Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages - Plant and factory managers will lower their costs by reading and applying this unique reference.  Includes detailed steps for each phase of a shutdown or outage.
Managing Physical Plant Operations - Virtually everything you will need to know to optimize operations in a physical plant is covered in this practical desk reference, complete with tables, illustrations and quick-reference checklists.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness - Written primarily for those responsible 
for the reliability of equipment and the production operation, this innovative 
book centers on developing and measuring true Overall Equipment 
Effectiveness (OEE).
Physical Asset Management Handbook - Physical Asset Management is a "better way" of managing corporate equipment assets. It blends the best processes, practice and technology to assure highest effectiveness in your specific business, operating, organizational and material conditions.
Plant Engineer's Handbook - The Plant Engineering Handbook offers comprehensive coverage of an enormous range of subjects which are of vital interest to the plant engineer and anyone connected with industrial operations or maintenance.
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Improving 
Machinery Reliability
-This totally revised edition provides proven techniques and procedures that extend machinery life, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve optimum machinery reliability. 
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Machinery 
Failure Analysis & Troubleshooting
- A revised and updated guide that 
shows plant engineers and supervisors how to systematically analyze and troubleshoot machinery component distress with field-proven techniques.  It 
covers gears, rolling-element bearings, sliding bearings, bolting, couplings, mechanical seals, pumps, compressors, electric motors, steam turbines 
and more.
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Machinery Components Maintenance & Repair - This revised edition of Volume 3 is 
a guide for process engineers concerned with machinery and component installation, maintenance and repair.
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Major Process Equipment Maintenance & Repair - This updated edition is an invaluable 
source of practical cost-effective maintenance, repair, installation, and field verification procedures for machinery engineers.
Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds - This practical how-to manual is for all persons involved in scheduled major mechanical outages of commercial facilities, manufacturing plants or major industrial process systems.
Preventive Maintenance - Shows how to tactically develop a preventive
maintenance program
Preventive Maintenance Essential Care & Condition Monitoring 
- The 337 page manual describes how to set up a cost effective preventive maintenance system and contain preventive maintenance methods and tools for many common components such as pumps, motors, couplings, valves, gears, cranes, electronics, conveyors, hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors, seals, fans, blowers, heat exchangers, belts, steam joints, steam traps, and more
Principles of Controlled Maintenance Management - Streamline and economize your maintenance using easy to follow, step-by-step guidelines.

Project Manager's Handbook - uses industry-specific examples to demonstrate how project management principles are used throughout the industrial world to launch, manage, and execute projects.

RCM - Gateway to World Class Maintenance - Provides valuable insights into current preventive maintenance practices and issues, while explaining how a transition from the current "preserve equipment" to "Preserve function" mindset is the key ingredient in a maintenance organization strategy.
Reliability Centered Maintenance - 2nd Edition by John Moubray. This book provides an authoritative and practical explanation of what RCM is and how it
can be applied.  It is of vital importance to anyone concerned with productivity, quality, safety and environmental integrity.
Reliability Centered Maintenance - by Neil Blume. A properly implemented and managed RCM program can save millions in unscheduled maintenance and breakdowns.
Reliability, Maintainability and Risk - Deals with all aspects of reliability, maintainability and safety-related failures in a simple a straightforward style, explaining technical terms and jargon and pre-supposing no prior knowledge 
of the subject.
Reliability, Safety and Risk Management - This title examines the concepts of systems reliability and the techniques available for determining both 'technical' and 'human' hazard and risk.
Results Oriented Maintenance Management - Maintenance and Reliability management described in 81 articles.  Christer Idhammar explains how operations and maintenance must work together to achieve best practice maintenance and reliability management.
Root Cause Analysis: Improving Performance for Bottom Line Results -The authors show you how to identify, resolve, and eliminate the chronic 
issues that hinder the attainment of organizational goals.  RCA is a structured process that uncovers the physical, human, and latent causes of any undesirable event in the workplace.
Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook - The Six Sigma Series goes beyond simply explaining Six Sigma basics to interested managers--these are hard-core working tools of statistical methods, quantitative and intense, aimed at mathematically sophisticated Six Sigma practitioners unwilling to settle for anything less than peak performance in manufacturing and services.
Six Sigma Performance Handbook - If properly managed, Six Sigma methods can deliver dramatic improvement by increasing manufacturing and process efficiencies.
Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Library - Purchase this special set covering shutdowns, turnarounds and outages and save $21.90 over purchasing the items separately.
Strategic Maintenance Planning - deals with the concepts, principles and techniques of preventive maintenance, and shows how the complexity of maintenance strategic planning can be resolved by a systematic "Top-Down-Bottom-Up" approach.
Strategic MRO - This book provides the roadmap for showing how a proper focus on enterprise asset management and the associated MRO supply chain can be a source of huge savings and strategic advantage.
Successfully Managing Change in Organizations: A User's Guide - An innovative book that provides concepts, ideas, examples, insights, and new ways to think about and approach change.
Successfully Managing Change in Organizations: The Workbook - This book was written for all managers who have been given the difficult task of bringing change to their organizations.
Terry Wireman Maintenance Management Library - Can't get enough of Terry Wireman?  Order this special set of seven of Terry's books and save money.
TPM Reloaded: Total Productive Maintenance This is a challenging, innovative, and timely new look at implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) by one of the field's leading trainers and authors.
The Lean Company: Making The Right Choices - This book presents a lucid, theoretical vision of what a lean company should look like, as well as the organizing principles that are its reason for existence and the rationale for the activities that go on inside it.
Total Plant Performance Management - TPPM is an unparalleled continuous improvement program that integrates all plant functions into a single, focused effort.  The fundamental premise is that all corporate functions, from the boardroom to the shipping department, must share a common vision and effectively work together.
Turnaround Management - This book will show the maintenance manager or project leader how to get the job done right.  This will include ensuring that lost production value is balanced against intensive maintenance costs, as well as numerous other factors that might not be obvious to the first-time shutdown manager.
Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management
Outlines a blueprint for a world class maintenance program by examining, piece by piece, its essential elements - leadership, control, continuous improvement, and quantum leaps.
Water Quality Systems: A Guide For Facility Managers, 2nd Edition - This book was written to serve as a guide for facility managers and other building professionals who have the responsibility for water supply and wastewater drainage systems.
Maintenance Management Overview - This ten video set covers the major aspects of effective maintenance management, including planning, scheduling, preventive and predictive maintenance, parts and materials, computerized maintenance systems and much more.
Reliability Centered Maintenance Seminar On DVD - A comprehensive discussion on successful application of classical RCM.
Seminars is pleased to offer our colleagues the outstanding Maintenance Management focused seminars of the New Standard Institute.  Click here for information on seminars on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling; Maintenance Storerooms; Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages; Maintenance Process Management; and Leadership Skills for Maintenance.
Reliability Centered Maintenance Seminar - We are pleased to bring you a Reliability Centered Maintenance Seminar in a convenient 2 Disc DVD format.
A comprehensive discussion on successful application of classical RCM.


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