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Instrumentation & Control Resources 
     The following is a complete alphabetical list of the instrumentation & control products available sorted by format.  For more information, please click on the title in which you are interested.

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Analyzers: Principles of Process Analysis CD-ROM - This lesson introduces participants to the principles of process analysis.  The advantages of process analysis for industry are discussed and the scientific principles of the various process analysis methods, such as spectrometry, chromatography, electrochemical and physical property analysis are described.
Analyzers: Spectroscopic Analyzers CD-ROM - This lesson introduces participants to spectroscopic analyzers and describes their principles of operation, components, and measurements.  Various analyzer configurations are explained and the operation of mass spectrometers is described.
Analyzers: Gas Chromatographs CD-ROM - This lesson introduces participants to gas chromatography and describes gas chromatograph principles of operation and components.
Analyzers: Air and Water Analysis CD-ROM - This lesson trains participants to apply the concepts and terminology associated with the principles of process analysis to air and water analysis. 
Analyzers: Process Sampling Systems CD-ROM - This lesson introduces participants to the tenets of sound simple handling system design for process analyzers and covers each of the major sections usually included:  process interface, sample transport, sample conditioning, and sample disposal.
Controller Tuning CD-ROM - Provides an explanation of tuning methods and principles behind the three methods of tuning a controller: ultimate, reaction curve, and trial and error.
Digital Instrumentation: Smart Transmitters CD-ROM - This lesson introduces digital electronics and teaches the principles of operation, the functions of the electronic components, and the signal characteristics.
Digital Instrumentation: Single Loop Digital Controllers CD-ROM - Course that covers the principles of operation, characteristics, and capabilities of single loop digital controllers, including controller components and signal processing capabilities.
Distributed Control: Distributed Control Fundamentals CD-ROM - This lesson provides an understanding of the fundamentals of Distributed Control Systems (DCS).  The evolution of computer control systems is discussed and the architecture of contemporary DCS is described.
Distributed Control: Maintaining Distributed Control Systems CD-ROM - This course introduces the general maintenance requirements of a distributed control system.  It covers troubleshooting techniques using DCS self-diagnostics and the various diagnostics displays available to the technician.
Electronic Maintenance: Pressure and Temperature Transmitters CD-ROM - This lesson introduces electronic transmitter maintenance focusing on pressure and temperature transmitters.  The lesson describes the components of a typical pressure or temperature transmitter, its functions, adjustments, inspections, and repairs. 
Electronic Maintenance: Flow Transmitters CD-ROM - This lesson introduces the inspection and repair of electronic flowmeters by demonstrating maintenance procedures for vortex shedding, turbine, magnetic, and mass electronic flowmeters. 
Electronic Maintenance: Level and Weight Transmitters CD-ROM - This lesson describes the operation, applications, and maintenance of ultrasonic, capacitance, conductivity, and radiation level detectors.  The lesson also explains the functions and operation of weighing systems.
Electronic Maintenance: Transducers, Annunciators, and Recorders CD-ROM - This lesson teaches routine maintenance requirements and calibration procedures for transducers, recorders, and annunciators.  The lesson provides a basic understanding of the functions of I/p, P/i, and E/i transducers, multipen and multipoint recorders and annunciators. 
Electronic Maintenance: Electronic Controllers CD-ROM - This lesson presents routine maintenance requirements and calibration procedures for electronic controllers.  The lesson shows how controller circuitry works and how to adjust and calibrate each of its component sections:  the display, the alarm circuitry, and the control circuitry.
Fundamentals of Industrial Measurement: Pressure Measurement CD-ROM - This lesson presents the basic principles of pressure measurement and applications of direct and inferred pressure measurement methods.  Various pressure instruments are presented including manometers, mechanical pressure sensors, and transducers.
Fundamentals of Industrial Measurement: Level Measurement CD-ROM - This lesson describes the fundamentals of level measurement and the sensors employed.  Applications for both direct and indirect level measurement are covered including float-type devices, hydrostatic head and differential pressure measurements, as well as electrical, ultrasonic, and radiation instruments.
Fundamentals of Industrial Measurement: Flow Measurement CD-ROM - This lesson describes the properties of fluids that are a factor in the measurement of their flow.  In addition, the lesson explains how differential pressure measurements can be used to determine flow rate. 
Fundamentals of Industrial Measurement: Temperature Measurement CD-ROM - This lesson presents the basic principles of temperature measurement and the application of temperature measuring instruments. 
Industrial Process Control: Single-Loop Control CD-ROM - This lesson presents the principles of single-loop control and the applications of feedback control in the industrial environment. 
Industrial Process Control: Multiple-Loop Control CD-ROM - This lesson explains the application of multiple-loop control strategies to industrial process control systems.
Instrument Calibration: Calibration Principles CD-ROM - This lesson introduces basic concepts of instrument calibration.  The lesson explains the characteristics of proper instrument performance as well as how to identify common instrument errors.  
Instrument Calibration: Calibrating Pressure and Differential Pressure Instruments CD-ROM - This lesson demonstrates the necessary steps for calibrating pressure instruments.  The lesson also identifies procedures and set up equipment for pressure calibration. 
Instrument Calibration: Calibrating Temperature Instruments CD-ROM - This lesson teaches basic procedures for checking the calibration of thermocouples and RTDs, as well as for calibrating temperature instruments including thermocouple transmitters and RTD transmitters. 
Instrument Calibration: Calibrating Flow Instruments CD-ROM - This lesson demonstrates procedures for calibration of flow instruments.  The lesson specifically explains calibration of differential pressure transmitters, magnetic flowmeters, vortex shedding flowmeters, and mass flowmeters. 
Instrument Calibration: Calibrating Level Instruments CD-ROM - This lesson demonstrates the steps for calibrating level instruments.  Specifically, the lesson shows set up procedures for differential pressure transmitters and electronic displacement level transmitters in a variety of applications.
Interpreting Process Control Diagrams CD-ROM - This lesson introduces the common instrument and line symbols and notations used on process control and loop diagrams.
Process Operations: Heating and Cooling Systems CD-ROM - This lesson describes the design and operation of various heating and cooling systems utilized in industrial processes. 
Process Operations: Distillation Columns CD-ROM - This lesson introduces the concepts of distillation including the components, operation, and principles of distillation systems. 
Process Operations: Batch Process Systems CD-ROM - This lesson introduces industrial batch process systems.  The lesson includes batch process steps, types, and operation as well as batch process control strategies.
Troubleshooting Single-Loop Control Systems CD-ROM - This lesson describes the systematic approach to troubleshooting and applies that approach to single loop control systems. 
Troubleshooting Multi-Loop Control Systems CD-ROM - This lesson discusses the application of the steps for applying the systematic approach to troubleshooting multi-loop control systems
Troubleshooting Distributed Control Systems CD-ROM - This lesson applies a systematic process for identifying, isolating, and correcting process system problems to distributed control systems (DCS). 


Control Valves and Actuators Series - 2 video set that includes Introduction to Control Valves and Selection and Sizing of Valves and Actuators.
Electronic Maintenance Series  - Set of 12 videos covering solid state devices, integrated circuits and op amps, sensor and transducer principles, transmitters, transducers, controllers, indicators and recorders, tuning, sampling systems and gas chromatograph valves, gas chromatograph ovens and controllers, spectroscopic analyzers, instrument loop troubleshooting and electrochemical analyzers.
Industrial Measurement Series - 4 tape set that covers temperature, pressure, level and flow.
Instrumentation Basics Series - 15 tape video set covering feedback control, process control modes, process characteristics, process variables, instrumentation systems, instrument loop diagrams, mechanical connections, electrical connections, primary calibration standards, pneumatic test equipment, electronic test equipment, oscilloscopes, instrumentation errors, instrument calibration, and process and instrumentation diagrams.
Instrument Calibration Series - 3 tape set covering principles of calibration, calibrating pressure and temperature instruments, and calibrating flow and level instruments.
Measurement & Control Package
Microprocessors and Digital Devices Series - 14 tapes that cover digital device fundamentals, Microprocessors, microcomputers, fiber optics, digital controllers, programmable logic controllers, programming PLCs, troubleshooting PLCs, introduction to distributed control, DCS maintenance, data communications, data communications maintenance, vibration measurement and practical vibration monitoring.
Fundamentals of Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control - The text provides a thorough exposition of electrical components -- both analog and digital -- pneumatics, actuators, and regulators and details their application to the industrial process.
Maintenance of Instruments & Systems - Learn maintenance and troubleshooting from the experts who have maintained both pneumatic and single-loop electrical/electronic devices as well as higher-level, microprocessor-based control systems. 


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