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Hydraulics, Pneumatics and 
Fluid Power Resources 

    The following is a complete alphabetical list of the hydraulics, pneumatics and fluid power resources available, including compressors, pumps, valves, lubrication and more.  These are sorted by format.  For more information, please click on the title in which you are interested.
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CD-ROMs and Software
Basic Hydraulics - Enhance your employees' knowledge base with the most sophisticated hydraulic training available to the industry.  Save thousands of dollars on classroom training and seminars.  Create a true learning experience with 10-16 hours of instruction with this self-paced, high retention, computer based training program.
Basic Pneumatics - Enhance your employees' knowledge base with the most sophisticated pneumatic training available to the industry.  This is the slickest presentation of basic pneumatics we've ever seen.
Centrifugal Pump Repair: Principles and Troubleshooting - This lesson introduces the components and operating principles of a typical centrifugal pump.  Normal operating conditions for the pump are described and guidelines for troubleshooting excessive leakage, excessive temperature, and loss of capacity/loss of head are provided.
Centrifugal Pump Repair: Disassembly, Inspection, and Reassembly - This lesson demonstrates how to disassemble, inspect, and reassemble a typical end-suction pump.  The locations and functions of pump components are described as well as procedures for measuring and inspecting pump parts, and the steps for checking impeller clearance.  General guidelines for installing a mechanical seal are also provided.
Gaskets and Bolted Flange Connections Interactive CD - Containing fluids (liquids and gases) is essential to both safe and efficient process operation. Leaky systems can be costly as well as dangerous. The US EPA has set down regulations aimed at limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in pumps, compressors, valves, and flanged equipment. This training shows you how to achieve a good flanged connection as well as the essentials of studs, bolts and nuts.
Hydraulics Maintenance of Injection Molding Machines - This "maintenance series" is designed to familiarize employees with the hydraulic and electrical controls found on an injection molding machine.
Industrial Hydraulic Power: Directional and Flow Controls - This CD-ROM covers types of directional control valves and flow control valves, their functions in a hydraulic system, and some of their applications.  This lesson shows four-way, three-position directional control valves and explains different ways they can be centered, actuated, piloted, and drained.  This lesson also covers different flow control valve designs and explains how pressure differential affects flow.
Industrial Hydraulic Power: Hydraulic Actuators - This CD-ROM discusses the designs, operating principles, and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors.  The lesson shows and explains pressure and flow requirements for hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motor performance.  Test procedures for checking internal leakage in a cylinder are also demonstrated. 
Industrial Hydraulic Power: Pressure Controls - This CD-ROM covers types of pressure control valves, their functions in hydraulic systems and some of their applications.  The lesson discusses the principles of hydraulic pressure control with specific applications of check valves, pressure relief valves, direct-acting valves, pilot operated valves, normally-open valves, unloading valves, counterbalance valves, sequence valves, and pressure reducing valves.
Industrial Hydraulic Power: Hydraulic Pumps, Pumping Principles, and Accumulators - This CD-ROM covers hydraulic pumps and accumulators.  The lesson shows and explains the functions of pumps in hydraulic systems and the operating principles of different types of pumps.  Common maintenance procedures performed on pumps, procedures for inspecting and monitoring pump efficiency, operating principles of different types of accumulators, and precharging accumulators are also covered.
Industrial Hydraulic Power: Hydraulic System Operation - This CD-ROM covers the components of hydraulic systems and explains how the components function together to operate a hydraulic system.  Interpretation of hydraulic schematics is also taught in this lesson.
Pneumatic Power: Air Treatment - This CD-ROM is designed to provide an overview of pneumatic systems and how pneumatic components relate to produce useful work output as well as explain how system components function and the conditions necessary for proper pneumatic system operation.
Pneumatics Technology - With years of product expertise, Parker has developed this CD-ROM.  It is the equivalent of countless text books, videos and classroom lectures on the subject of basic pneumatic components and systems technology.
P-SIM 5000 - This program will lead you through the very interesting subject of hydraulics from the very basics to the advanced.  Animated graphics will show you the operation of the many components that make up a hydraulic operating system.
Determining Hydraulic Cylinder Forces - This 15 minute video shows the mathematics involved in determining the forces on a cylinder load.
Dry Technology - This 5-tape training program offers a new "zero leakage" approach to fluid power systems.  You receive a throrough program that explains and illustrates the application of dry technology, the causes of leakage, and how to prevent it.
Hydraulic Equipment, Parts 1 & 2 - Two videos covering basic hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinder disassembly, shaft runout, cylinder reassembly, control valve disassembly, control valve inspection and reassembly, gear pump disassembly, parts inspection, gear pump reassembly, vane pump disassembly, inspection and reassembly.
Hydraulic Systems Video Set - This nine part set covers pressure controls, directional flow controls, fluids, filters, reservoirs, hydraulic pumps, pumping principles, accumulators, variable volume hydraulic pumps, actuators, hydraulic system troubleshooting and electrohydraulic servo systems.
Industrial Hydraulic Technology - This video-based program is designed to introduce students to hydraulics as it relates to industrial machinery.  The videos are based on a 330-page textbook which is included in the training package.
Industrial Pneumatic Technology Video Training Library - 4 tape set that includes videos on Air Preparation, Characteristics of Compressed Air, Introduction to Pneumatics Systems and Pneumatic Directional Control Valves.
Pneumatic Maintenance Series - This series of 8 modules (19 tapes) covers troubleshooting, adjustment, replacement, and repair of all pneumatic instruments and control systems components.
PTDA Power Transmission & Motion Control Series - Hydraulics & Pneumatics - This video shows hydraulic and pneumatic components in specific applications, with coverage of its various types and uses, maintenance and diagnostic tips, and standards available.
Training Aids
ANSI Pump Cutaway - This sectioned industrial centrifugal pump allows for convenient classroom training in the operation, construction and maintenance of this common piece of process equipment.
Valve Cutaways - These valve samples from Design Assistance Corporation allow for convenient classroom training in the operation, construction, and maintenance of common industrial valves.  Through carefully planned sectioning and color-coding, the complete internal configuration of the valves is exposed and showcased.  Ball, safety relief, globe, and 3-way valves are all available.
Compressor Performance - This book will be appreciated as a handy reference book by compressor design engineers and compressor maintenance engineers as well as engineering students.
Control Valves - This is the most complete and up-to-date reference book on control valves ever published by the ISA.  Ten years in the making, and over 700 pages in length, it incorporates the work of 21 individual authors that cover the broad spectrum of models, applications, and consequences of valve systems.
Fluid Flow Handbook -  skillfully blends theoretical review and engineering practicality.
Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers - emphasizes material and energy balances and maintains a practical orientation throughout.
Fluid Mechanics, Fourth Edition - the study of how fluids behave and interact under various forces and in various applied situations -whether in the liquid or gaseous state or both - is introduced and comprehensively covered in this widely adopted text.
Fluid Power Dynamics - A two-section book covering the basics of fluid power through hydraulic system components and troubleshooting. The second section covers pneumatics from basics through to troubleshooting.
Fluid Power Handbook - Volume 2 - This second of two volumes comprising Plant Engineering Magazine's Fluid Power Handbook presents the design and application aspects of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
Fluid Power Maintenance Basics and Troubleshooting - This unique, single-source reference is the first book of its kind to address systematically the problems involved in the field.  It offers comprehensive coverage of hydraulic system troubleshooting.
Fluid Power Troubleshooting - Reviewing basic fluid power principles, this updated 2nd Edition presents the practical methods for detecting, diagnosing, and correcting fluid power problems with a system detailing the design, maintenance, and troubleshooting of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems and components.
The Handbook of Fluid Dynamics - Provides professionals in the field of fluid dynamics with a comprehensive guide and resource.  The book balances three traditional areas of fluid mechanics - theoretical, computational, and experimental - and expounds on basic science and engineering techniques.
Handbook of Hydraulic Fluid Power Technology - This authoritative reference facilitates a broader understanding of the total hydraulic system, including hardware, fluid properties and testing, and hydraulic lubricants in a single volume.
Handbook of Hydraulics - Continuing its tradition of excellence developed over 6 previous editions, this seminal handbook provides a compact, easily accessible source of current data for solving problems in hydraulic engineering.
Hydraulics Dictionary of Terms - Never be snowed under by a fluid power term again. 
Hydraulics and Pneumatics - This book has been written by a process control engineer as a guide to the operation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems for all engineers and technicians who wish to have an insight into the components and operation of such a system.
Industrial Hydraulics Handbook and Training Manual - An excellent source of information for the classroom, workshop, or jobsite. The book describes fundamental hydraulic principles along with the construction and operating principles of many modern hydraulic components. The troubleshooting section provides possible solutions for most common hydraulic problems.
Lubrication for Industry - Written for maintenance managers and practitioners, this book provides a fundamental understanding of how and why effective lubrication practices are an essential aspect of industrial equipment maintenance.
Lubrication Fundamentals - Covers lubricating oils, lubricating greases, synthetic lubricants, machine elements, lubricant application, and much more.
Lubrication in Practice
National Plumbing Codes Handbook - This second edition is a thorough revision of the standard code book for the plumbing industry.  It is a complete, convenient, and easy-to-use reference for the three major plumbing codes in use today.
Pipefitter's Handbook - Compact and pocket-sized, this handy reference contains thousands of facts and figures relevant to pipefitters, steamfitters - anyone concerned with layout and installation of pipe.
Pipe Welding Procedures - Drawing on his extensive practical and teaching experience in the field, the author describes, in detail, the manipulating procedures used to weld pipe joints.
Piping Handbook - Completely rewritten, reorganized, and reformatted, this edition presents the most current and comprehensive information on pipe design practice, material application, and industry standards.
Plumber's Quick Reference Manual - Written by a master plumber and instructor, this on-the-job reference delivers fast, reliable answers to almost any question that's likely to arise in the field.
Pocket Guide for Flanges, Fittings & Piping Data - This handy little reference is packed with pictures, definitions, and descriptions of ANSI and API piping materials, such as flanges, fittings, bolts, gaskets, and required wrench sizes.
Reciprocating Compressors - Many reciprocating compressors in air and process gas services experience repeat failures.  This text shows the reasons and teaches the reliability professional how to avoid future distress.
Testing Fluid Power Components - This is a complete reference guide and detailed technical source for testing fluid power components, applying instrumentation, and understanding accuracy problems.
Valve Handbook - A valuable on-the-job reference for process and instrumentation engineers as well as maintenance technicians, this comprehensive handbook covers every aspect of valve design, performance, and selection.
Valve Primer - Written for engineers, operators, and maintenance technicians in the power generation, oil, chemical, paper and other processing facilities.  This book provides the basic knowledge of valve types and designs, materials used to make valves, where various designs should and should not be used, factors to consider in specifying a valve for a specific application, how to calculate flow through valves, and valve maintenance and repair.
Instructor-led Training
Troubleshooting Industrial Hydraulic Equipment Instructor-led Training - We have partnered with Learn Maintenance Inc to provide High-quality, instructor led on site hands-on-training that will teach technicians to maintain and troubleshoot industrial hydraulic equipment. Click on the link to learn more.


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