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Heavy Equipment 

    The following is a complete alphabetical list of the heavy equipment products available, including hand signals, check lists crane safety and more.  These are sorted by format.  For more information, please click on the title in which you are interested.
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Job Aids

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Self Study

CD-ROMs and Software
Wheel Loader Operating Techniques/Wheel Loader Walk Around and Introduction - This CD-ROM contains the contents of both videos in one computer controlled interactive program.
Wheel Loader Instructor Kit - Complete instructor "tool kit" for teaching basics of wheel loader operation or for refresher training of experienced operators. The kit includes and Instructor's Packet, 2 Wheel Loader training videos (inspection & operating techniques), a comprehensive training presentation on CD-ROM and a complete set of learner material.
Coal and Ash Handling Equipment, Part 1 - Provides in-depth training on conveyor belts, metal fasteners, and splicing of conveyor belts used in coal and ash handling equipment.
Coal and Ash Handling Equipment, Part 2 - Covers pulverizer exhausters, control valves, air piston operators, and water jet exhausters as they relate to coal and ash handling equipment.
Diesel Engines, Part 1 - Covers engine operation; two-stroke and four-stroke engines cycles; the air intake system; the fuel system, the exhaust system, the lubricating oil system and the cooling system.
Diesel Engines, Part 2 - Part 2 covers checking the oil level; changing a cartridge type oil filter; changing the oil; maintaining an oil filter housing; replacing an oil filter and adding oil; replacing a dry element air cleaner; maintaining an oil bath air cleaner.
Diesel Engines, Part 3 - Part 3 covers draining a fuel tank; removing and reinstalling a fuel filter; checking the coolant; locating a leak in the cooling system; engine timing; checking exhaust valve timing, and checking injector timing.
Hand Signal Communication (Mobile Crane) - Hand signals, properly given, save lives and money.  This video is an ideal way to support training programs, safety meetings, or as a general refresher course for people working around mobile cranes of all types and sizes.
Overhead Crane Safety - Since more overhead cranes are designed to travel the full length and width of building and make lifts from any point in that building, accidents can occur anytime anywhere. this video used a "hands-on" approach to teach practical safety instruction.
Pre-operational Inspection for Hydraulic Cranes - Many accidents caused by mechanical equipment failure could be avoided by doing a good pre-operation inspection. This video brings the workplace to the classroom with an east-to-understand, step-by-step inspection procedure on video. 
Pre-operational Inspection for Lattice Boom Cranes - Crane safety may be jeopardized if pre-operational inspection is not carried out in accordance with prevailing regulations and standards, as well as with manufacturers own requirements. This video will show your employees how to perform this critical inspection.
Rigging & Lifting with Small Hydraulic Cranes - Explains the various types of rigs such as basket hitches or choker hitches. Time is spent helping the viewer understand hitch angles and their effect on sling, chain, or wire rope ratings. Inspection of slings and sling hardware with effective visual examples.
Rigging & Lifting with Mobile Construction Equipment - Filled with practical advice and real-world cautions on how to do on-site lifting jobs safely. An excavator or wheel loader on backhoe is not a crane. You owe it to yourself, and the people  working in the area, to watch this video before the work begins.
Setup for Safety - Over fifty percent of all crane accidents can be traced to improper setup. "Setup for Safety" explains and demonstrates the critical points of safety operation.
Wheel Loader Operating Techniques - Because wheel loaders operate in so many different applications it is nearly impossible for operators to have experience in all of them. This video brings together real-world lessons learned in many types of operating situations.
Wheel Loader Walk Around and Introduction - This video will remind experienced operators and train new operators on the importance of the daily walk around inspection, and what they really need to be looking for.
Working Cranes Near Power Lines - Electrocution from contact with energized power lines is a major cause of death or serious injury to crane operators and ground crews.
Job Aids
Inspection Checklists - Helps identify problems early. Checklists cost less than a ½ hour of service / maintenance labor.
Self Study
Hydraulic Fundamentals for Mobile Construction Equipment - Five self-study modules allow students to select the specific topic most critical to them. 
Electrical System Fundamentals for Mobile Construction Equipment - Five self-study modules allow students to select the specific topic most critical to them. 
Construction Codes and Inspection Handbook - This resource simplifies quality assurance, code compliance, and inspection for commercial and industrial construction.
Construction Databook Your quick-reference guide to details and procedures for keeping any construction project on track. Stay on top of construction details and
procedures with the help of this desk-top data handbook.
Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods - The Seventh Edition of Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods, follows in the footsteps of the previous editions by providing the reader with the fundamentals of machine utilization and production estimating in a logical, simple, and concise format.
Construction Safety Engineering Principles: Designing & Managing Safer Job Sites - The book explains how to look beyond the utility of machinery and equipment to how they will actually be used on a construction site and thereby spot potential hazards in advance.
Cranes and Derricks - Everything you need to know about using cranes and derricks.
Handbook of Rigging - This popular, hands-on reference brings you completely up to date on equipment, materials, systems, and regulations that affect your profession.

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