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Compressor Resources 
    The following is a complete alphabetical list of the products available related to compressors.  These are sorted by format.  For more information, please click on the item in which you are interested.
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CD-ROMs and Software
Air Compressor Repair: Reciprocating Compressors - Principles and Troubleshooting - This lesson explains the normal operating conditions for a reciprocating air compressor.  The lesson also focuses on how to troubleshoot typical compressor problems such as knocking, failure to unload, and excessive discharge temperature.
Air Compressor Repair: Reciprocating Compressors - Disassembly, Inspection and Repair - This lesson demonstrates how to disassemble, inspect, and repair various components of a reciprocating compressor.  Included in this lesson are the maintenance procedures for discharge valves, suction valves, unloaders, and cylinders and pistons.  Additionally, the lesson covers disassembly, inspection, and repair as well as the reinstallation of the components.
Diagnosing and Preventing Hermetic Compressor Failures  - This interactive program develops skills which enable technicians to troubleshoot problems with welded hermetic compressors. It describes the two types of compressors covered in this program including how they operate and the normal and abnormal sounds they make. 
Refrigeration Basics - This course discusses the theory of refrigeration, description and uses of refrigerants and major components of a system including functions and applications. Further navigation will lead to explanations on troubleshooting electrical problems, and diagnosing and solving problems arising with most refrigeration systems. 
Air Compressors and Blowers, Part 1 - Covers reciprocating air compressor discharge valve removal and disassembly; seat cleaning, inspection, and lapping; guard cleaning, inspection and maintenance; reinstallation; suction valve unloader removal and disassembly; unloader testing; and installation. 
Air Compressors and Blowers, Part 2 - Part two covers reciprocating air compressor disassembly; piston and piston rod removal; measurements; ring installation; piston-to-cylinder head clearance adjustment.
Air Compressors and Blowers, Part 3 - Third in series covers rotary blower disassembly; removing the timing gears; removing head plate and shafts; removing the bearings; installing the bearings and the seal; installing the timing gears; and adjusting the timing and reassembly.
Centrifugal Air Compressors, Part 1 - Covers air compression, centrifugal air compressors, air intake filters, filter maintenance, lubrication system maintenance and troubleshooting.
Centrifugal Air Compressors, Part 2 - Part two covers gear box design; inlet disassembly; horizontally-split compressor disassembly; vertically-split compressor disassembly; checking bearing clearance, and gears and impeller clearance.
Centrifugal Air Compressors, Part 3 - Part three covers intercoolers and aftercoolers; separators, receivers, and dryers; coupling alignment; vibration analysis; troubleshooting high air temperature; and common compressor problems.
Compressor Rotor Repair, Reassembly and Verification - Based on Heinz Bloch's leading book - Major Component Equipment and Repair, this 50 minute video shows you what is covered in Chapter 10 of the book on compressor rotor repair, reassembly and verification.
Pump and Compressor Maintenance Video Set - This thirteen part series covers centrifugal pumps, air compressors and blowers, centrifugal air compressors, and packing and seals.
Reciprocating Air Compressors - Students will learn the principles of compressor operation, capacity control modes, preoperational checks, start-up, periodic checks, and manual unloading and shutdown procedures.
Troubleshooting Reciprocating Air Compressors - Primary topics covered on this video are failure to unload; knocking; and increased discharge temperature.
Compressed Air Operations Manual - Using this book, the users learn tips and techniques for: creating a baseline of system performance, determining the impact of different compressors and compressor control types for the job at hand, and learning basic approaches to general maintenance.
Compressors - Energy Saving in Compressed Air - This book is the most complete source of information on the equipment used in a compressed air system. It is a unique combination of previously published articles that illustrate exactly where to find savings and improvements in your air system. It also includes equipment comparisons and all the technical data required to manage an air system.
Compressor Performance - This book will be appreciated as a handy reference book by compressor design engineers and compressor maintenance engineers as well as engineering students.
Reciprocating Compressors - Many reciprocating compressors in air and process gas services experience repeat failures.  This text shows the reasons and teaches the reliability professional how to avoid future distress.
The Compressor Handbook - The benchmark guide for compressor technology pros. You don't have to scour piles of technical literature for compressor answers any longer.


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