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Computerized Maintenance Management Systems - This extensively revised 2nd edition of Terry Wireman's landmark Introduction to CMMS has been written to assist anyone investigating the possibility of using a computer in the maintenance function.
Computer-Managed Maintenance Systems in Process Plants - The key to maximizing your CMMS investment is to follow the rights steps.  This book covers determining the need and selling the program, definition of a CMMS, CMMS justification, CMMS vendor selection, project implementation, integrating a CMMS with other systems, CMMS and client server, why a CMMS fails, and how to assure success.
Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance - This book presents a unique, detailed, and much-needed "road map" on how to measure and then improve one of the most important functions in today's modern organization: equipment and asset maintenance management.
Engineering Maintainability - To create a well-built product, engineers and designers must focus on maintainability. The goal is design for reliable and cost-effective operation and straightforward maintenance. 
Engineering Maintenance Management - Covering the fundamental theories, principles, and proven techniques of successful quality engineering maintenance management programs, this reference furnishes all levels of engineering management with the material necessary to provide cost-effective maintenance.
Handbook of Maintenance Management - The field of maintenance is hard to approach because the language is strange.  This book introduces the fundamentals of maintenance and will allow the outsider to understand the jargon  The book offers a complete survey of the field, an introduction to maintenance, a review of maintenance management, a manual for cost reduction, a primer for the stockroom, and a training regimen for new supervisors, managers, and planners.
Handbook of Turbomachinery - This up-to-date, single-source reference provides easy access to the latest information on the analysis, design, operation, and testing of turbomachinery - detailing the performance of gas, hydraulic, and steam turbines.
Lubrication for Industry - Written for maintenance managers and practitioners, this book provides a fundamental understanding of how and why effective lubrication practices are an essential aspect of industrial equipment maintenance.
Machinery Vibration: Measurement & Analysis - Ninety percent of all machine failures are signaled months, even years, in advance by changes in machine vibrations.  Some future failures are even predictable upon initial start-up.  By understanding a machine's vibration "signature," you can diagnose, solve, and prevent problems, as well as reduce the cost of maintenance.
Maintenance Fundamentals - Includes modules that provide the practical knowledge required to effectively select, install, maintain, and troubleshoot critical plant machinery, equipment, and systems.
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook - With Doc Palmer's maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook by your side, you can start to build a superior maintenance program right now - a program that helps you leverage the labor and equipment assets of your company for stellar plant productivity and profitability!
Maintenance Strategy - This book explains the various organization structures that are needed, the information systems with which those structures will need to be resourced, and the steps that will have to be taken in order to bring those structures and systems into being.
Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Manufacturing Excellence - This book clearly describes how you can turn common sense into common practice to acheive superior manufacturing performance and low-cost production.
Mechanical Wear Prediction and Prevention - Providing an overview of tribological phenomena, this comprehensive reference details a practical methodology to determine the design parameters and materials necessary to obtain desired wear performances - stressing the idea of mechanical wear as a system property, and not merely a material property, throughout.
Oil Mist Lubrication: Practical Applications - This comprehensive guide book provides plant managers and maintenance engineers with a ready resource to understand the design parameters, application and economics of this important lubrication technology.
Piping Handbook - Presents the most current and comprehensive information on pipe design practice, material application, and industry standards. 
Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities - This text was written to provide those who must select and apply lubricants with a comprehensive resource on what products are available, what factors matter most in a lubricant, which lubricants are most effective for specific applications, and how to distinguish mere sales talk from relevant facts. 
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Improving Machinery Reliability -This totally revised edition provides proven techniques and procedures that extend machinery life, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve optimum machinery reliability. 
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Machinery Failure Analysis & Troubleshooting - A revised and updated guide that shows plant engineers and supervisors how to systematically analyze and troubleshoot machinery component distress with field-proven techniques.  It covers gears, rolling-element bearings, sliding bearings, bolting, couplings, mechanical seals, pumps, compressors, electric motors, steam turbines and more.
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Machinery Components maintenance & Repair - This revised edition of Volume 3 is a guide for process engineers concerned with machinery and component installation, maintenance and repair.
Reliability Centered Maintenance - This book provides an authoritative and practical explanation of what RCM is and how it can be applied.  It is of vital importance to anyone concerned with productivity, quality, safety and environmental integrity.
Reliability, Maintainability and Risk - Deals with all aspects of reliability, maintainability and safety-related failures in a simple a straightforward style, explaining technical terms and jargon and pre-supposing no prior knowledge of the subject.
Root Cause Failure Analysis - Provides a survey of root cause failure analysis techniques, objectives, tools, and suggestions for implementation. Includes a Technical Failure Analysis Checklist and a discussion and logic diagram.
Root Cause Analysis: Improving Performance for Bottom Line Results - The authors show you how to identify, resolve, and eliminate the chronic issues that hinder the attainment of organizational goals.  RCA is a structured process that uncovers the physical, human, and latent causes of any undesirable event in the workplace.
Total Plant Performance Management - TPPM is an unparalled continuous improvement program that integrates all plant functions into a single, focused effort.  The fundamental premise is that all corporate functions, from the boardroom to the shipping department, must share a common vision and effectively work together.
TPM for America: What It Is and Why You Need It - This books gives a convincing account of why American companies must adopt TPM if they are to successfully compete in world markets.  Includes examples from leading American companies showing how TPM has changed them into more efficient and productive organizations.
TPM for Workshop Leaders - Support your equipment operators in the care of their equipment.  A top TPM consultant describes the problems TPM group leaders are likely to experience and the improvements in quality and vast cost savings you can expect to achieve.
TPM in Process Industries - In this book, top consultants document approaches to implementing TPM in process industries.  Any manager facing low operator / machine ratios, managing large equipment, or coordinating extensive improvement activities will want to read this book.
Turnaround Management - This book will show the maintenance manager or project leader how to get the job done right.  This will include ensuring that lost production value is balanced against intensive maintenance costs, as well as numerous other factors that might not be obvious to the first-time shutdown manager.
Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management - Outlines a blueprint for a world class maintenance program by examining, piece by piece, its essential elements - leadership, control, continuous improvement, and quantum leaps.
Vibration Fundamentals - In a single useful volume, Vibration Fundamentals explains the basic theory, applications, and benefits of vibration analysis, which is the dominant predictive maintenance technique used with maintenance management programs.


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