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Bearing Resources 
     The following is a complete alphabetical list of the bearings products available sorted by format.  For more information, please click on the product in which you are interested.
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CD-ROMs and Software
Bearing Expert - This software is an essential tool if you're involved in vibration analysis.  The database includes base bearing frequencies for over 200,000 bearings, as well as cross reference data for over 1 million bearings in all, making it quick and easy to find a suitable bearing replacement.
Bearing Installation, Maintenance & Lubrication - This training DVD covers the proper installation, maintenance and lubrication techniques that lead to the longest possible bearing service life.
Bearings - Reducing Failure Rate: Failure Analysis - This CD-ROM explains the purpose of bearings and demonstrates how bearings reduce friction and maintain the alignment of operating equipment.  The basic operation of anti-friction bearings and plain journal bearings is demonstrated, as well as the importance of full fluid film lubrication and proper lubrication clearance.  Additionally, indications of various premature bearing failures are discussed.
Bearings - Reducing Bearing Failure Rate: Maintaining Bearings - This lesson explains and demonstrates how to clean and disassemble bearing housings and how to dismount, inspect, and mount common types of bearings. The importance of cleanliness and following manufacturers' instructions are stressed throughout each demonstrated procedure.
Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide on CD-ROM - If premature bearing failures are a problem, then this CD-ROM might be just what you're looking for.  Over 80 different bearing failures are pictured, with accompanying causes and solutions to prevent the same failure from occurring again.  Also included is an extensive Bearings Reference Guide on the same CD-ROM.
Rotating Equipment: Techniques for Extending Bearing Life - This comprehensive Activ® interactive multimedia training program consists of seven lessons that train participants to use predictive maintenance as a tool for prolonging equipment life and preventing major problems.  This lesson presents guidelines for maximizing the operational life of bearings for rotating equipment.  The lesson emphasizes the proper handling, storage, installation, and maintenance of bearings.
International Bearings Interchange - When was the last time you could find the part you needed in just a few seconds?  If finding alternative parts is something you find yourself doing regularly then this CD-ROM is a tool your maintenance storeroom should have.  It lets you quickly locate a suitable replacement from other manufacturers that can help you get your equipment back up and running more quickly.  Interchanges are also available on seals, mounted units, filters, and drive belts.
Prefix/Suffix Interchange Guides - This CD-ROM helps you figure out those tricky bearing part number prefixes and suffixes.
Tools/Training Hardware
Bearing Maintenance Trainer - This realistic, heavy-duty device from Design Assistance Corporation allows for convenient and consistent training in the identification, installation, and removal of a variety of industrial quality rolling element bearings.  Available in a basic or extended unit.
Ultra-Lube 2001 - The Ultra-Lube 2001 allows you to hear the voice of the bearing as it is being lubricated.  It easily attaches to a grease gun, turning it into a sensitive listening device.
Anti-Friction Bearings - Step-by-step instruction on disassembly, cleaning, inspection, replacement, and reassembly of anti-friction bearings.
Bearings and Lubrication - Provides an introduction to bearings; disassembling and inspecting a plain journal bearing; checking the oil clearance of a plain journal bearing using a micrometer and a telescoping gauge; performing a bearing contact check; checking the oil clearance of a plain journal bearing using lead wire; and assembling a plain journal bearing.
Installation & Maintenance of Mounted Bearings - Just one a series of "how to" videos that demonstrates proper installation and maintenance techniques for a range of bearing and power transmission products.  This video on Mounted Bearings comes with a student workbook.
Installation & Maintenance Unmounted Bearings - Another in the series of "how to" videotapes from IBT.  This program demonstrates the proper installation and maintenance techniques for un-mounted bearings and includes a student workbook.
Ball Bearing Maintenance and Replacement - Based on Heinz Bloch's leading book - Major Component Equipment and Repair, this 37 minute video shows you what is covered in Chapter 6 of the book on Ball Bearing Maintenance and Replacement.
PTDA Power Transmission and Motion Control Series - Bearings - Developed as a companion to the popular Power Transmission Handbook, this video is just one of a series of 14 on power transmission and motion control.
Techniques for Extending Bearing Life - Covers handling and storage, proper bearing installation, and maintenance of bearings.
Thrust Bearings - Provides an introduction to thrust bearings and shows how to proper disassembly, inspection, and reassembly of the tilting pad in a thrust bearing.
Advanced Concepts of Bearing Technology - Steps up the level to more dynamic and complex loading, more extreme operating conditions, and higher-speed applications.
Bearings Interchange Guide - Print version of the International Bearings Interchange described above.
Essential Concepts of Bearing Technology, 5th Edition - Introduces the fundamentals involved in the use, design, and performance of rolling bearings for more common applications. 
Prefix / Suffix Interchange Guide - Print version of the Prefix/Suffix Guide described above.
Rolling Bearings Handbook and Troubleshooter's Guide - No other handbook covers such a wide range of bearing types and seals, shafts and housing, materials and manufacture. 
Rolling Bearing Analysis, Fifth Edition - 2 Volume Set - For the last four decades, Tedric Harris' Rolling Bearing Analysis has been the "bible" for engineers involved in rolling bearing technology.
Instructor-led Training
Bearing Life Improvement - We have partnered with Learn Maintenance Inc to provide High-quality, instructor led on site hands-on-training to show how to extend the life of your bearings. Click on the link to learn more.


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