Fast take-offs improve productivity
Accuracy helps to ensure profitability... proper use provides error-free linear, area and volume take-offs
Versatility of multiscale capabilities... 
91 built-in scales and 8 "custom" scales cover all practical print and plan applications
PC interface capability means valuable entry time is reduced, keystrokes are minimized and transposition errors are eliminated
Measuring & Estimating Tools
Scale Master Pro XE
  Advanced Digital Plan Measure with Optional PC Interface for:

Contractors - Estimators - Engineers - Architects - Landscapers - Pipeline Builders - Excavators - Concrete Contractors - Plumbers - HVAC Contractors - Fencing Specialists - Telecommunications & Cable System Contractors - Pavers - Electrical Contractors - And Many More!

Scale Master Pro XE makes it easy for you to do linear area and volume take-offs with speed, accuracy and confidence. Whether you're responsible for estimating, bidding or planning, Scale Master Pro XE offers the ultimate in take-off capabilities.

Its optional PC interface kit makes it simple to input any value directly into spreadsheet estimating programs using DOS, Windows v3.0 or higher or Windows 95 for even greater time savings and convenience.

91 Built-in Scales

50 Imperial (feet-inch) units and 41 Metric, for maximum versatilitv in architectural, engineering and civil/map scaling.

Eight "Custom" Scales

Four each for Imperial and Metric units, lets you "roll" or define any scale, even from plans that have been reduced or enlarged or are unscaled. And, each can be permanently stored for later use.

Exclusive! Dedicated Length and Width Keys

Lets you roll, store and recall L, W (and H) values, and easily find rectangular areas and volumes, instantly.

Lock Switch

Locks in the mode and scale so you cannot inadvertently change them while rolling.

Auto Count Feature

Automatically "counts" how many times your pre-set distance has been rolled. Great for automatic stud counts, columns, fence posts, outlets, fixtures, or any other regularly spaced items.

E Count While Rolling

Push-button counter lets you count items as you roll (i.e., studs, piers, outlets, etc.).

Scale Master Pro XE - $99.95 each

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Constant (+K) Key

Allows you to add (or subtract) a constant value to the distance measured. Great for "drops" and add-ons.

Wide Range of
Dimensional Units

Use best-suited units to fit your work: Decimal feet, feet-inches, decimal inches, yards, miles, nautical miles, acres. Also millimeters, meters, kilometers, hectares most available in square and cubic formats.

Subtract Key

Deducting rolled lengths is now intuitive and easy.

Accumulating (M+) Memory

Allows you easy totaling of dimensions or counts - perfect for multi-page plans.

    PC Interface Capability with 
Optional Kit

With the optional PC Interface Kit, you can instantly send values directly from your Scale Master II into your favorite PC spreadsheet or any estimating program.

This compatibility feature will save you countless keystrokes and much time compared to manual input.

Plus, you'll reduce data transfer errors and speed up estimate/bid completion and accuracy.

Scale Master Pro XE Specifications

SIZE: 7.2" x 1.6" x 0.6" (182 mrn x 41 mm. x 15 mm)
WEIGHT: 2.4 oz. (68 gm) - including Vinyl Case
POWER: Two 3-volt Lithium (CR-2430) Batteries. Battery Life: Use 400+ hours; Storage 2+ years
DISPLAY: 7-digit LCD with Full Annunciators
WHEEL RESOLUTION: 0.025" (0.635 mm)
ENTRY SYSTEM: Bi-directional Rolling
ACCURACY: 10 Digits Internal Math Accuracy; 99.75 % Measuring Accuracy
DISPLAY CAPACITY: 7 Digit Main Display; 3 Digit Count Display
Protective Carrying Case (Except DigiRoller Plus and desktop calculators)
Long-Life Batteries
ONE YEAR WARRANTY: All Calculated Industries calculators and electronic tools are covered by a Full One-Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The full text of each warranty is published in the documentation accompanying each product and at

Calculated Industries reserves the right to make changes in the materials and specifications of products without notice.

Scale Master Pro XE - $99.95 each Add to Cart
Scale Master Pro XE  with PC Interface Kit - $149.95 each Add to Cart


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