Maintenance Series
The Maintenance Series is designed to familiarize employees with the hydraulic and electrical controls found on an injection molding machine.

At this time, the following courses on hydraulics are available.

New courses on machine care, preventative maintenance and electrical control will be available soon.

We'll keep you posted on new courses as they become available. 

     Since the injection molding process is an extension of the machines hydraulic system, hydraulics play a critical role in the injection molding process.
Participants will learn...
  • Hydraulic Principles
  • The Function Of Hydraulic Each Hydraulic Component
  • How To Read And Interpret A Hydraulic Diagram
  • How To Extend The Life Of Any Injection Molding Machine
  • Understand Each Hydraulic Component Found On The Machine
  • Hydraulic Oil Management
Understanding Hydraulics Part 1
  • Hydraulic theory
  • How hydraulics work on an injection molding machine
  • Identify the function and purpose of hydraulic components on an injection molding machine
  • Recognize hydraulic symbols and their meaning
  • Basic understanding of the hydraulic system of an injection molding machine
Understanding Hydraulics Part 2
  • Directional valves
  • Pressure valves
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Flow controls
Advanced Hydraulics
  • Pumps and motors
  • Variable displacement pumps and motors
  • Proportional valves
  • Servo valves
  • Hydraulic fluid management
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Programs available in both MPEG and IndeoTM digital video formats.
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