Basic Injection Molding Series
The Basics Series consists of the following three courses:
The Injection Molding Machine
  • Identifies and describes the functions of the various components of the injection molding machine
  • Provides a visual demonstration of the injection molding cycle
  • Explains the procedures involved in machine start-up and shutdown
  • Identifies the control parameters that are used to develop an optimum injection molding cycle
The Injection Molding Process
  • Describes the molding process and explains what happens to the plastic during processing
  • Identifies the modes of operation and the molding parameters involved in each mode
  • Describes procedures needed to develop optimum molding parameters
  • Identifies frequently encountered molding problems and troubleshooting methods used to eliminate them
Injection Molds
  • Identifies various mold components and their functions
  • Describes different cooling methods used to control mold temperature
  • Identifies different gate configurations and explains why they are used
  • Explains some basic machining techniques used in mold construction
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