Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians Series  
Here is a ten-part videotape series with workbook designed to teach electrical safety for non-electrical personnel.

Every year people are injured or killed by electricity.

Many times, occupations that seem to have little or no risk associated with electrical injures account for the majority of these injuries or fatalities.

OSHA has even identified occupations that now require annual training in electrical safety.

This series helps meet and document these training requirements.

$2895.00 (10 video series)  
Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians Series - $2895.00 each  Add to Cart
These videos can also be purchased separately as shown:  
Part 1: Introduction to Electrical Safety.This segment provides a general overview of electricity and how electrical shock injures and kills. It explains what voltage level is the leading cause of accidents and fatalities and discusses common misconceptions regarding certain types of electrical protective devices. 16:00. $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 2: Power Distribution Hazards. Part two discusses the safety hazards associated with power lines. It explains the various voltages involved and what to be aware of when working near energized lines and equipment. 16:00.
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Part 3: Hazards of Stored Power. This segment illustrates the hazards associated with stored power including induces voltages, static electricity, residual voltages, and devices that store them such as capacitors and batteries. $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 4: Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace. Part four describes the more common types of electrical hazards in the workplace and what to do about them to minimize the possibility of injury. 22:00. $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 5: Equipment Lockout and Tagout. No program on electrical safety would be complete without discussing proper lockout and tagout procedures. In this segment we explain, in broad terms, this very important procedure. 12:00. $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 6: Working Safely with Electrical Equipment. Common electrical tools and equipment can cause injury or death. In this segment we discuss the hazards associated with hand tools, extension cords, grounding systems, and electrically powered machines. 17:00. $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 7: Emergency Treatment of Electrical Injuries. This segment illustrates what to do when an electrical injury has occurred starting with accessing the scene to protect yourself through emergency first aid. 11:00. $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 8: The Most Common Electrical Accidents. Part eight describes the more common types of electrical accidents, how they are caused, and ways to minimize them. 18:00.$295.00  Add to Cart
Part 9: Current-Interrupting Equipment. This segment illustrates current-interrupting equipment including fuses, circuit breakers, and ground fault current interrupters. 13:00. $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 10: The Importance of Proper Grounding. Proper grounding of electrical equipment is extremely important. In this segment we illustrate what grounding does and discuss ways to insure that the equipment you use is properly grounded. 11:00. $295.00  Add to Cart
Facilitator's Guide. Included with each series purchase is a facilitator's guide. This guide includes training guidelines for the facilitator, program objectives, pre-test, unit test, and post-test questions. Unlimited duplication of the guide is granted to program purchasers. Additional guides: $49.95  Add to Cart

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