Why listen to this tape and read the text (what will I learn?):
  • How to predict, control and reduce maintenance expenditures.
  • How to keep good tenants and avoid getting ripped off by bad ones.
  • How to set-up a property notebook, with everything included
  • How to improve safety and security.
  • How to use computers in small management situations.
  • How to eliminate disruptive maintenance problems.
  • Nine reasons for having a work order, three examples, full instructions
  • Successful contracting; choose them, track them and build a team
  • How to improve the value of your property with good maintenance records.

  • How to set up a tenant handbook, sample included
    Maintenance Management for Small Rental Buildings
    2 audio tapes and 100 page textbook
    Who would benefit from this program?
         This course is designed for maintenance managers, supervisors and landlords of smaller buildings. The emphasis is on controlling maintenance where there are few resources. The types of buildings would include Garden apartments, scattered site housing, small commercial strips, and small office buildings. It is also directed toward the landlord or owner of such structures.
    Why manage maintenance: Concrete ways good maintenance increases cash flow, safety, reduces cost, preserves the physical asset, improves tenant relations and helps you beat the competition. Questionnaire shows how good you are at managing maintenance and where you need work. 
    Organize your maintenance effort: How to execute the three essential steps to control: create property notebooks, complete surveys, log information. Control maintenance effort through the exclusive clip board control system. 
    Preventive Maintenance: How to reduce the number of breakdowns and surprises. Examples or task lists are included. How to equip your PM person. Ten ideas to make PM effective. 
    Get the work done: When to call the contractor. What to discuss and what to put in writing. How to avoid claims. 
    50 Ideas to save money: Ideas from the field that you can use now.
    Maintenance Management for Small Rental Buildings Audio Tapes 
    and Textbook - $129.00 each

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