Why listen to this tape and read the text (what will I learn?):
Cut up to 50% of your breakdowns with one little known fact

How to develop, install and fine-tune your maintenance system.

How to run a world class maintenance department.

How to permanently reduce downtime.

Slash maintenance inventory with this analysis technique.

Learn the ratio that makes it easier to cut annual purchases.

The latest information on maintenance management will insure that you do not fall behind.

Provide excellent customer service, how to organize your department to respond quickly, accurately and professionally.

Manage the maintenance department with benchmarks.

How to calculate real breakdown costs.

How to shop for and purchase the right computer maintenance package.

Use the systems that you have now to their fullest extent.

How and when to apply the Preto principle to identify trouble spots.

Where to find inexpensive materials for craft training.

Who would benefit most from training.

How to cut downtime with an effective PM task list.

How to optimize the tasks.

Making predictive maintenance pay off.

Build a stronger team by sharing a language and a model for good maintenance practice.

Checklist to install a PM system

How to improve productivity by identifying the impediments to production.

Work standards- where to find, how to use, when to use.

Maintenance Management
6 audio tapes and 324 page textbook
Who would benefit from this program?
     This course is designed for those managers, supervisors and support staff charged with the responsibility for establishing and maintaining an efficient maintenance program for asset preservation that lowers costs and increases the level of maintenance service to the user. The course covers all types of stationary, production, and mobile assets.
See the big picture.
     The specific strategies for improvement. Begin with the needs of your customer, the maintenance user. To establish the big picture we use the copyrighted Maintenance Fitness Questionnaire. The questionnaire asks critical questions about your maintenance department. The 100 questions covers the breadth of maintenance and enables participants to really see their own operations, possibly for the first time.
Investigating the maintenance resources.
     What are the departments' real resources? Investigation of the hidden resources that can increase capabilities without adding costs. Worksheets show you your true resources and can increase productivity.
Enhancing PM Power
     How to make the whole department PM oriented. Proven step by step strategies for selling PM to upper management. How to insure the availability of critical equipment. What Planned Component Replacement (PCR) is, and how it works. How to conduct an economic analysis of the PM alternatives.
Labor Management 
     Examine time standards for maintenance. Comparisons of examples of standards systems. Special considerations of maintenance and PM in a 24 hour 7 day operation. How to develop PM task lists, conduct the tasks and calculate the starting frequencies.
Collecting Important Maintenance Information
     Why information collection is critical for any maintenance department. What specific information should be collected. How to use specific information directly to manage. Examples of information.
Reducing Inventory
     Inventory techniques that support the goals of cost reduction, low downtime and low inventory. How to reduce your inventory (even further) to meet cutback mandates. Setting up strategic partnerships with vendors through consignment stock, JIT delivery and engineering support.
Computerizing Maintenance
     What you need to know about design, installation and implementation of a computer system. The pitfalls to avoid. What different vendors offer. This section features an open question and answer session to discuss problems.
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