What you will learn from this course:
How to quickly and permanently reduce downtime. 

Increase production by reducing the 6 causes of production loss.

Work more effectively with accounting, purchasing, and stores.

Get the latest information about the field to prevent yourself from falling behind.

How to run maintenance to respond to TQM, JIT.

Calculate real breakdown costs and consequences.

Apply 80/20 rule to identify trouble spots.

Checklist to install a CMMS and PM system.

How to plan jobs to reduce overall completion time, elapsed time and reduce overall costs.

How to improve the effectiveness of your PM system or CMMS and identify areas for savings.

Important information on new predictive maintenance technology with guidelines for choosing.

Learn techniques to justify every dollar spent in maintenance.
Managing Factory Maintenance
Complete Self Study Course  - Textbook - Audio Tapes - Casebook - Audiodex
Who would benefit?
     This course is for people involved with factory and process industry maintenance. People new to management or new to maintenance as well as management veterans will get useful insights into improving the delivery of maintenance and lowering its costs. Typical readers would include maintenance managers, supervisors, plant managers, plant engineers, planners, data processing professionals concerned with CMMS, accounting people, people moving into management, parts buyers, and finally people interested in learning about maintenance. 
Course Agenda 
World Class Maintenance Management- 20 steps to world class maintenance.. How the best maintenance departments are managing maintenance. 
Evaluate your maintenance department- 100 questions to audit your operation. 
Communication and delegation- simple techniques to improve delegation and communication 
Zero-base maintenance budgeting- Budgeting based on the real demand created by your assets and processes gives you great power to state your case and justify crew size. 
Maintenance Information Flow- The work order is the key to information flow. What is needed, who needs to know, what data to collect, why. 
Managing PM- This powerful tool to control breakdowns is frequently misunderstood and misused. Learn what PM is, what it can do, how to use it to best advantage.
Predictive Maintenance, managing condition-based maintenance technology- The use of technology gives you real time information about the condition of your equipment. What is available & how to integrate it into your systems. 
TPM- total productive maintenance- Missing basic maintenance is responsible for 75% of breakdowns. Enroll your operators in performing these tasks. How could TPM help you, what it is and how to use it.
Where does maintenance fit in- Maintenance is misunderstood because we don?t know how to communicate our contribution to the success of the enterprise in the terms and language of the other departments.
How to manage maintenance with a CMMS- The issue is no longer whether or not to computerize but rather how to use the computer to effectively manage the maintenance effort. 
Managing maintenance through planning, scheduling and project management techniques- A simple checklist can increase your shop floor productivity by 10-15%. 
Maintenance quality improvement- Maintenance has a long tradition of quality that spans back to the middle ages. We must update our thinking to reflect modern quality ideas. 
Time management in the maintenance pressure cooker- The core issue in some plants is a lack of time to improve. These specific time management techniques can free up your day and allow time to improve. 
Supervisor evaluation clinic- The supervisor and manager are highly leveraged people. If they can learn ways of being more productive then their entire work group can be improved.


Managing Factory Maintenance Complete Self Study Course - 
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