Why listen to this tape and read the text (what will I learn?):
  • Learn how successful supervisors actually motivated maintenance workers in organizations throughout North America.
  • Advanced time management: Includes setting priorities, self-discipline techniques, 20 time savers, additional resources for improvements.
  • How to increase the bang for your training dollar by determining who in your work group would benefit the most from training.
  • How to set-up real craft training. Learn the forms and where to get the training materials.
  • How to work efficiently from a clean desk and a master to do list.
  • Evaluate and improve your face-to-face communication skills.
  • Resources to be a better maintenance supervisor through self development. 
  • Specific techniques how to take any seminar and get the greatest return on investment.
  • Learn the seven daily habits of successful supervisors 
  • How to tame the 20 time killers that rob time from most supervisors.
  • Improve the delivery of maintenance service to your own users.
  • Significant opportunities for team building while increasing the understanding of maintenance issues.
  • How to run meetings.

  • How to get cooperation from the work group and top management.
    Advanced Topics for Maintenance Supervisors & Managers
    2 audio tapes and 100 page textbook
    Who would benefit from this program?
         This course is designed to compliment the popular Supervisor course #1. It covers some of the same topics in greater depth (morale, time management), continues the discussion on important topics (communications) and introduces some new topics (quality, analysis of CMMS reports).
    STM: Supervisor time management, How to Supercharge your time
         Productivity improvement through STM features more advanced specific time management techniques designed for maintenance supervisors. Includes the seven daily habits of highly successful supervisors, personal planning, improved productivity, resources for additional focus. 
    Learn from successful maintenance supervisors how to motivate your work group
         Current ideas on motivation, introduction of strategies of successful motivation techniques compiled from actual maintenance crews, Answer the important question, how can a maintenance supervisor motivate the work group?
    Everything you need to know about craft training
         Teaching and coaching, Issue: how to run a 90's factory with 70's skills, preparation worksheets, checklists, techniques, sources of materials, how to get the most from people through training. Measuring effectiveness of training.
    Craft training exercise, actually set-up a craft training
         Workshop in teaching and coaching, students will use worksheets and checklists to design a real skills training exercise. Students can use the materials they prepare in this exercise when they get back to their facility 
    Communication workshop
         Workshop in communications, improve your ability to get your point across, be understood by maintenance workers, how are you as a communicator? Exercise in improving your communication skills. 
    Putting it all together
         Putting all the information together and develop a plan for success. Improve your maintenance I.Q. through selected readings and resources. Increase your value to your department.
    Advanced Topics for Maintenance Supervisors & 
    Managers Audio Tapes and Textbook - $129.00 each

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