You will learn:

How to set priorities for transformation of the maintenance effort.

Ways to motivate maintenance staff and build a more effective team.

The tape itself can be effective in teaching the importance of maintenance to top management and users.

How to start a dialog about how maintenance should work in an ultra-
competitive field.

Help you keep up with the newest trends in maintenance management.

The tape can help you take advantage of some driving or other down time to learn more about your field of maintenance management. 

How to apply benchmarks to maintenance efforts.

The importance and application of statistics to maintenance.

20 Steps to World Class Maintenance
Available in audio tape or CD

20 Steps to World Class Maintenance Audio Tape - $24.00

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Who would benefit?
20 Steps to World Class Maintenance traces the road from reactive to proactive maintenance strategy. It is designed for maintenance managers, supervisors and support staff.

Organizations frequently use this tape to introduce maintenance concepts to top management, production, purchasing, accounting and stores.

World class maintenance departments are so good at maintenance that they contribute to the effectiveness of the overall organization.
Side 1: Why human nature works against good maintenance practices. Maintenance supports the productive output of the organization.

Control of maintenance more effectively supports the customer, limits catastrophes and cuts costs.

The first step to world class maintenance is when top management realizes the importance of maintenance to the overall goals of the organization.

Other steps covered on this side are mission statement in maintenance, constancy of purpose, patience, customer focus, pro-activity, root cause analysis 

Side 2: Team concept, fading of inter-departmental barriers, bring the maintenance user into the department, cross training, continual retraining, people rather then technology, people before economic results, run experiments, statistical tools, self motivated crew.
$24.00 Audio Tape or $35.00 CD-ROM

20 Steps to World Class Maintenance Audio Tape - $24.00

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20 Steps to World Class Maintenance CD Version - $35.00

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