Maintenance Storerooms Interactive CD
by New Standard Institute

Maintenance Storerooms

Maintenance Storerooms Interactive CD - $309.95

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 The Maintenance Storerooms computer based training (CBT) is taken from New Standard Institute's two-day seminar for Storeroom and Parts Managers and provides a comprehensive approach to the mechanics and mathematics of a well-run storeroom. CBT has full narrated text.

Program also includes the Reorder Point Calculator.


Materials Management
  • Quality, Quantity, Price, and Time
  • The Storeroom Balancing Act
  • Reducing Inventory Dollar Value
  • Increasing Storeroom Service Level
  • Handling Obsolescence
The Physical Layout
  • Optimal Storeroom Dimensions
  • Dealing with a Small Storage Space
  • Determining Storage, Lighting, and Security Requirements
  • Shelving, Modular Drawer and other Storage Options
  • New Tools for Developing the Floor Plan
  • Solving Special Storage Challenges
  • OSHA Requirements for Material Storage
Identifying Stock Items
  • Stock Identification Systems
  • Hierarchical Systems vs. Unique Stock Numbers
  • Qualifying Word List Examples
  • Describing Items for Cataloging and Repurchase
  • Stock Locator Systems
Storeroom Catalogs
  • Building a Usable Catalog
  • Computer Searches vs. Printed Catalogs
  • Listing Order and Indexes
  • Employing Graphics and Exploded Views
  • Avoiding Common Cataloging Mistakes
Storeroom Controls
  • The Perpetual Inventory System
  • Streamlining Issues, Receipts, and Returns
  • Optional Annuals and Cycle Counts
  • The Question of Security
  • Controlling Additions and Deletions
Storeroom Economics
  • Storeroom Operating Costs
  • The Cost of Purchasing and the Cost of Holding
  • Inventory Cycles and Usage Rates
  • Determining Reorder Points and Safety Stock Requirements
  • Lead-times and Streamlining the Purchasing Cycle
  • Establishing Proper Order Quantities
  • Reducing Inventory Value through Consignment and Delivery Contracts
  • ABC and XYZ Analysis, Stock Turnover Rates, and Other Management Indices
  • Checks on Supplier Performance
  • Search Engines and Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Bar Coding Systems - Hardware, Software, and Formats
  • Electronic Commerce - EDI, Faxes, E-mail, the Internet

Maintenance Storerooms Interactive CD - $309.95 

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