Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Interactive CD
by New Standard Institute

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Interactive CD - $259.95

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  The CD-format of the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling electronic training resource contains Pop-up Definitions, Word Search functionality, Enlargeable Graphics, Animation and interactive exercises with the addition of voice-over narration. Provides the basics of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training without leaving the facility.


Defining the Maintenance Level

  • Maintenance by Plan vs. Maintenance by Default
  • Equipment Reliability and Availability
  • Building a Maintenance Management Plan
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
Planning and Estimating
  • Construction Estimating Methods
  • Methods Time Measurement
  • The Planning Thought Process - A common sense approach to maintenance estimates
  • Estimates Based on Past Performance
  • Improving the Accuracy of Estimates
  • Work Packages
  • Building Generic Plans
  • Solving Material Problems
Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • PM Defined
  • Mandatory and Discretionary PM
  • Prioritizing Candidates for PM
  • Building Credible PM Procedures
  • Sources of Generic PM Procedures
  • Audits for Procedures and Programs
  • Converting Preventive to Predictive Maintenance (PDM)
  • The Spectrum of PDM
  • Establishing Engineering Limits
The Scheduling Process
  • Prioritizing Maintenance Work
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • Plotting the Backlog
  • Allocation Scheduling Method
  • Priority Numbering Systems
  • Weekly and Daily Schedules
Critical Path Methods for Maintenance
  • Definitions and Conventions
  • Diagramming Methods
  • Identifying the Precedent Logic
  • Dealing with of Float (Slack)
  • Load Leveling Resources
  • Turnarounds, Shutdowns and Outages
Metrics, Indices, Reports and Graphics
  • Streamlining Data Collection
  • Metrics and Indices that Count
  • Graphically Displaying Metrics
  • Maintenance Management Reports

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Interactive CD - $259.95 

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