Diagnosing Misalignment

Measuring Misalignment

Preparing for the Task

Rough Methods

Reverse Indicator

Face and Rim

Moving Machines

Alignment Tolerances

Complicating Factors

Drive Shafts

Large, Heavy, or Multiple Machines

Flange-Mounted Equipment

Single-Bearing Machines

Reciprocating Machines

Component Alignment

Optical Tooling

Laser Alignment


Alignment Tools and Supplies



Alignment Standard for New and Rebuilt Equipment

Machinery Vibration: Alignment
by Victor Wowk      384pp      ISBN: 007071939X

Machinery Vibration: Alignment
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The misalignment of shafts and other components is one of the most common causes of vibration and failures. 

Here, at last, is a practical handbook that enables you to eliminate this costly problem.

Written by a pioneering engineer and author in the field, this easy-to-follow, step-by-step resources shows you how to:

  • Diagnose Misalignment - using vibration instruments, dial indicators, hand feel, and visual observations.
  • Perform Precision Alignments - using dial indicators, lasers, optical and electronic measuring instruments.  Graphical plotting techniques are illustrated with examples of the reverse-indicator method, face-and-rim, and many variations.
  • Move Machines - from small ones to the largest ones with orchestrated positioning techniques.
  • Judge Acceptability - with alignment tolerances based on speed and stresses at the joints.
  • Deal with Complicating Factors - such as faulty foundations, bent shafts, soft foot, bar sag, piping strain, and thermal growth.
  • Align Specific Machines - from normal two-machine one-coupling horizontal systems, to long drive shafts, large and heavy machines, multiple machine trains, vertical shafts, single-bearing generators, and reciprocating machines.
   This authoritative guide also covers bearing alignments, gear alignment, and pulley alignments.  It also includes specific chapters on couplings, optical tooling, and laser systems.  Plus a valuable appendix contains generic alignment specifications and drawings to make an alignment fixture.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victor Wowk, a registered professional engineer, is the President of Machine Dynamics, Inc., an engineering firm specializing in machinery vibrations, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He has extensive field experience in vibration analysis, which includes machinery diagnostics and applying corrective techniques.

Mr. Wowk is an instructor for both in-plant and public Machinery Vibration Workshops.

Machinery Vibration: Alignment - $62.95 each
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