Basic Pneumatics Interactive Computer-Based Training Course

Enhance your employees' knowledge base with the most sophisticated pneumatic training available to the industry.  Save thousands of dollars on classroom training and seminars.  Create a true learning experience with 10-16 hours of instruction with this self-paced, high retention, computer based training program.

Basic Pneumatics
Training Course

Set Includes Free
Student Workbook!

Basic Pneumatics CD-ROM (Includes Student Manual) - $299.95
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(For Windows up through XP - Willnot run on Vista or Windows 7)

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This course has been designed to give you a broad based understanding of the most important pneumatic concepts.  Upon completion of this course, you should understand basic physics laws as they apply to fluid power, as well as understand schematics and system design.

You will also study the various components found in a typical pneumatics system and how these components function and interact with each other.

This one-on-one interactive training CD-ROM covers the following areas: 

  • Basic Physics
  • Compressors
  • Air Dryers
  • Air Preparation
  • Air Distribution
  • Directional Control Valves
  • Miscellaneous Valves
  • Actuators
  • Accessory Components
  • Air Line Conductors
  • Vacuum
  • Understanding Schematics

     The CD-ROM is:

  • Easy to Use! - Learn the basic pneumatic principles with user friendly, frame by frame animations
  • Interactive - Understand pneumatic components through interactive learning labs, 3D models, and schematics
  • Self-paced - Allows you to learn and review material at your own pace
  • Internet Access - Access the internet community dedicated to the mechanical industry 

     This training set includes a free 186 page student manual.  This manual serves as a supplement to the CD and includes notes, additional applications, expanded formulas and additional quiz questions.

Basic Pneumatics CD-ROM (Includes Student Manual) - $299.95 *Price Reduced*

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(For Windows up through XP - Willnot run on Vista or Windows 7)

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