Electrical Safety for Industrial Facilities 10 Part Video Series  
It's here! One of the most comprehensive training programs on electrical safety is ready to be put to use in your organization.

Shot entirely on location, in a major industrial facility, the series uses journeyman electricians, not actors, to portray the scenes in the program.

Combined with high quality 3-D animation and graphic presentation the series is designed to highlight and enhance your company's overall directive on electrical safety. This series is extremely effective for use in safety meetings, for new employee orientation or as refresher training for veteran employees.

Each program in this 10-part series includes a detailed facilitators guide containing program objectives, pre-test, unit-test, and post-test questions.

The testing materials provide an excellent means for measuring program comprehension both before and after the program has been viewed.

The pre and post-test questions also provides a record of training for employee reference and tracking.

Make your electrical safety training program the best it can be. Order your set today!

The Electrical Safety for Industrial Facilities Series
is one of the most comprehensive videotape series available on electrical safety. The series consists of ten videotape modules and includes a comprehensive 74-page facilitator's guide. Each module consists of extensive on-site video footage, computerized animation, and graphic presentation.

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Part 1: Electrical Hazards BS01 The goal of any electrical safety program is to eliminate the possibility of injury from electricity. In part one of our series on electrical safety for industrial facilities, we create an awareness of just how dangerous electricity is by describing and illustrating the effects electricity have on the body based on current, voltage, time, path, and resistance.    $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 2: Personal Protective Equipment BS02 Just knowing the dangers of electricity is not enough to prevent injury. People need to know how to protect themselves by using the correct types of personal protective equipment. In part two of our series we look at various types of personal protective equipment in use today along with maintenance and inspection guidelines as required by OSHA.   $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 3: Effects of Electric Shock BS03 The amount of injury from electric shock depends on several factors. The wetness of the skin, the way the victim contacts the voltage, the type of surface the person is standing on, the types of shoes they are wearing, and the level of voltage involved. In this segment we illustrate how electricity behaves and how shock can result.       $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 4: Energized Equipment BS04 Energized work is defined as work performed on a component of an electrical power system within reaching, stumbling, or falling distance of an energized component. In part four, we discuss the hazards of energized work, give safety recommendations, and illustrate the dangers of shock, arc, and blast.    $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 5: De-energized Equipment BS05 De-energized work can be as hazardous as energized work because many times only part of the power system is de-energized. In this segment we demonstrate how to isolate or "clear" parts of an electrical system, look at lockout /tagout procedures, and show how to select and install temporary grounds.   $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 6: Permanent System Grounding BS06 Proper bonding and grounding is a necessary requirement for electrical systems and equipment. In this segment we identify and demonstrate general requirements for bonding and grounding of electrical installations.   $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 7: Personal Protective Grounding BS07 Personal protective grounds provide the primary protection in the event a circuit under repair inadvertently becomes energized. In this segment we identify the function of personal protective grounds, describe basic design requirements for personal protective grounds and demonstrate techniques for installing and removing personal protective grounds.   $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 8: Electrical Equipment Hazards BS08 Specific hazards exist in most all electrical systems and components. In this segment of our electrical safety for industrial facilities series, we look at hazards associated with circuit breakers, fuses, transformers, contactors, cables and batteries.    $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 9: Analyzing Electrical Hazards BS09 Being able to accurately analyze electrical hazards is essential if safe work procedures and policies are to be developed. In part nine, we identify the physical effects associated with shock, arc and blast. We also determine flash protection distances and the types of personal protective equipment required for these distances, describe incident energy under various fault conditions, and discuss blast pressure under specific fault conditions.    $295.00  Add to Cart
Part 10: Electrical Safety Related Work Practices BS10 Specific hazards exist in most all electrical systems and components. In this segment of our electrical safety for industrial facilities series, we look at hazards associated with circuit breakers, fuses, transformers, contactors, cables and batteries.      $295.00  Add to Cart
Facilitator's Guide WS11 A detailed facilitators guide is included with the series. The guide provides training recommendations, program objectives, pre-test, unit test, and post test questions. The pre-test, unit-test and post-test questions provide an excellent means for determining employee comprehension and documentation of training. Unlimited duplication of the facilitator's guide is granted to program purchasers. Unlimited duplication of the facilitator's guide is granted to series purchasers.

Additional guides: $49.95 

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