Hydraulic Systems Video Courses

Produced by ITC Learning Corporation

Audience:  This program is excellent both for the training of maintenance personnel as well as for the multi-craft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities.

What Students Learn:  This comprehensive training program consists of 9 videotapes that train students to understand the principles of hydraulic system operation, as well as how to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair a variety of hydraulic equipment.

Special Notes:  The video program package contains a student workbook and an instructor guide.


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Introduction to Hydraulic Systems

What Students Learn:  Properties of Liquids; Hydraulic System Components; Hydraulic Schematic Symbols; Pressure and Flow; System Flow and Pressure; Hydraulic Power Transmission; Hydraulic System Efficiency; Hydraulic System Safety.

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Pressure Controls

What Students Learn:  Introduction to Pressure Control Valves; Unloading and Counterbalance Valves; Sequence and Pressure Reducing Valves; Direct-Acting and Pilot-Operated Pressure Control Valves; External Control of Pilot-Operated Valves; Spool-Type Pressure Control Valves; Pressure Reducing Valve Operation.

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Directional Flow Controls

What Students Learn:  Direction Control Valves; Centering Conditions; Actuating Directional Control Valves; Piloting and Draining; Packed Spool Valves; Flow Control Valve Designs; Flow Control Applications.

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Fluids, Filters, and Reservoirs

What Students Learn:  Functions of Hydraulic Fluid; Characteristics of Hydraulic Fluid; Fluid Conditioning in the Reservoir; Draining and Replacing Fluid; Reducing External Contamination; Filters; Filter Maintenance.

Fluids, Filters and Reservoirs Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Hydraulic Pumps, Pumping Principles, and Accumulators

What Students Learn:  Hydraulic Power; Hydraulic Pumps; Vane Pumps; Piston Pumps; Monitoring Pump Operation; Hydraulic Accumulators; Accumulator Maintenance; Precharging an Accumulator.

Hydraulic Pumps, Pumping Principles, and Accumulators Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Variable Volume Hydraulic Pumps

What Students Learn:  Fixed Volume and Variable Volume Pumps; Horsepower Reduction; Variable Volume Vane Pumps; Variable Volume Piston Pumps; Volumetric Efficiency; Case Drain Flow; Electrical Checks; Reversible Pumps.

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What Students Learn:  Hydraulic Cylinders; Cylinder Regulation; Cylinder Repair; Hydraulic Motors; Motor Regulation; Motor Repair.

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Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

What Students Learn:  Introduction to Troubleshooting; Using Schematic Diagrams; Flow-Related Problems; Cylinder Malfunction; Edgeguide Circuit Malfunction; Downender Malfunction; Traversing Circuit Malfunction.

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Electrohydraulic Servo Systems

What Students Learn:  Signal Transmission; Servo System Schematic Symbols; Spool Servo Valves; Jet Pipe Servo Valves; Flapper Servo Valves; Frequency Response Tests.

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