Electrical Safety Video Course

Audience:  This program is excellent for training both electricians and operators as well as for the multi-craft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities.  Every employee could benefit from various portions of this program.

What Students Learn:  This comprehensive training program consists of 1 videotape that trains students to understand the principles of basic electrical safety and the proper ways to work with electrical equipment.

*Reduced Price* Electrical Safety Video - $119.95
(A savings of over $50.00)

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Topics included:

  • Types of Hazards

  • Electrical Shock

  • Flash/Arc Blast

  • Safety Principles and Dangers

  • Effects of Current on the Body

  • Contaminated Environment

  • Recognizing Hazardous Areas/Equipment

  • Dangers of Working Under the Influence of Drugs and/or Alcohol

  • Common Safety Tips

  • Using Extension Cords

  • 110 and 120 Voltage

  • Hazards from Personal Items

  • Test Equipment

  • Lockout/Tag-out

  • Testing Locked Out Circuits Procedure

  • De-Energizing Equipment

  • Removing and Installing uses and Resetting

Special Notes: The video program package contains a student workbook and an instructor guide.

Electrical Safety Video - $119.95 *Reduced Price*

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