Maintenance Management Overview Video Courses

Produced by ITC Learning Corporation

Audience:  This program is excellent for training both maintenance managers and supervisors.

What Students Learn:  This comprehensive training program consists of 10 videotapes that train students to properly staff, schedule, supervise, and manage a maintenance organization.  Principles of preventive and predictive maintenance are also included.

Special Notes:  The video program package contains a student workbook and an instructor guide.


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The Maintenance Organization

What Students Learn:  The Role of Maintenance; Organizational Structure; Time Management and the Leadership Role; Maintenance Training.

The Maintenance Organization Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Maintenance Systems and Documentation

What Students Learn:  Documentation; Types of Maintenance; Contract Maintenance.

Maintenance Systems and Documentation Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Maintenance Safety and Efficiency

What Students Learn:  Plant Safety; Shop Safety; Field Safety; Shop and Field Efficiency.

Maintenance Safety and Efficiency Video - $175.00  Add to Cart



What Students Learn:  Levels of Planning; Short-Range Planning; Day-to-Day Planning.

Planning Video - $175.00  Add to Cart



What Students Learn:  Scheduling; Factors Affecting Scheduling; Techniques; Emergency Work.

Scheduling Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

What Students Learn:  The Purpose of Preventive Maintenance; Placing Equipment on Preventive Maintenance; Scheduling Preventive Maintenance; Predictive Maintenance.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Parts and Materials

What Students Learn:  Inventory Control Stages; Procurement; Receiving and Distributing; Restocking.

Parts and Materials Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Work Execution

What Students Learn:  Planning and Organizing; Staffing and Communicating; Supervising the Job; Controlling the Job.

Work Execution Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Evaluating the Maintenance Program

What Students Learn:  Evaluating the Program; Materials Use; Labor Use; Control Factors.

Evaluating the Maintenance Program Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Computerized Maintenance Systems

What Students Learn:  Computerized Work Request Systems; Computerized Inventory Control; Computerized Management Reports.

Computerized Maintenance Systems Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


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