Mechanical Equipment Operation Video Courses

Produced by ITC Learning Corporation

Audience:  This is an excellent program for the training of equipment operators, maintenance personnel and the multicraft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities.

What Students Learn:  This comprehensive training program consists of 13 videotapes that train students in the principles of normal operation, and in basic operational procedures for common equipment.

Special Notes:  The video program package contains a student workbook, instructor guide and classroom transparencies.


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Techniques and Practices for Equipment Operators

What Students Learn:  Safety; Knowing the Equipment; Normal Operations; Changing the Operating Status of Equipment; Responding to Problems; Following Up Problems; Starting Repaired Equipment.

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Centrifugal Pumps

What Students Learn:  Centrifugal Pumps; Preoperational Checks; Valve Lineup and Venting; Start-Up and Loading; Graphing Pump Characteristics; Cavitation; Air Binding and Pump Shutdown Procedure.

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Steam Turbines

What Students Learn:  Introduction to Turbine Operation; Principles of Turbine Operation; Auxiliary Systems and Control Devices; Valve Lineup and Other Preoperational Checks; Checking Auxiliary Systems; Turbine Warm-up; Initial Roll and Start-Up; Loading and Shutdown.

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What Students Learn:  Valve Designs; Preoperational Checks; Normal Operations; Bypass Operations; Valve Inspections; Abnormal Valve Conditions; Automatic Valve Operation.

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Reciprocating Air Compressors

What Students Learn:  Introduction to Compressor Operations; Principles of Compressor Operation; Capacity Control Modes; Preoperational Checks; Start-Up; Periodic Checks; Manual Unloading and Shutdown.

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Heat Exchangers

What Students Learn:  Heat Transfer; Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers; Preoperational Checks; Filling and Venting; Completing Start-Up; Increasing Heat Load; Recognizing Problems; Shutdown.

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Positive Displacement Pumps

What Students Learn:  Positive Displacement Pumps; Principles of Operation; Preoperational Checks; Start-Up; Periodic Checks; Shutdown; Reciprocating Pumps.

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What Students Learn:  Boiler Operation; Burner Operation; Preoperational Checks; Start-Up; Operational Checks and Shutdown.

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Water Chemistry and Chemical Handling Practices

What Students Learn:  Corrosion; Deposits; Boiler System Treatment Methods; Cooling Water System Treatment Methods; Safety Practices; Adding Chemicals with a Batch Feed System; Adding Chemicals with a Continuous Feed System; Monitoring the System.

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Electrical Equipment

What Students Learn:  Circuit Breaker Operation; Racking Breakers; Ground Trucks and Relays; Control Fuses and Racking Low Voltage Breakers; Disconnects and Key Interlocks; Pole Use.

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What Students Learn:  Ion Exchange; Putting a Demineralizer into Service; Monitoring Demineralizer Operation; Backwashing a Demineralizer; Adding Regenerant Chemicals; Rinsing and Remixing Resins; Filling and Rinsing.

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Vacuum Pumps, Air Ejectors, Strainers, and Traps

What Students Learn:  Vacuum Pumps; Operating a Vacuum Pump; Starting an Air Ejector; Periodic Checks and Shutdown; Strainers; Putting a Standby Basket into Operation; Cleaning a Strainer Basket; Steam Traps.

Vacuum Pumps, Air Ejectors, Strainers, and Traps Video - $175.00  Add to Cart


Lubrication for Equipment Operators

What Students Learn:  Friction and Lubrication; Natural-Feed Lubrication Systems; Monitoring a Natural-Feed System; Adequate Lubrication; Forced-Feed Lubrication Systems; Monitoring a Forced-Feed System; Filters and Centrifuges; Centrifuge Operation.

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