Six individual videos or buy the whole set on DVD or VHS

V-Belt- $109.95

Bushing- $109.95

Roller Chain - $109.95

Shaft Coupling- $109.95

Un-mounted Bearing- $109.95

Mounted Bearing- $109.95

Complete Series VHS- $589.95

Complete Series DVD- $599.95


 IBT Installation & Maintenance Video Training Series

Learn to Service Your Equipment From the Pros at IBT!

This new series of "how to" video tapes demonstrates proper installation and maintenance techniques for a range of bearing and power transmission products. Choose from the following Installation and Maintenance titles. . .

  • V-Belt
  • Bushing
  • Roller Chain
  • Shaft Coupling
  • Un-mounted Bearing
  • Mounted Bearing
IBT Training Package

 When you consider the investment your company has made in equipment, it is important to give it the best care. But with the demands of production output and the rising cost of maintenance agreements, we all are sometimes guilty of crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

Though it's not always easy to keep the equipment running, a conscientious effort to perform service and maintenance in the proper manner will give the obvious benefits of longer equipment life and reduced downtime.

With the introduction of this Installation and Maintenance Series, IBT now offers the most comprehensive and practical training program available in industry today.

A variety of power transmission and bearing products are covered in convenient video format, each video supported by a:

  • Companion workbook
  • Pre-Test
  • Final Exam 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • and additional workbooks, tests and certificates are always available

  To help you achieve optimum performance from your equipment, each module covers:

  • The basics of proper installation and ongoing maintenance 
  • Tips on storage 
  • Working environments and other important factors that help extend service life 
  • Safety considerations and hazards associated with equipment service 
  • Present ways to avoid or eliminate personal injury and other damage.

IBT recognizes the many benefits of proper product performance. We developed the Installation and Maintenance Series in cooperation with our product suppliers, field service technicians and customers to provide an informative and valuable tool for ongoing personnel training.

*NOTE: Individual videos are only available in VHS format. You must purchase the whole set to receive a DVD containing all 6 videos.*

V-Belt Maintenance Video - $109.95 each Add to Cart
Bushing Maintenance Video - $109.95 each Add to Cart
Roller Chain Maintenance Video - $109.95 each Add to Cart
Shaft Coupling Maintenance Video - $109.95 each Add to Cart
Unmounted Bearing Maintenance Video - $109.95 each Add to Cart
Mounted Bearing Maintenance Video - $109.95 each Add to Cart
The complete series above is available on VHS for $589.95 Add to Cart
The complete series above is available on DVD for $599.95 Add to Cart

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