5 VHS Tapes 
Leader and Planning Session Guide Booklet 
Participant's Notebooks (10 copies)
Pocket Reference Handbooks
(10 copies) 
Final Exam Questions and Answers (Packaged in 2 durable plastic binders)
Dry Technology Videos
This 5-tape training program offers a new "zero leakage" approach to fluid power systems. 

The Dry Technology series thoroughly explains and illustrates the application of dry technology, the causes of leakage, and how to prevent it.

Users learn the proper selection of fittings, tubing and port types that will perform best for their particular application. 

Participants will also learn the proper assembly of 37 degree flared, flareless bit type and o-ring face seal fittings, NTP and SAE straight thread ports.

Dry Technology course contains information that will benefit everyone involved with fluid connectors - purchasing, design engineering, assembly and maintenance to name a few. 

Ultimately, it will result in saving time and money, as well as improving quality.


Dry Technology Videos - $1500.00

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