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Condensing Gas Furnaces
Condensing Gas Furnace operation, troubleshooting and disassembly is easy after viewing this training program. An in-depth explanation of fundamentals, basic operation and a complete step by step troubleshooting aid makes this video a must have for the heating and air conditioning technician. TIME: 45:00.
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Fundamentals of Gas
In depth discussion of all aspects of gas fundamentals and gas heating is covered. After viewing this program, you will have a full understanding of the principles and fundamentals of how gas heating appliances work. TIME, 26:30.
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Servicing the Glow Coil Ignition System
Troubleshooting ignition problems in heating systems can be difficult, With this video we give you a step-by-step approach to locating the faults plus much more information on how the system works and component location and disassembly. TIME: 37:23.
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Heat Pumps - Electrical Circuit Fundamentals
At first glance, a heat pump schematic can appear complex, but we explain it stepby-step while showing the actual components and the wiring harness as they appear in real life, it makes it easy to understand and troubleshoot electrical system problems, This video is the first of a two-part series on a heat pump package unit electrical system. TIME: 21:47.
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Hydronic Systems - Heating & Cooling
Heating & Cooling from hot water heat to chilled water systems, this title provides a complete training program covering all aspects of hydronics. TIME: 41:21.
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Refrigeration Fundamentals and Heat Pumps
We explain the three heat pump cycles, the operation of the reversing valve, system metering device and supplemental heat systems. Animated, color graphics show what happens when the heat pump changes cycles. TIME: 23:02.
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Charging a Heat Pump Through the SuperHeat Method
Technicians who work on heat pumps know that in today's technology, manufacturers are requiring that their critical charge equipment be evaluated and charged with specific and precise processes. As a result, today's technicians need to understand charging heat pumps through the superheat method. In this video, we walk you through the basics of superheat charging, explaining step-by-step how it's done and how a system is evaluated. Perfect for both new and experienced technicians. TIME: 20:55.
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Troubleshooting Tips for Heat Pumps
A technical, step-by-step guide for the typical problems encountered while servicing, including electrical and various component failures. Information on method operation, door reversal, servicing electrical components and accessing sealed system components are included. Time, 42:00.
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Servicing an Indoor Air Handler
We give you all the information you need to diagnose and repair most every problem you will face in servicing this product. In depth discussion on electrical troubleshooting to mechanical repairs and component replacement will give you all the necessary tools to service air handlers. TIME: 36:11.
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Psychrometrics - Fundamentals of Air Flow
A complete guide to determining airflow and heating and air conditioning requirements for system installations. TIME: 26:02.
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Carbon Monoxide: Facts & Testing
With the increased awareness of combustion and venting issues, this video is a must for every HVAC professional. Included in this program is the basic testing procedures for measuring CO, how CO affects the body, tips on CO sources and preventative maintenance. plus information on some simple guidelines to follow to prevent CO problems in the home. TIME: 31:09.
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Electrical Fundamentals
Basics such as electron flow, voltage, current and all the fundamentals of electricity are thoroughly explained. TIME: 18:38.
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Troubleshooting Appliances with Schematics
Working with electrical circuits and components makes up nearly 80%of an appliance technician's responsibility, so its critical that they have a complete understanding of how to work with schematic diagrams to track down problems. In this video, top industry expert Jim Johnson clemystifies the schematic diagram and shows how to use it as a troubleshooting tool, TIME: 70:00.
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Air Conditioner Fundamentals
The information in this video is valuable to the new technician because it provides them with the background they need to understand refrigeration systems, and it also serves as a brush-up review for the experienced technician. Color animated graphics show the operation of a room air conditioner refrigeration system, the complete refrigeration cycle and explain how the components work together to accomplish the refrigeration process. TIME: 16:09.
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Fundamentals of Refrigeration Systems
In this video training segment, we cover basics of refrigeration and how they apply to the operation of refrigerators and freezers. This course is a must for new technicians and a great review for the experienced technician. TIME., 18:38.
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Troubleshooting Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration systems troubleshooting is made easy if you understand the simple steps and processes needed in evaluating conditions while servicing. This video walks you through the process to save you time and effort in finding refrigeration faults. TIME: 21:53.
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Refrigeration Circuits
All experienced technicians know that the majority of service work they perform on refrigerators is related to the electrical system. Technicians who have a good understanding of electrical fundamentals will benefit the most from this training video in which Jim Johnson, the major appliance industry's best known technical writer and instructor, uses a Whirlpool mid-line frost free refrigerator as a model to cover the schematic diagram, then shows the electrical components and how to test and troubleshoot. TIME: 17:28.
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Servicing Room Air Conditioners
This training video simplifies air conditioner service and breaks down the troubleshooting steps into a simple process. Many of the problems of air conditioners either result from electrical failure, mechanical failure or lack of airflow. This video takes you through step-by-step troubleshooting. disassembly and repair of most common failures you will see in room air conditioners. TIME: 32:42.
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Servicing Refrigerator Problems
In this video, we discuss the basic operation of a refrigerator and what a technician should check before going ahead with sealed system diagnosis that involves the installation of a tap line valve. The material in this training segment is suitable for both the new and experienced technician. TIME. 12:03.
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