Steel baseplate with provision for tabletop mounting.
Welded aluminum gear box, allowing for installation of all supplied gear sets.
Seven custom bearing housings allowing for installation and shimming (internal and external) of tapered roller bearing sets.
Four additional flanged bearing units for open gearing application.
Gear sets, including spur gears, helical gears, worm / worm gear, and bevel (miter) gears. Gear sets represent different pitches, ratios, pressure angles, and pitch diameters.
Bearings, including tapered roller bearings and radial ball bearings.
Shafting with keyways and keys.
Handle for illustrating thrust and establishing wear patterns.
Steel bracket for mounting dial indicator.
High-durability, urethane coating throughout.
Can be mounted on the DAC Electromechanical Integration Bench, #905.
Provision for mounting Cams and Mechanisms Accessory, #222.
Overall size of 12"W x 22"L x 14"H (65 lbs.).
Crating for shipment via UPS or motor freight.

Gear Maintenance Trainer

Gear Maintenance Trainer - Call for Quotation

This versatile assembly from Design Assistance Corporation allows for convenient hands-on training in gear identification, installation, alignment, and troubleshooting. 

The device includes a diverse selection of industrial-quality gears, shafts, and bearings, allowing for use in a variety of configurations.

The welded aluminum gear box provides for mounting and shimming of tapered roller bearings using several different bearing housing types.

Useful in the classroom or training lab, this heavy-duty device will improve maintenance skills, as well as increase the understanding of precision gearing.

Standard Accessories
  • Gears, bearings, and shafts as listed in Features
  • Additional key stock
  • Shim stock
  • Prussian blue
  • Combination wrenches and Allen wrench set
  • Industrial Trades Training Manual with 53-page section on gears
  • Course / Exercise Guide
  • Tool kits including gear puller, bearing puller, feeler gauges, and additional Prussian blue
  • Magnetic Base / Dial Indicator Set
  • Industrial Trades Training Manual (Additional)
  • Industrial Trades Handbook
  • Course Exercise / Guide (additional)
  • Video on gear reducers (Majec)
  • Video on gear reducer selection (Majec)
  • Videos, two-part series, relating to gear box maintenance (USA Training)
  • Alternate gear arrangements and bearing configurations are possible. Please call with your specific needs
  • Multiple unit and multiple device discounts available

Gear Maintenance Trainer - Call for Quotation

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