Electricity for Air
Conditioning CD-ROM...$99.95

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Training at its best, and produced by popular demand

The Electricity For Air Conditioning CD-ROM

  • Designed to improve electrical troubleshooting skills for both residential
    and commercial heating and cooling systems.
  • Going to reduce troubleshooting time because skills learned are immediately
    transferable to on-the-job.
  • Full of animated, interactive graphics, sound effects and quizzes.
  • Self-loading, set your own pace and stop/start anytime.
  • The way to learn how-to read schematics and ladder diagrams, and use test meters properly.

The Student Manual, a book version of the CD-ROM, helps you follow the CD-ROM.

Six Sections (Chapters) make this CD-ROM ideal for maintenance personnel

Electricity for Air
Conditioning Student
Manual - $40.00 

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Section 1

Electrical Review
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical test meters
  • 1-Phase vs 3-Phase
  • Neutral vs Ground
  • Transformers
  • Service Call Percentages

Section 2

Symbols and Diagrams
  • Connecting Loads vs Contacts
  • Series, Parallel, Series-parallel
  • Read and Use Ladder Diagrams
  • Identify Electrical Symbols
  • Using the Legend
  • Troubleshooting with Diagrams

Section 3

Relays and Contactors
  • Solenoids and Pumpdown Cycle
  • Relay and Contactor
  • Wire AC System - Diagram
  • Troubleshoot 3 Systems
  • Line Starters and Overloads
  • Understand 2-Stage Systems
Section 4
Pressure Controls and Thermostats
  • Low Pressure Controls
  • Motor Controls
  • Control Settings
  • Thermostat with Pressure Controls
  • Secondary Safety Controls
  • Controls Terminology
Section 5
Air Conditioning Motors
  • Understand and Troubleshoot 1 Motors
  • Connect and Troubleshoot 3 Motors
  • Identify and Use Dual Voltage Motors
  • Use Multi-speed Motors
  • Identify Hermetic Terminals
Section 6
Heating and Cooling
  • Wiring Connections to a Gas Furnace w/Cooling
  • Sequencers and Heat Relays
  • Troubleshoot Electric Furnace w/Cooling
  • Troubleshoot Heat Pumps
  • Work with Time Delays and Chiller Control Systems


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