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Advanced Alignment - Video covers an introduction to alignment; misalignment in the vertical and horizontal planes; detecting misalignment; a typical alignment kit; measuring bracket sag; mounting dial indicators; taking alignment readings; calculating misalignment corrections.
Advanced Pipefitting, Part 1 - 1st video of this four part set covers an introduction to pipefitting, blueprints, piping materials, materials list and field checks, determining pipe length, fitting measurements, marking a pipe, and cutting methods.
Advanced Pipefitting, Part 2 - Part two takes you through torch cutting, using an automatic cutting torch, end preparation tool, alignment, checking alignment and tack-welding, installation, and support.
Advanced Pipefitting, Part 3 - Continue on in part three through fabricated joints; mitre joints; riser joints; centering heads; contour markers; field marking; and hole projection markers.
Advanced Pipefitting, Part 4 - Part 4 covers an introduction to plastic pipe and cutting; end preparation; end cleaning; joining; plastic welding; fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe-cutting and end preparation; making a butt and wrap joint; and a program review.
Air Compressors and Blowers, Part 1 - Covers reciprocating air compressor discharge valve removal and disassembly; seat cleaning, inspection, and lapping; guard cleaning, inspection and maintenance; reinstallation; suction valve unloader removal and disassembly; unloader testing; and installation. 
Air Compressors and Blowers, Part 2 - Part two covers reciprocating air compressor disassembly; piston and piston rod removal; measurements; ring installation; piston-to-cylinder head clearance adjustment.
Air Compressors and Blowers, Part 3 - Third in series covers rotary blower disassembly; removing the timing gears; removing head plate and shafts; removing the bearings; installing the bearings and the seal; installing the timing gears; and adjusting the timing and reassembly.
Air Conditioner Fundamentals - The information in this video is valuable to the new technician because it provides them with the background they need to understand refrigeration systems, and it also serves as a brush-up review for the experienced technician.
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Video Set - This eight part series covers vapor compression cycle designs and refrigeration, test and maintenance equipment, system operation checks, pump down, evacuation and charging, mechanical troubleshooting, electrical controls and circuits, and electrical troubleshooting.
Anti-Friction Bearings - Step-by-step instruction on disassembly, cleaning, inspection, replacement, and reassembly of anti-friction bearings.
Automatic Process Control Series (3 videotapes)
Auxiliary Steam Turbines, Part 1 - Video covers turbine operation, removing the casing, measuring thrust, measuring the rotor-to-nozzle clearance; removing and measuring carbon rings; checking shaft and wheel runout and backlash; and removing the rotor and checking bearing clearance.
Auxiliary Steam Turbines, Part 2 - Part 2 covers cleaning turbine parts; inspecting turbine parts; adjusting nozzle clearance; theoretical clearance measurements; actual clearance measurements; installing the packing and wheel cover; and turbine overhaul guidelines.
Auxiliary Steam Turbines, Part 3 - The final part covers mechanical and hydraulic governors, maintaining hydraulic governors, mechanical-hydraulic governors, overspeed trip mechanisms, and overspeed sensor maintenance.
Balancing Machinery Components - Also based on Bloch's book, this 18 minute video covers Chapter 5 on Balancing Machinery Components.
Ball Bearing Maintenance and Replacement - Based on Heinz Bloch's leading book - Major Component Equipment and Repair, this 37 minute video shows you what is covered in Chapter 6 of the book on Ball Bearing Maintenance and Replacement.
Basic Digital Math - Five tape series covering Introduction to Digital Technology; Identifying Number System; Using Binary Numbers; Introduction to Boolean Algebra; Basic Laws of Boolean
Batch Control Series (4 videotapes)
Bearings and Lubrication - Provides an introduction to bearings; disassembling and inspecting a plain journal bearing; checking the oil clearance of a plain journal bearing using a micrometer and a telescoping gauge; performing a bearing contact check; checking the oil clearance of a plain journal bearing using lead wire; and assembling a plain journal bearing.
Boilers - Video covers boiler operation, burner operation, preoperational checks, start-up, operational checks and shutdown.
Boilers and Boiler Equipment, Part 1 - Covers identifying boiler tube damage; repairing a waterwall tube by pad welding; removing a section of boiler tube; preparing to install a new section of tube; cutting windows in the new tube; and installing a replacement tube.
Boilers and Boiler Equipment, Part 2 - This second video covers gauge glass operation and disassembly; cover disassembly and reassembly; gauge glass assembly completion; soot blower disassembly; final soot blower disassembly; poppet valve disassembly, cleaning, and inspection; and thrust bearing inspection.
Bolting and Fastening - Covers fastener performance; proper preloading; fastener designs; fastener installation; bolting patterns; lubricating fasteners; locking devices; frozen fasteners.
Carbon Monoxide: Facts & Testing - With the increased awareness of combustion and venting issues, this video is a must for every HVAC professional. Included in this program is the basic testing procedures for measuring CO, how CO affects the body, tips on CO sources and preventative maintenance. plus information on some simple guidelines to follow to prevent CO problems in the home.
Centrifugal Air Compressors, Part 1 - Covers air compression, centrifugal air compressors, air intake filters, filter maintenance, lubrication system maintenance and troubleshooting.
Centrifugal Air Compressors, Part 2 - Part two covers gear box design; inlet disassembly; horizontally-split compressor disassembly; vertically-split compressor disassembly; checking bearing clearance, and gears and impeller clearance.
Centrifugal Air Compressors, Part 3 - Part three covers intercoolers and aftercoolers; separators, receivers, and dryers; coupling alignment; vibration analysis; troubleshooting high air temperature; and common compressor problems.
Centrifugal Pumps - Video covers centrifugal pumps, preoperational checks, valve lineup and venting, start-up and loading, graphing pump characteristics, cavitation, air binding, and pump shutdown procedure.
Centrifugal Pumps, Part 1 - First video in this set provides students a pump description and information on pump maintenance, disassembling the casing, removing the rotating element, inspecting the casing, and disassembling the rotor.
Centrifugal Pumps, Part 2 - Part two covers measuring packing sleeves, measuring impellers and wearing rings, measuring the shaft, inspecting seal and bearing parts, and measuring bearing oil clearance.
Centrifugal Pumps, Part 3 - Part three covers assembling the rotor, installing the rotor, measuring sleeve bearing oil clearance, and assembling the bearings.
Centrifugal Pumps, Part 4 - This final part covers assembling the casing, tightening casing studs and/or bolts, installing packing, and test operating the pump.
Charging a Heat Pump Through the SuperHeat Method - Technicians who work on heat pumps know that in today's technology, manufacturers are requiring that their critical charge equipment be evaluated and charged with specific and precise processes. As a result, today's technicians need to understand charging heat pumps through the superheat method. In this video, we walk you through the basics of superheat charging, explaining step-by-step how it's done and how a system is evaluated. Perfect for both new and experienced technicians.
Coal and Ash Handling Equipment, Part 1 - Provides in-depth training on conveyor belts, metal fasteners, and splicing of conveyor belts used in coal and ash handling equipment.
Coal and Ash Handling Equipment, Part 2 - Covers pulverizer exhausters, control valves, air piston operators, and water jet exhausters as they relate to coal and ash handling equipment.
Compressor Rotor Repair, Reassembly and Verification - Based on Heinz Bloch's leading book - Major Component Equipment and Repair, this 50 minute video shows you what is covered in Chapter 10 of the book on compressor rotor repair, reassembly and verification.
Computerized and Laser Alignment - Covers computerized alignment; laser alignment; bracket sag; correcting vertical and horizontal alignment.
Computerized Maintenance Systems - This video covers computerized work request systems; computerized inventory control; and computerized management reports.
Condensing Gas Furnaces - Condensing Gas Furnace operation, troubleshooting and disassembly is easy after viewing this training program. An in-depth explanation of fundamentals, basic operation and a complete step by step troubleshooting aid makes this video a must have for the heating and air conditioning technician.
Continuous Process Control Series (4 videotapes)
Control Valves and Actuators Series - 2 video set that includes Introduction to Control Valves and Selection and Sizing of Valves and Actuators.
Diesel Engines, Part 1 - Covers engine operation; two-stroke and four-stroke engines cycles; the air intake system; the fuel system, the exhaust system, the lubricating oil system and the cooling system.
Diesel Engines, Part 2 - Part 2 covers checking the oil level; changing a cartridge type oil filter; changing the oil; maintaining an oil filter housing; replacing an oil filter and adding oil; replacing a dry element air cleaner; maintaining an oil bath air cleaner.
Diesel Engines, Part 3 - Part 3 covers draining a fuel tank; removing and reinstalling a fuel filter; checking the coolant; locating a leak in the cooling system; engine timing; checking exhaust valve timing, and checking injector timing.
Dry Technology - This 5-tape training program offers a new "zero leakage" approach to fluid power systems.  You receive a thorough program that explains and illustrates the application of dry technology, the causes of leakage, and how to prevent it.
Electric Motor and Control Maintenance Video Set - This eleven tape video set covers motor maintenance and troubleshooting and different types of control equipment, including switches, relays, fuses and circuit breakers, and motor starters.
Electrical Equipment - Video covers circuit breaker operation, racking breakers, ground trucks and relays, control fuses and racking low voltage breakers, disconnects and key interlocks and pole use.
Electrical Fundamentals - Basics such as electron flow, voltage, current and all the fundamentals of electricity are thoroughly explained.
Electrical Fundamentals for HVAC/R Technicians - In this two-hour video, Jim Johnson, well-known industry expert and author, takes the mystery out of electrical circuits and troubleshooting. Jim takes you through an HVAC system schematic and demonstrates just how easy it is to troubleshoot problems to the component level. Includes resource material.
Electrical Maintenance and Inspection Series - 12 part video series that covers basic electrical safety, the value of inspection, NEC compliance inspections, hazardous environments, electrical protective systems, circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, rotating equipment, protective relays, safety inspections, and condition-based maintenance.
Electrical Maintenance Fundamentals - This comprehensive 14 tape set covers AC/DC theory, electrical print reading, electrical connections, and solid-state devices.
Electrical Power Equipment Safety Series - 12 videotape training programs designed to cover power transformers, potential transformers, air magnetic circuit breakers, current transformers, power distribution systems, motor control centers, contractors, fuses, molded case circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers and sulfur hexaflouride circuit breakers.
Electrical Safety - This video from ITC covers types of hazards, electrical shock, common safety tips, lockout/tagout, de-energizing equipment and much more.
Electrical Safety for Industrial Facilities Series - 10 tape set covering hazards of electricity, protective equipment, working on energized equipment, working safely on de-energized equipment, grounding equipment, installing and removing protective grounds, ground systems and induced voltages, grounding and jumpering, test procedures for personal protective grounds, specific equipment hazards, safe operation of power systems, and electrical safety management.
Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians Series - 10 part series covering an introduction to electrical safety, power distribution hazards, hazards of stored power, common electrical hazards in the workplace, equipment lockout and tagout, working safely with electrical equipment, emergency treatment of electrical injuries, the most common electrical accidents, current-interrupting equipment, and the importance of proper grounding.
Electrical Safety Related Work Practices Series - 6 tapes covering effects of electric shock, electrical protective equipment, safe testing of electrical equipment, uninterruptible power supply systems, electrical switching procedures and rotating equipment.
Electrical Switchgear Maintenance - Four video set covers switchgear, protective relays and transformers.
Electrical Wiring Residential Video Series and CD-ROMs - Conveniently packaged in two sets of four tapes each, Electrical Wiring Residential Video Series correlates directly with the best selling Electrical Wiring Residential, 14E text by Ray C. Mullin. These videos set stage for learning by motivating viewers and heightening their enthusiasm.
Electronic Maintenance Series - 12 part video set that includes solid state devices, integrated circuits and op amps, sensor and transducer principles, transmitters, transducers, controllers, indicators and recorders, sampling systems and gas chromatograph valves, gas chromatograph ovens and controllers, spectroscopic analyzers, electrochemical analyzer, and instrument loop troubleshooting.
Fundamentals of Gas - In depth discussion of all aspects of gas fundamentals and gas heating is covered. After viewing this program, you will have a full understanding of the principles and fundamentals of how gas heating appliances work.
Fundamentals of Refrigeration Systems - In this video training segment, we cover basics of refrigeration and how they apply to the operation of refrigerators and freezers. This course is a must for new technicians and a great review for the experienced technician.
General Shop Practices - Covers blank flange layout, drilling pilot holes, drilling finished holes, countersinking, and counterboring rectangular plate layout.
Hand Signal Communication (Mobile Crane) - Hand signals, properly given, save lives and money.  This video is an ideal way to support training programs, safety meetings, or as a general refresher course for people working around mobile cranes of all types and sizes.
Hand Tools, Part 1 - Covers vises and clamps, screwdrivers, hammers, mallets and sledges, punches, non-adjustable wrenches, socket wrenches, adjustable wrenches, torque wrenches and pliers.
Hand Tools, Part 2 - Teaches proper use of snips and hacksaws, chisels, power hand tools, taps, dies, reamers and files.
Heat Exchangers - You will learn about heat transfer; tube and shell heat exchangers; preoperational checks; filling and venting; completing start-up; increasing heat load; recognizing problems; and shutdown.
Heat Pumps - Electrical Circuit Fundamentals - At first glance, a heat pump schematic can appear complex, but we explain it step-by-step while showing the actual components and the wiring harness as they appear in real life, it makes it easy to understand and troubleshoot electrical system problems, This video is the first of a two-part series on a heat pump package unit electrical system.
How To Calculate A Sling Load - Take the guess work out of how much force is exerted on a sling when making a lift with two or more lifting straps.  Here is an easy way to figure out if it will be a safe lift. 
How to Properly Interpret a Load Chart - The frequency of crane accidents due to overload situations indicates that many operators do not correctly read and understand the manufacturer supplied load chart. This video will help insure complete understanding of your cranes safe lifting capacity.
Hydraulic Equipment, Parts 1 & 2 - Two videos covering basic hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinder disassembly, shaft runout, cylinder reassembly, control valve disassembly, control valve inspection and reassembly, gear pump disassembly, parts inspection, gear pump reassembly, vane pump disassembly, inspection and reassembly.
Hydraulic Systems Video Set - This nine part set covers pressure controls, directional flow controls, fluids, filters, reservoirs, hydraulic pumps, pumping principles, accumulators, variable volume hydraulic pumps, actuators, hydraulic system troubleshooting and electrohydraulic servo systems.
Hydronic Systems - Heating & Cooling - Heating & Cooling from hot water heat to chilled water systems, this title provides a complete training program covering all aspects of hydronics.
IBT Installation & Maintenance Video Series - Set of 6 videos with companion workbooks covering "Installation and Maintenance" of mechanical components.  Available tapes include Bushings, Mounted Bearings, Unmounted Bearings,  Shaft Couplings, Roller Chain and V-Belts.  Tapes can be purchased individually or as a set. Also available on DVD!
Industrial Hydraulic Technology - This video-based program is designed to introduce students to hydraulics as it relates to industrial machinery.  The videos are based on a 330-page textbook which is included in the training package.
Industrial Measurement Series - 4 tape set that covers temperature, pressure, level and flow.
Instrument Calibration Series - 3 tape set covering principles of calibration, calibrating pressure and temperature instruments, and calibrating flow and level instruments.
Instrumentation Basics Series - 15 tape video set covering feedback control, process control modes, process characteristics, process variables, instrumentation systems, instrument loop diagrams, mechanical connections, electrical connections, primary calibration standards, pneumatic test equipment, electronic test equipment, oscilloscopes, instrumentation errors, instrument calibration, and process and instrumentation diagrams.
Introduction to Control Valves - Covers function and selection; process applications; valve design; types and functions of actuators; control valve trim; and control valve safety.
Lubricant and Trend Analysis - Covers the principles of lubrication analysis; trend analysis; taking oil samples; and reading an oil analysis report.
Lubrication for Equipment Operators - Equipment operators will learn about friction and lubrication; natural-feed lubrication systems; monitoring a natural-feed system; adequate lubrication; forced-feed lubrication systems; monitoring a forced-feed system; filters and centrifuges; and centrifuge operation.
Machinery Alignment Methods - Based on Heinz Bloch's leading book, Major Component Maintenance and Repair, this 40 minute video shows you what Heinz talks about in Chapter 4 covering Machinery Alignment Methods.
Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair Series  - Extensive 12 tape series covering many aspects of mechanical maintenance including Machinery Foundations and Grouting; Machinery Piping Considerations; Machinery Alignment Methods; Balancing Machinery Components; Ball Bearing Maintenance and Replacement; Mechanical Seal Installation, Repair and Maintenance; Welded Shaft Repair Methods; Casting Salvaging Methods and Compressor Rotor Design Overview, Disassembly and Cleaning; Compressor Rotor Repair, Reassembly and Verification; Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Hubs/Selection and Application of O-rings; and Protecting Machinery Parts Against Loss of Surface.
Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair Series Part Four: Machinery Alignment Methods - 40 minute video based on Heinz Bloch's industry standard book "Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair."
Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair Series Part Five: Balancing Machinery Components - 18 minute video covering balancing, based on Heinz Bloch's book "Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair."
Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair Series Part Eight: Welded Shaft Repair Methods - Based on Heinz Bloch's book "Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair, this 37 minute video covers welded shaft repair methods.
Maintenance Management Overview - This ten video set covers the major aspects of effective maintenance management, including planning, scheduling, preventive and predictive maintenance, parts and materials, computerized maintenance systems and much more.
Measuring Instruments - The Steel Rule; The Vernier Caliper; The Outside Micrometer; The Outside Vernier Micrometer, Inside and Depth Micrometers; Telescoping and Thickness Gauges; The Dial Indicator.
Mechanical Drives, Couplings, and Alignment, Part 1 - Video teaches students about couplings and alignment; disassembling couplings and detecting angular misalignment, detecting parallel misalignment; interpreting alignment measurements; correcting misalignment, assembling the coupling, and removing belts.
Mechanical Drives, Couplings, and Alignment, Part 2 - 2nd video covers installing belts; chain drive systems; routine servicing of speed and increasers; major overhaul of speed reducers and increasers; checking gear engagement; and vibration. 
Mechanical Drive Maintenance Video Set - 6 video set covers gear boxes, mechanical drives, coupling, alignment, and vibration analysis.
Mechanical Equipment Operation Video Set - This comprehensive thirteen video set trains students in the principles of normal operation, and in basic operational procedures for common equipment.
Mechanical Maintenance Equipment Video Set - This 12 part video covers boilers and boiler equipment, auxiliary steam turbines, coal and ash handling equipment, diesel engines, and hydraulic equipment. 
Mechanical Maintenance Fundamentals Video Set - This fifteen tape set covers hands tools, measuring instruments, mechanical print reading, bolting and fastening, rigging and lifting, and bearings.
Mechanical Troubleshooting Video Set - This four video set provides training in basic troubleshooting procedures for a variety of common equipment.
Motorized Valve Actuators, Part 1 - Learn about valve actuators, mechanical components, electrical components, removing a valve actuator, disassembly, and reassembly.
Motorized Valve Actuators, Part 2 - Part two gets into limit switch adjustment, torque switch adjustment, operational tests, mechanical troubleshooting, and electrical troubleshooting.
NEC Expert 2002 Training Videos - For answers, just ask the NEC Expert! This five-part video series uses real-life field situations, special graphics, and computer animations to explain the NEC's toughest requirements. Frequently used in professional training courses for electrical contractors inspectors, designers, and architects, NFPA's unique programs answer questions most often asked by Code users - and prepare viewers to apply the NEC in many specific types of installations.
NEC Video Set and CD-ROM Set - Available on video or CD-ROM, this four video set provides students, apprentices, and master electricians with an extraordinarily clear and logical path to understanding and using the single most important reference in the electrical industry!
NFPA 70E: 2009 Edition - Reducing Workplace Electrical Hazards Video on VHS or DVD - Fulfill OSHA training requirements for electrical safety plus safeguard your workers and your company with the NFPA 70E: Reducing Workplace Electrical Hazards video.
NFPA 70E: 2009 Edition - Safety Requirements for Electricians Video on VHS or DVD - Prevent worksite electrical accidents with onsite training! This NFPA 70E video demonstrates the control procedures that dramatically reduce risks.
NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, 2009 Edition on VHS or DVD - Learn about workplace electrical safety and NFPA 70E from NFPA's acclaimed seminar--now on video!
Overhead Crane Safety - Since more overhead cranes are designed to travel the full length and width of building and make lifts from any point in that building, accidents can occur anytime anywhere. this video used a "hands-on" approach to teach practical safety instruction.
Packing and Seals, Part 1 - Video will teach you how to remove conventional valve packing, install valve packing, remove chevron packing, install preformed chevron packing, and how to perform graphite ring packing.
Packing and Seals, Part 2 - The second video in this set covers fabricating graphite ring packing, removing pump packing, installing pump packing, removing, disassembling, and inspecting a mechanical seal, assembling and installing a mechanical seal, and types of mechanical seals.
Piping, Part 1 - Part one of this four part set covers preparing for tubing system repair, flaring tubing, bending and cutting tubing, tubing connections, pipe cutting, threaded pipe, pipe assembly, and union replacement.
Piping, Part 2 - Covers general maintenance and insulation removal; elbow removal; elbow installation; selecting and installing insulation on an elbow; insulating a flange and applying cloth; and  plastic-lined piping.
Piping, Part 3 - This third part covers inverted bucket trap disassembly and reassembly; float-and-bellows trap disassembly and reassembly; impulse steam trap (piston-type); impulse steam trap (disc-type); The duplex strainer; and the edge-type strainer.
Piping, Part 4 - Final part covers cleaning steam condenser tubes, inspecting and plugging steam condenser tubes, cutting a tube for removal, collapsing a tube for removal, replacing a tube, and gauge glass replacement.
Piping and Valve Maintenance Video Set - This comprehensive 16 part video course covers piping, advanced pipefitting, valves, motorized valve actuators, and relief valves.
Positive Displacement Pumps - Topics include positive displacement pumps; principles of operation; preoperational checks; start-up; periodic checks; shutdown; reciprocating pumps.
Power Supplies Explained - Five tape series covering Basic Theory; Filtered Circuits; Regulated Circuits; Multipliers, Clipper & Clamper Circuits; Troubleshooting Circuits
Pre-operational Inspection for Hydraulic Cranes - Many accidents caused by mechanical equipment failure could be avoided by doing a good pre-operation inspection. This video brings the workplace to the classroom with an east-to-understand, step-by-step inspection procedure on video. 
Pre-operational Inspection for Lattice Boom Cranes - Crane safety may be jeopardized if pre-operational inspection is not carried out in accordance with prevailing regulations and standards, as well as with manufacturers own requirements. This video will show your employees how to perform this critical inspection.
Principles of Reverse Double Dial Alignment - Provides an introduction to reverse double dial alignment, including determining misalignment and correcting misalignment.
Programmable Controllers - This comprehensive 22 tape video set provides an in-depth understanding of programmable controllers - how they work, how to program them, and how to troubleshoot them.
Psychrometrics - Fundamentals of Air Flow - A complete guide to determining airflow and heating and air conditioning requirements for system installations.
PTDA Power Transmission and Motion Control Series - Bearings - Developed as a companion to the popular Power Transmission Handbook, this video is just one of a series of 14 on power transmission and motion control.
PTDA Video Series  - The Power Transmission Distributors Association's Power Transmission Handbook is still today perhaps the most comprehensive and insightful publication known to the marketplace.  PTDA now expands the learning experience by introducing the supporting video series, developed specifically to complement the latest edition of the handbook and workbook.  Tapes can be purchased individually or as a set and topics include: Fundamentals, Bearings, Belt Drives, Chain Drives, Clutches and Brakes, Controls & Sensors, Conveyors and Components, Couplings and U-Joints,  Gears, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Linear Motion, Motors, and PT Accessories.
PTDA Video Series - Adjustable Speed Drives - Just one of the Power Transmission Distributors Association library of videotapes - this one covers adjustable speed drives.
PTDA Video Series - Motors - Just one of the Power Transmission Distributors Association library of videotapes - this one covers motors.
Pump and Compressor Maintenance Video Set - This thirteen part series covers centrifugal pumps, air compressors and blowers, centrifugal air compressors, and packing and seals.
QPI - TWT - An On-line Testing and Training Delivery System - On-line Testing and Training Delivery System, which your organization may use by working with QPI to create and deliver either tests or TWT, Targeted Workflow Training, to your employees.
Reciprocating Air Compressors - Students will learn the principles of compressor operation, capacity control modes, preoperational checks, start-up, periodic checks, and manual unloading and shutdown procedures.
Refrigeration Circuits - All experienced technicians know that the majority of service work they perform on refrigerators is related to the electrical system. Technicians who have a good understanding of electrical fundamentals will benefit the most from this training video.
Refrigeration Fundamentals and Heat Pumps - We explain the three heat pump cycles, the operation of the reversing valve, system metering device and supplemental heat systems. Animated, color graphics show what happens when the heat pump changes cycles.
Reliability Centered Maintenance Seminar On DVD - A comprehensive discussion on successful application of classical RCM.
Relief Valves, Part 1 - Video one covers safety valve operation, disassembly, removing the disc assembly, blue checking the seat and disc, performing spindle runout, reassembly, installation, and setting.
Relief Valves, Part 2 - Part two covers relief valve operation, disassembly, removing the pilot valve, blue checking the pilot valve, making valve seat repairs, reassembly, and installation.
Respiratory Protection
Reverse Double Dial Alignment Procedure - Covers pre-alignment measurements; determining misalignment; correcting vertical misalignment; correcting horizontal misalignment.
Rigging and Lifting, Part 1 - Covers hand-operated hoists, planning and equipment selection, hoist inspection, sling inspection, shackle and trolley inspection, lifting equipment installation, inverting a load, and rigging disassembly and review.
Rigging and Lifting, Part 2 - Provides an introduction to overhead traveling cranes and shows how to perform an operational inspection on an overhead traveling crane; how to perform a single-point lift using an overhead traveling crane, how to use a spreader bar, how to lift irregularly shaped loads, and how to lift a long, balanced load.
Rigging and Lifting, Part 3 - Covers proper inspection and use of a mobile crane and forklifts.
Rigging and Lifting, Part 4 - Covers proper use of ladders and scaffolding.
Rigging & Lifting with Mobile Construction Equipment - Filled with practical advice and real-world cautions on how to do on-site lifting jobs safely. An excavator or wheel loader on backhoe is not a crane. You owe it to yourself, and the people  working in the area, to watch this video before the work begins.
Rigging & Lifting with Small Hydraulic Cranes - Explains the various types of rigs such as basket hitches or choker hitches. Time is spent helping the viewer understand hitch angles and their effect on sling, chain, or wire rope ratings. Inspection of slings and sling hardware with effective visual examples.
Rigging & Lifting for Structural Steel - A fresh look at the safe way to rig and move structural steel members from fabrication to tie-in. Video taped on working sites with professional erection crews. Also available in Spanish.
Selection and Sizing of Valves and Actuators - Covers fundamentals of fluid flow; valve selection factors; valve sizing for liquid, gas and vapor applications; actuator selection factors; valve installation and maintenance.
Semiconductors Explained - Four tape series covering Basic Theory; Diode Operation; Diode Application; Transistors & ICs
Servicing an Indoor Air Handler - We give you all the information you need to diagnose and repair most every problem you will face in servicing this product. In depth discussion on electrical troubleshooting to mechanical repairs and component replacement will give you all the necessary tools to service air handlers.
Servicing the Glow Coil Ignition System - Troubleshooting ignition problems in heating systems can be difficult, With this video we give you a step-by-step approach to locating the faults plus much more information on how the system works and component location and disassembly.
Servicing Refrigerator Problems - In this video, we discuss the basic operation of a refrigerator and what a technician should check before going ahead with sealed system diagnosis that involves the installation of a tap line valve. The material in this training segment is suitable for both the new and experienced technician.
Servicing Room Air Conditioners - This training video simplifies air conditioner service and breaks down the troubleshooting steps into a simple process. Many of the problems of air conditioners either result from electrical failure, mechanical failure or lack of airflow. This video takes you through step-by-step troubleshooting. disassembly and repair of most common failures you will see in room air conditioners.
Setup for Safety - Over fifty percent of all crane accidents can be traced to improper setup. "Setup for Safety" explains and demonstrates the critical points of safety operation.
Setup Reduction for Just-In-Time Video - See how Ford Motor implemented an automatic die change system, reducing setup from eight hours to 15 minutes. Next, Delta Faucet combines training, teamwork and in-house tooling to drastically lower their setup times in their brazing, buffing assembly operations. At Motor City Stamping, standardization and hydraulic clamping created a streamlined production system. At Lightolier, see how combining progressive dies with automatic die change can significantly reduce setup times.
Solid-State Devices: Oscilloscopes - This video, from the Electrical Maintenance Fundamentals Video Series, covers the basics of using an oscilloscope to troubleshoot circuits.
Specialized Centrifugal Pumps - Video covers pump disassembly, shaft and bearing removal, shaft and impeller inspection, pump reassembly, setting pump impeller clearance, mechanical seal installation, and setting vertical pump impeller clearance.
Statistical Process Control Video Set - This seven tape set provides an in-depth look at the subject of statistical process control, including control charts, machine and process capability studies, and problem solving techniques.
Steam Turbines - Provides an introduction to turbine operation, including the principles, auxiliary systems and control devices, valve lineup and other preoperational checks, checking auxiliary systems, turbine warm-up, initial roll and start-up, and loading and shutdown.
Successful GD&T Implementation Video - See how Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing can improve communication in the product development cycle to provide high quality parts and increased profits.
Techniques for Extending Bearing Life - Covers handling and storage, proper bearing installation, and maintenance of bearings.
Thrust Bearings - Provides an introduction to thrust bearings and shows how to proper disassembly, inspection, and reassembly of the tilting pad in a thrust bearing.
TPM: Total Productive Maintenance Video - This video analyzes and demonstrates how predictive an preventive maintenance techniques keeps equipment operating at design specs. Delco Remy increases productivity through teamwork, training, and sophisticated Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Loran Cassettes and Audio Products shows how a small manufacturer/Q-1 certified supplier successfully executes TPM techniques. Since implementing its TPM program, daily downtime fell by 29%, daily defects decreased by 22%, and production increased by 20%.
Training the Trainer Video Set - Learn how to be a more effective trainer in this 14 part video set that covers all aspects of effective training.
Troubleshooting Appliances with Schematics - Working with electrical circuits and components makes up nearly 80%of an appliance technician's responsibility, so its critical that they have a complete understanding of how to work with schematic diagrams to track down problems. In this video, top industry expert Jim Johnson demystifies the schematic diagram and shows how to use it as a troubleshooting tool,
Troubleshooting Centrifugal Pumps - Video covers troubleshooting steps and diagrams, bearings, gland leakage, and pump head and capacity.
Troubleshooting Positive Displacement Pumps - Covers seal failure, knocking, and loss of capacity.
Troubleshooting Reciprocating Air Compressors - Primary topics covered on this video are failure to unload; knocking; and increased discharge temperature.
Troubleshooting Refrigeration Systems - Refrigeration systems troubleshooting is made easy if you understand the simple steps and processes needed in evaluating conditions while servicing. This video walks you through the process to save you time and effort in finding refrigeration faults.
Troubleshooting Tips for Heat Pumps - A technical, step-by-step guide for the typical problems encountered while servicing, including electrical and various component failures. Information on method operation, door reversal, servicing electrical components and accessing sealed system components are included.
Understanding Digital Electronics - Four tape series covering AND Gates; OR Gates/NOT Gates; NAND Gates/NOR Gates; XOR Gates/XNOR Gates
Using a Band Saw - Inspecting a Horizontal Band Saw; Setting Up and Cutting Flat Iron; Mounting Work for a 45 Degree Angle Cut; Cutting Aluminum; Removing a Blade; Installing a Blade; Cutting Stainless Steel Using the Work Stop.
Using a Grinding Wheel - Grinding Wheels; Grinding Wheel Inspection and Mounting; Testing and Truing a Grinding Wheel; Rough Grinding a Steel Flange; Grinding Soft Metals; Tool Sharpening; Installing a Wire Brush Wheel.
Using Schematics to Troubleshoot HVAC/R Electrical Circuits -  Produced specifically for technicians who really don't need theory on electrical fundamentals, but want to know more about how to read schematic diagrams and then use them to track down the source of the problem in an HVAC/R system that's down.
Vacuum Pumps, Air Ejectors, Strainers, and Traps - Covers vacuum pump operation, starting an air ejector, periodic checks and shutdowns, strainers, putting a standby basket into operation, cleaning the strainer basket, and steam traps.
Valves - Covers valve designs, preoperational checks, normal operations, bypass operations, valve inspections, abnormal valve conditions, and automatic valve operation.
Valves, Part 1 - Video covers gate valves from disassembly to inspection to reassembly. 
Valves, Part 2 - Part two covers globe valves, including construction, disassembly, inspection, and reassembly.
Valves, Part 3 - The third video covers control valve disassembly, inspection, reassembly, and installation.
Valves, Part 4 - The final video in this set covers diaphragm valve and butterfly valve disassembly, inspection, and reassembly.
Vibration Analysis - Covers basics of monitoring vibration; performing a vibration analysis; and determination of velocity and displacement.
Welding Video Set - This comprehensive twelve tape series covers oxygen-fuel gas cutting, brazing and braze welding, shielded metal-arc welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, weld defects, and plasma-arc and air carbon-arc cutting.
Wheel Loader Operating Techniques - Because wheel loaders operate in so many different applications it is nearly impossible for operators to have experience in all of them. This video brings together real-world lessons learned in many types of operating situations.
Wheel Loader Walk Around and Introduction - This video will remind experienced operators and train new operators on the importance of the daily walk around inspection, and what they really need to be looking for.
Working Cranes Near Power Lines - Electrocution from contact with energized power lines is a major cause of death or serious injury to crane operators and ground crews.