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Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
This widely acclaimed seminar provides instruction and workshops intended to develop and improve a maintenance effort. Over the next few months this seminar will be held in the locations shown below. New Standard's practical approach and exciting presentation has made this session popular with Maintenance Planner/Schedulers, Supervisors, and Maintenance Managers.



Maintenance Storerooms
Modern business requirements offer many new challenges for Materials Managers and Maintenance Storekeepers. MRO supplies must be available on demand while keeping inventory values to an absolute minimum. These seemingly contradictory goals are achievable through good materials management. This seminar couples the fundamentals with cutting edge methods to help bring credibility back.



Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages
A shutdown, turnaround, or outage can be the biggest and most complicated demand on maintenance resources. The modern project management methods can enable a maintenance professional identify, plan, staff and coordinate the effort of hundreds of workers and their support equipment while minimizing downtime and costs. A review and demonstration of current project management software makes this seminar especially relevant for today's planner, outage, or turnaround manager. This presentation replaces New Standard Institute's previous seminar on "Project Management for Maintenance".



Maintenance Process Management
Modern organizations must move toward improving the maintenance process. Preserving assets while fulfilling the overall mission of the company is key to any maintenance effort. This seminar is presented by Joel D. Levitt and features his acclaimed book "The Handbook of Maintenance Management."



Leadership Skills for Maintenance
Step away from your facility to gain perspective and learn how to strengthen your leadership skills. Your leadership style impacts your company, those you work with, and your own success. This activity-enriched session focuses on personal awareness, working relationships, influence skills, and conflict resolution distinctive to a maintenance operation.



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