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This page features links to websites for a large number of companies that produce Computerized Maintenance Management Software and Computerized Maintenance Management Tools. It is provided as a reader service and Maintenance Resources does not endorse any specific software manufacturer or product.

If your company would like to be on the Featured CMMS Provider's list see our advertising page.

If you are a CMMS provider and your company or product is not listed below, e-mail details  to info@maintenanceresources.com and we'll be happy to add you to this list.


Featured CMMS Providers 

Fleet Management Services

Powerful, affordable maintenance management solutions backed with excellent customer service

See our software products and view our demo

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Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection
Web-Based Maintenance Management Software
Solutions can be installed On-Site or Online
Visit us at http://www.maintenanceconnection.com

Computex MMS CMMS Featured Provider Listinght
A Web-based lubrication maintenance management system www.chevronreliabilitysolutions.com

AIMS.NET provides real time   access  to your data from anywhere using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.  This fast, web-based CMMS resides on your server, or can be hosted as an ASP. 


API Maintenance Systems develops, markets and supports maintenance management software. Maintenance management software is used by many leading companies world-wide in a variety of industries and organizations to maintain high-value capital assets such as plants, facilities and equipment.


For a simpler CMMS

Proteus IV Expert, ProTeus IV Professional & ProTeus IV Enterprise

eMaint X3 CMMS Maintenance  Software

Equipment Maintenance Software Resources for Work Order Printing, Cost Tracking and Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and Plant Operations Maintenance


INTERAL Maintenance is an efficient, user-friendly, client/server type of computerized maintenance management system, complete with a superior quality 32-bit interface. Developed to fulfill the needs of today’s managers, INTERAL Maintenance can be used in many activity sectors to fulfill different needs.


Our Maintenance Coordinator series contains 3 complete, ready to go CMMS Solutions, plus it can be customized to fit your specific needs. Free Demo available.

Maintech, offers cost effective, powerful and easy-to-use modules for your business needs. They are:

1. CMMS- Easy-to-use preventive maintenance done right, through our user friendly web-based and software system. Our CMMS program combines all 3 modules to create one complete package. We have over 11,000 maintenance procedures in our database.

2.  Spare Parts Inventory control -comprehensive parts inventory system.  Maintain part stocks, reduce loss, cater to reorders and parts management.

3. Asset Tracking - Keep track of all the assets you have, where they are, who has them and all costs associated with an asset. MainTech provides services in setting up the system and website hosting.

Maintech Maintenance Inc. www.maintech-usa.com

Easy-to-use software for all of your maintenance management needs. Free Demo. Please visit us at www.micromain.com


RealVision, Inc.

Preventive Maintenance



Tero Software

cMaintenance is a CMMS for the maritime industry.

It is particularly well suited for ships and fishing vessels.

It has been used in fishing ships in the North Atlantic since 1993 with over 200 current users.


Warehouse Software - SMC Data Systems offers warehouse software solutions.

Web Work


Additional Suppliers:     A-C   D-F   G-M   N-Q   R-Z


Supplier Product(s)
ABB Service SCOOPE a tool for on-line performance and OEE measurement.
AM Products Industrial Standard 5.0 MMS
Aleier.com FM1j interprise (tm)  & FM1i INNOVUS (tm)
AllMax Software, Inc. Antero Maintenance Data Management Software
Advanced Maintenance Solutions COGZ EZ for DOS, COGZ for DOS
American Quality Systems, Inc.

ProVIEW v4
Angus Systems Group CMMS/EAM Solutions
Ashcom Technologies Ashcom Technologies Group
Asset Integrity Maintenance, Warranty, and Inventory Tracking
AssetPoint Tabware
AssetWorks AssetWorks
Avair, Inc. Ounce of Prevention System
BIC Systems Ireland Archibus/FM
BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd. C.A.R.E.
BarControl Maintenance Mate 1, Maintenance Mate 2
Benchmate Systems Benchmate for Windows
Bender Engineering Maintstar
Berland Technologies MIRO 2.0
Cendec Cendec Materials, Procurement, Fixed Asset and Maintenance Software
Chips Informatica Ltda. Engeman
COGZ Systems COGZ Maintenance Software for Windows
collectiveData collectiveData
Comac Systems Limited Delta, Ease and Comac Mk10
Computron Software Yorvik
CyberMetrics FaciliWorks Maintenance Manager


Dbase Developments MainPlan CMMS
DataSplice Mobile CMMS Solution
Datastream Systems MP5i, MP2i, MP2 Enterprise, MP2 Professional, iProcure
Data-Trak Atlas 2000 Client/Server (Oracle8)
Atlas 2000 File Server (Paradox)
Atlas Professional
Atlas Classic
Davison Software
Davison Maintenance Software, PredictMate
DCE Software Solutions MaintSmart
DECISION Systems, Inc. REASON Root Cause Analysis
Design Maintenance Systems MAINTelligence Software Package
eMaint Enterprises eMaint X3 CMMS Maintenance Software
EMS-Solutions EMS-WASP
Entek IRD International EMONITOR® Odyssey™
EPAC Software Technologies ePAC
eXegeSys eXegeSys Asset Maintenance (eAM)
Express Maintenance ExpressMaintenance, Safe-Labels
EZ-Maintenance Proven manufacturing software used by industry giants. - The Job Master!
FBO Systems Maintenance Logic System
Four Rivers Software Systems Total Maintenance System (TMS)
fsc limited 4Site for Windows


GP Solutions GP MaTe, PEM
Galiot Galiot Software
Glide Main Mcmain for Windows, Istod Lite
Havilland HiTech
HippoFM HippoFM provides CMMS Facility Management Software and Enterprise Asset Management software on a web-based platform that makes work order management easy. It's user friendly intuitive software and is compatible with handheld mobile devices.
HCI Systems Building Blocks
ID Group Lock'it
IFCS Inc. Senergy, Segma
Indus International Enterprise MPAC, Passport
Information Science Consultants Ltd. RCM, RCS, NES45, MMS
Kakari Systems IGOR
KerberTech Maintenance Book is for equipment and vehicle maintenance tracking. Ideal for small and medium manufacturers and construction companies.
Link It Software Corporation EZ Maintenance
M-Tech Espresso
Mainpac Pty Ltd Mainpac Asset & Maintenance Management Software
Maintenance Connection Maintenance Connection
Maintenance Software MEX - Maintenance Software (CMMS) vendor specialising in Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management.
MAPCON Jemms Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) – Internet Web-based Software
MAPCON Professional Professional Maintenance Software for Industry and Facilities 
MAPCON Lite Economical Maintenance Software starting at only $495
Meridium, Inc. Enterprise Reliability Management System
MicroMain MicroMain XM Suite for all industries. Specialized version available for Healthcare
MicroWest Software Systems Advanced Maintenance Management System
MRO Software, Inc. MAXIMO Enterprise, MAXIMO for Facilities and MAXIMO for Industry


Oliver Interactive RelCode Weibull-based reliability software and EXAKT condition based maintenance software
Online Equipment Management Tracrat
Opms.net Online Preventative Maintenance System
OpWare, LLC ProTek Plus
Orion Group Software  Engineers Xsite:FMMS - Facility Maintenance Management System
Paradigm Business Systems North America Paradigm Business System (PBS) software for all aspects of fleet, quartermasters and facilities asset management, maintenance and cost control.
PMXpert Software PMXpert 6.5
Plann Canada Plann Expert
PPS Systems, Inc. OPRA
Pragma On Key
ProfitKey International Rapid Response Manufacturing Client/Server
PSI Webware PSIwebware - web-based CMMS software

Que Centre

Web-based software that delivers an easy-to-use, customized solution for asset management


Ramco Systems ERP, EAM, HR, E-COMMERCE
Relex Software Corporation Relex Reliability Software Suite and Relex FRACAS Management System
ReliaSoft BlockSim Software
Revere Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/CMMS and shutdown/turnaround software
SAP mySAP PLM Asset Life-Cycle Management
SBGlobal FastMaint
Siveco Group COSWIN helps companies to improve their equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs and optimise their profitability.
St. Croix Systems, Inc. WOSYST Equipment Management Software
Smartware Group, Inc. Bigfoot CMMS
Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc. Ultramain
Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd.
System Software Associates BPCS Maintenance Management
Tabs FM Ltd. We specialize in the development and supply of CAFM\CMMS software
Techs4Biz Techs4Biz
Telogis Telogis Fleet Management Software
AMPRO Software Pty Ltd AMPRO Software Pty Ltd
TMA Systems TMA
24/7 Systems TANGO
2Maintain, Inc. 2Maintain
Visuate Exp
CMMS Integrators/Service Providers
Supplier Product(s)
AMR AMR allows companies to get an independent validation of the effectiveness of internal control processes relative to the reporting of corporate fixed assets; but at the same time receives a valuable deliverable that cleanses and fortifies fixed asset data for a variety of benefits, namely CMMS data validation.
CMMS Data Group, Inc. CMMS Data Group - The CMMS data group is dedicated to providing its customers with cutting edge tools and solutions to ensure that Computerized Maintenance Management System data is optimally Captured, Controlled, and Compared resulting in maximized benefits and minimized costs of a CMMS software package.
Da-Trol Systems Da-Trol Systems - A sales and service organization with focus on CMMS. Da-trol presents and promotes several CMMS applications and leads the client through a simple, logical process which aids the discovery of which CMMS would be best suited to their needs. Da-trol also provides quality implementation services for the selected system.
Rushton International & Associates Rushton International will help you eliminate problems with equipment maintenance. We provide tools including software and consulting to maximize profitability. We service all industries from mining to manufacturing to fleet management.
Work Technology
Work Technology - Helps increase the value of MAXIMO(tm) 
with: WorkTech Time(tm) that captures actual labor costs per 
work order. It is integrated with MAXIMO and HR, ERP, and GL 
systems, services to implement, customize, and upgrade 
MAXIMO, QuickPick software products for dynamic value lists 
and validation, dbNews, and MSPLink that all make MAXIMO 
implementation and system management easier.

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