Introduction - Reading Spectral Plots
Chapter 1 - The Basics
Chapter 2 - The FFT Spectrum Analyzer - How It Works
Chapter 3 - Transducers for Vibration Measurement
Chapter 4 - Elementary Problem Diagnosis
Chapter 5 - Dual-Channel Spectrum Analysis
Chapter 6 - Periodic-Condition Monitoring
Chapter 7 - Hardware and Software
Chapter 8 - Advanced Analyzer Functions
Chapter 9 - More Advanced Analyzer Functions
Appendix A - Pulse Theory
Appendix B - Torsional Vibration
Appendix C - Condition Monitoring of Reciprocating Equipment
Appendix D - Balancing
Afterword - Not the End
Vibration Spectrum Analysis, 2nd Edition
by Steve Goldman, 272 pp., 1999, ISBN: 9780831133108
    Written in a clear, understandable style, this new edition of Vibration Spectrum Analysis includes new information on current instrumentation in addition to additional appendices, case histories and practice questions.  

Vibration analysts, predictive maintenance specialists, and field mechanics will find valuable information on using the latest techniques of spectrum analysis in solving problems and enhancing machine reliability in this key reference text.  

A book good for both engineers and non-engineers alike.  

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