Vibration Fundamentals and Practice
by Clarence W. De Silva, 943pp., 1999, ISBN: 0849318084

Provides the background and techniques that will allow successful modeling, analysis, monitoring, testing, design, modification, and control of vibration in engineering systems.

De Silva presents 12 chapters that discuss vibration engineering, time and frequency response, signal and modal analysis, distributed-parameter systems, damping, instrumentation, signal conditioning and modification, testing, experimental modal analysis, design and control.

The  appendixes cover dynamic models and analogies, Newtonian and Lagrangian mechanics, a review of linear algebra, digital Fourier analysis and FFT, and reliability considerations for multi-component units. Book News,  Inc.
Vibration design and control is crucial to maintaining high performance levels and production efficiency and to prolonging the life of machinery, structures, and industrial processes. 

Before designing or controlling a system for good vibratory performance, the designer or engineer must understand, analyze, and model the vibratory characteristics of the system.

Vibration: Fundamentals and Practice provides the background and techniques that will allow successful design, analysis, modification.

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