Techniques of Failure Analysis 
Distortion Failures 
Basic Single-Load Fracture Modes
Stress Systems Related to Single-Load Fracture of Ductile and Brittle Metals
Mechanical Properties
Stress Versus Strength
Residual Stresses
Brittle Fracture 
Ductile Fracture
Fatigue Fracture
Wear I
Wear II
Elevated-Temperature Failures
Understanding How Components Fail
by Donald J. Wulpi, 262pp, 1985, ISBN: 0871701898
A practical, useful source of information on metal failures. In writing this reference, the author relied on his 20 years of experience teaching a self-developed course on the principles of failure analysis of metals.

Complex metallurgical subjects are made easy to understand by the use of sketches, analogies, photographs and examples.

A complete glossary of terms is also included.

This hardbound book of 14 chapters replaces the well-known, widely used 1966 classic, How Components Fail.

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