Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities
by Heinz P. Bloch, P.E, ISBN: 0881732966

This book is out of print - A new version will be available July 2008

The world's best manufacturers and formulators of lubricants are constantly seeking to improve products to keep pace with the development of higher speed machinery, or equipment that is run at over 100% nameplate capacity, or subjected to a variety of extreme operating conditions.

This book provides an important reference which will enable the reliability professional, mechanic, machinist, or lubrication specialist to understand what matters most in a lubricant, and to distinguish mere sales talk from relevant facts. The information provided in this book is intended to assist the professional in insuring that machinery operates at optimum performance levels, with a minimum of costly downtime.

     Key topics covered include:
  • principles of lubrication
  • general purpose R&O oils
  • hydraulic fluids
  • environmentally friendly lubricants
  • synthetic lubricants
  • forest product and paper machine lubricants
  • lubricating greases
  • pastes
  • waxes
  • tribosystems
  • oil mist lubrication systems
  • bearings
  • lubrication strategies
  • gear lubrication
  • compressors and gas engine lubrication
  • steam and gas turbine lubrication
  • lube oil contamination
  • storage methods
  • lubricant handling
  • and successful oil analysis practices in the industrial plant.
     Detailed coverage is provided on lubrication strategies for electric motor bearings, gear lubrication, compressors and gas engines, and steam and gas turbines.  Other topics include proper lubricant handling and storage, as well as effective industrial plant oil analysis practices.
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