1. Lubrication Fundamentals

2.  Oil Analysis and Condition-Based Maintenance

3.  Contamination Control

4.  Oil Sampling Methods

5.  Oil Testing and Analysis

6.  Targets, Limits, Diagnostics, and Data Management

7.  Guidelines for Selecting and Working With a Commercial Oil Analysis Laboratory

Appendix I - OMA Body of Knowledge - List of Study References

Appendix II - Glossary of Terms

Oil Analysis Basics
by Jim Fitch and Drew Troyer
Written by the editors of Practicing Oil Analysis Magazine, Jim Fitch and Drew Troyer, this book will prove to be a great resource for passing the STLE Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) Level 1 exam. 

Packed with useful information, this book is a must-read for anyone involved in oil analysis or lubrication. 

As much as possible, the material in this book is based upon the referenced STLE "body of knowledge" for the OMA Level 1 Exam.

This is the source of articles from which the exam questions are taken and referenced.

This material has been expanded upon and interpreted by the authors into a usable form to serve as a general oil analysis reference guide and to assist in the preparation for the exam. 

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