Terminology and Classifications
Wear Measures
Wear Mechanisms
Wear Behavior and Phenomena
Selection and Use of Wear Tests
Wear Tests
Design Perspective of Wear Behavior
Engineering Models for Wear
Wear Design
Design Guidelines
Design Examples
Problem Solving
Case Studies
Appendix I: Values of m and n for Use with the Hertz Contact Stress Equations 
Appendix II: Zero Wear Factors and Coefficients of Friction for Sliding
Appendix III:Wear and Friction Coefficients for Sliding Bearings 
Appendix IV: Approximate Relationship Between Vickers Hardness and Yield Point in Shear
Mechanical Wear Fundamentals and Testing 
Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
by R. G. Bayer, ISBN: 0824746201

Mechanical Wear Prediction and Prevention - $209.95

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     Providing an overview of tribological phenomena, this comprehensive reference details a practical methodology to determine the design parameters and materials necessary to obtain desired wear performances–stressing the idea of mechanical wear as a system property, and not merely a material property, throughout.

Written by a tribological expert with more than thirty years of experience in the field, Mechanical Wear Fundamentals and Testing, Second Edition compiles an extensive range of graphs, tables, micrographs, and drawings to illustrate wear, friction, and lubrication behavior in modern engineering applications. The author promotes a clear understanding of wear testing methodologies for avoidance and resolution of deterioration and weakening in specific engineering designs.

Comprehensively describes more than 20 different phenomenological wear tests and over 10 operational wear tests 

Including new information on wear maps and micro- and macrotribology, this Second Edition:
  • Illustrates the selection and utilization of wear tests in engineering situations using examples from various engineering organizations
  • Provides an overview of generic wear phenomena and behavior, including fundamental models for different wear mechanisms
  • Introduces a methodology devised by the author for selecting, developing, and conducting wear tests for specific applications
  • Supplies tables that extensively detail threshold galling stresses for different material parts
  • Contains a convenient summary of commonly used wear tests and test configurations
  • Presents a useful reference for selecting a test configuration for the measurement of friction

Describes the selection and development of quantitative engineering models for sliding, rolling, impact, abrasive, and erosive situations–presenting tables of wear coefficients to use with these models in analyzing various wear designs.

Emphasizing general concepts rather than the specifics associated with individual materials and wear conditions, Mechanical Wear Prediction and Prevention examines engineering wear and wear rate relationships integrates wear behavior with other elements of design such as cost, function, and manufacturability summarizes and critiques commonly used and standardized wear tests discusses case studies taken from the author's experience as well as from the professional literature to illustrate techniques for solving wear design problems and much more!

Mechanical Wear Prediction and Prevention - $209.95
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