How to Use This Book 
Chapter 1. Administrative Policies and Procedures 
What Does the Plumbing Code Include? 
How the Code Pertains to Existing Plumbing 
Small Repairs 
Relocation and Demolition of Existing Structures 
Code Officers 
Plumbing Permits 
Multiple Plumbing Codes 
Chapter 2. Regulations, Permits, and Code Enforcement 
Code Enforcement 
Tips on Health and Safety 
Pipe Protection 
Pipe Connections 
Working with the System Instead of against 
Chapter 3. Approved Materials and Their 
What Is an Approved Material? 
Water-Service Pipe 
Water-Service Materials 
Water-Distribution Pipe 
Water-Distribution Materials 
Drain Waste and Vent Pipe 
Storm Drainage Materials
Subsoil Drains 
Other Types of Materials 
Connecting Your Materials 
Reminder Notes 
Chapter 4. Drainage Systems 
Pipe Sizing 
Sizing Building Drains and Sewers 
Horizontal Branches 
Stack Sizing 
Pipe Installations 
Supporting Your Pipe 
Indirect Wastes 
Special Wastes 
Sewer Pumps and Pits 
Storm-Water Drainage Piping 
Reminder Notes 
Chapter 5. Using Combination Waste and Vent Systems 
Bidding Advantages 
In Practice 
Saving Time 
Reducing Material Needs 
Setting Up a Full-Vented System 
Using Maine's Alternative Plumbing Code 
Chapter 6. Private Sewage Systems 
Soil Types 
Pipe and Gravel Septic Systems 
Chamber Systems 
Trench Systems 
Mound Systems 
Sewage Pumps 
Whole-House Pump Stations 
Chapter 7. Septic System Failures 
Whole-House Back-ups 
The Problem Is in the Tank 
Problems with a Leach Field 
Older Fields 
My House Stinks 
Outside Odors 
Chapter 8. Understanding the Vent System 
Transportation of Sewer Gas 
Protecting Trap Seals 
Tiny Tornados 
Do All Plumbing Fixtures Have Vents? 
Individual Vents 
Relief Vents 
Circuit Vents 
Vent Sizing Using Developed Length 
Branch Vents 
Vent Stacks 
Stack Vents 
Common Vents 
Island Vents 
Wet Vents 
Crown Vents 
Vents for Sumps and Sewer Pumps 
Vent-Installation Requirements 
Supporting Your Pipe 
Some More Venting Regulations for Zone One 
Other Venting Requirements for Zone Two 
Working with a Combination Waste and Vent System 
Reminder Notes 
Chapter 9. Traps, Cleanouts, Interceptors, 
and More 
Where Are Cleanouts Required? 
What Else Do I Need to Know about Cleanouts? 
Acceptable Types of Cleanouts 
Very Big Cleanouts 
Does Every Fixture Require an Individual Trap? 
Trap Sizes 
Tallpiece Length 
Standpipe Height 
Proper Trap Installation 
When Is a Trap Not a Trap? 
Back-Water Valves 
Reminder Notes 
Chapter 10. Fixtures 
What Fixtures Are Required? 
Handicap Fixtures 
Standard Fixture Installation Regulations 
The Facts about Fixture Installations 
Typical Residential Fixture Installation 
Commercial Fixture Applications 
Special Fixtures 
Reminder Notes 
Chapter 11. Potable Water Systems 
The Main Water Pipe 
Water Distribution 
Supporting Your Pipes 
Some Hard-Line Facts 
Back-Flow Prevention 
Hot-Water Installations 
Water Heaters 
Purging the System of Contaminants 
Working with Wells 
Construction Requirements for Wells 
Well Pumps 
Pump Houses 
Sizing Potable Water Systems 
Chapter 12. Private Water Supplies 
Shallow Wells 
Pump Selection 
Installing a Single-Pipe Jet Pump 
Two-Pipe Pumps 
Pressure Tanks 
Installation Procedures 
Installing a Pump System for a Drilled Well 
Chapter 13. Basic Well Problems 
Driven Wells 
Shallow Wells 
Drilled Wells 
Troubleshooting Jet Pumps 
Troubleshooting Submersible Pumps 
Water Quality 
Solving Water-Quality Problems 
Chapter 14. After the Installation 
Testing Sewers 
Testing the Water Service 
Testing Groundworks 
Testing the Drain Waste and Vent (DWV) Rough-In 
Testing the Water-Distribution Rough-In 
Testing the Final Plumbing 
Interior Rain Leaders and Downspouts 
The Approval 
Chapter 15. Working with Gas 
Approved Materials 
Installing Gas Pipe 
Gas-Pipe Supports 
The Rest of the Common Rules 
Additional Zone One Requirements for Liquid Propane (LP) Gas 
Testing Your Work 
Sizing Gas Pipe 
Some More Regulations for Zone One 
Chapter 16. Job-Site Safety Recommendations 
Hard-Line Rules 
Electrical Connections 
Drill Bits 
Right-Angle Drills 
Sewer Machines 
Electric Threading Equipment 
Improper Use 
Ditch Work 
Rules of the Road 
Chapter 17. Electrical Codes Pertaining to 
Plumbing Installations 
Electric Water Heaters 
Garbage Disposers 
Water Pumps 
Common Sense 
Chapter 18. Building Codes Pertaining to 
Plumbing Installations 
Notching Floor Joists 
Engineered Trusses and Joists 
Pipe Sleeves 
Hole Sizes 
Holes for Closet Flanges 
Tub Wastes 
Horizontal Holes 
Vent Holes 
Large Bathtubs 
Handicap Provisions 
Your Responsibility 
Chapter 19. Professional Principles 
Chapter 20. Charts and Tables 
Chapter 21. Preparing for the Plumber's 
Licensing Exam 
Mental Attitude 
Code-Preparation Courses 
The I've-Got-to-Pass-It Syndrome
The Bottom Line 
Chapter 22. Effective Study Methods 
Code Classes 
Studying with a Friend 
Benefiting from Your Employer 
Code Officers 
Allow Yourself Plenty of Time 
Chapter 23. Testing Your Knowledge 
Test One 
Test Two 
Test Three 
Appendix A. Business Forms 
Appendix B. Troubleshooting Charts 
National Plumbing Codes Handbook
by R. Dodge Woodson, ISBN: 0070718547

National Plumbing Codes Handbook - $62.00 each

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The Standard Code Book for the Plumbing Industry--with Great New Features.

Here is a complete, convenient, easy-to-use reference for the three major plumbing codes in use today: BOCA, the Uniform Building Code, and the Standard Plumbing Code.

This practical guide clearly explains the code specifications for procedures. . .installations. . .materials. . .and documentation.

This second edition is a thorough revision of the Handbook. the revised edition has several helpful new features: Completely updated

 plumbing codes--BOCA, UBC, SPC; Troubleshooting information; Math calculations and sample business forms; Private sewage and water supply chapters; combination waste and vent system chapter; Job-site safety recommendations; and much more.

Woodson has made the Handbook a plumbing contractor's encyclopedia. win more bids and ease the work for yourself in the field.

Learn how to size a pump for a well. Understand your responsibilities for electrical wiring.

Get familiar with the building codes you need to know. and find it all here, in the National Plumbing Codes Handbook.


National Plumbing Codes Handbook - $62.00 each
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